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v751.802016-09-25 at 00:14soulweaverRewriteAdded AniDB ID of the second half of the anime adaptation
r21869.62016-07-01 at 17:50soulweaverTomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ English EditionReleased on Steam today, apparently without any advance warning.
v751.632015-09-26 at 17:13soulweaverRewriteAniDB link for the newly announced anime adaptation.
r29301.22013-09-17 at 00:39soulweaverAce Attorney Investigations: Prosecutor's PathFixing the freeware flag.
r29301.12013-09-17 at 00:38soulweaverAce Attorney Investigations: Prosecutor's PathAn incomplete midway patch related to the TBA complete one already in the DB was released a few hours ago.