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t12664.42019-07-29VNs with graphic human childbirthOne human birth scene in: [MorningStar] Rinjin wa Hentai Chijo ~Anata ga Shiranai Ano Ko no Seiheki~ [Nanika-Modoki] Inugami no Tsuma More than one
t10294.22018-09-15Branches in the FlowchartSeems like it's not a bug.
t10986.112018-09-14Stupid Meme GameIt has American lines considered alien in Japan, while using a few Japanese words and even a pun that tries to make sense in Japanese (though not
t10294.12018-02-26Branches in the FlowchartI read the manual "the circles in the flowchart mean there's a branch in that scene." But does it mean options are supposed to come up? No option