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t6307.262019-01-24Oh my... god!The wait is going to be ten times worse if they pick the fools they picked to translate the flowers games for this game. Flowers is such a simple and
t5842.612014-11-12Killer Queen GDI just finished the second route. Yeah... as interesting as the ending parts were, the way things were handled were in some ways really... uh, odd
t5318.32014-05-17Is there any way to transfer save files?Awesome, I was able to get it to work by copying over the entire folders. Thanks :)
t5318.12014-05-17Is there any way to transfer save files?I recently got a new laptop, so I transferred the Visual Novels I've downloaded from my old netbook to the new computer along with all of the save
t5289.12014-05-03So what kind of ending does this game have?I hope that Yuuji goes through a lot of character development in Rakuen and has a happy ending. The guy deserves a decent and unstressful life :(