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t11260.32018-09-20Connection problemsI don't live in russia and this problem only started recently, no device from my connection can connect to ISPs don't ban webpages in
t11260.12018-09-20Connection problemsI can only connect to vndb via proxy or vpn. Normal connection just times out. Some ips/ip ranges got banned recently?
t3527.52014-03-13Found an amateur translation projectthey released partial patch
t4680.42013-10-17Playing 3DS games on PCwhere's no 3DS emulator
t4253.62013-06-27Dangan-Ronpa few hours until translation releaseUse JPCSP, but not the latest version. Use 3081, no random slowdowns.
t4017.42013-05-15walkthrough-=loli Nerine=- 01st day Nerine's room Balcony - It is strange 02nd day Forbesii's room - Take Ai Hallway - earnestly tear yourself away 03rd
t4066.3012013-05-12AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!no worries... we'll get paid hentai dlcs.
t4066.2232013-05-11AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!@219 usually if +18 game gets ported to console, HCG are changed to new non-H ones... Even scripts gets changed to accommodate the changes... new
t4066.1622013-05-10AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!make hentai content optional, downloadable patch/addion.
t4066.212013-05-09AN ENGLISH RELEASE?!I am shocked
t3876.22013-03-20Kiss / The Thirty Nine StepsThis VN have few publishers, all, including KISS listed in credits. list them as publisher too.
t3752.172013-02-18"Patch"so... in other words: MT and little bit of editing gets same results.
t3752.62013-02-18"Patch"machine translation + barely edited.
t3575.92012-12-31It's That Time Of The YearWhat's next end-of-the-world date? Happy new year! Still 5 hours till 2013 here.
t940.682010-11-25Where are you all from ?From country called Lithuania, a country of fast internents and high % of suicides.
t606.32010-05-11Remember11 WalkthroughWalkthrough is based on latest eng script. Kokoro: -=1st day=- 01. An Angel? 02. Investigate the four doors 03. Leave through the main entrance 04