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t9322.52019-08-24how old is kageaki?In Ichijou's route he talks about how his 卒業旅行 was 10 years ago, so I'm assuming he's probably 28. And as stated above, in the true route he does
t9437.32017-07-22Shared characters relevant enough?Chart is a messThe cameo characters only appear in a short joke scene. They're not relevant to Muramasa's plot in any way.
t4903.42013-12-20Something I don't get about this.This will spoil the true end of KnS2 but here goes: Touko plays no role in this game, she makes no appearances in 99% of the story. And you're right
t3738.332013-08-05Thoughts on the True Ending (Spoilers!!)@astranabeat Yeah, it is. Near the end of the game Reiji slips and falls in the forest, hits his head and has a hallucination/dream of leading a
t4085.322013-07-24InterestedI saw someone complain about this earlier in this topic, so... for those of you that picked Aoi and don't feel like going through the entire game
t4013.52013-04-22Any Romance in this VN ?Okay, I'll give you an honest answer instead of mocking you like those above me. There's really no need to be so hostile. The answer is... yes and