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c41668.182022-01-05 at 17:11paragoniasMito MashiroDoes not have sex with others. See discussions section for Tayutama 2.
c87978.42021-06-13 at 10:32paragoniasAkai KiyoharuH-scene patch added for Kiyouharu Akai and Niiroku on 1 April 2021. Read official fantia post for details: link
c87977.42021-06-13 at 10:30paragoniasNiirokuNiiroku H-scene patch with Akai Kiyoharu added on 1 April 2021. Read official fantia post for details: link
v968.332021-05-23 at 16:20paragoniasCanvas 3 ~Hakugin no Portrait~Fixed character name. Mina -> Kanna There is no "Mina" in this game.
r72704.22021-04-02 at 13:07paragoniasAyakashi Kyoushuutan Trial EditionThe japanese release should have the proper japanese title for it, not the chinese one, imo.
r75922.12020-11-20 at 15:58paragoniasYubisaki ConnectionAdded dev and website.
r65191.82020-08-20 at 08:34paragoniasAokana -Four Rhythms Across the Blue-The original game is in Japanese, so having the "Original title" field having the Chinese version of the game's title makes little sense. This
c8644.42020-07-15 at 16:57paragoniasMikage SubaruFixed spelling.
c41531.32020-06-26 at 15:14paragoniasAo-chanFixed name.
r59254.42020-05-02 at 07:29paragoniasToHeart2 Xrated - Download EditionUpdated info.