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c16742.22014-01-24 at 05:32everydayerogeNozomi AsagiriAdjusted bust size.
c16744.12014-01-24 at 05:31everydayerogeKomachi YukoujiAdded character using info from Hibiki Works website.
c16743.12014-01-24 at 05:29everydayerogeSakura AsagiriAdded character using info from Hibiki Works website.
c16742.12014-01-24 at 05:27everydayerogeNozomi AsagiriAdded character and details using info from Hibiki Works website.
c16741.22014-01-24 at 05:25everydayerogeErekutorīchika SapusanAdded image from website.
c16741.12014-01-24 at 05:24everydayerogeErekutorīchika SapusanAdded info given from the Hibiki Works website pertaining character.
c10748.42013-07-04 at 22:04everydayerogeInubousaki AyaAdded footjob.
c10746.22013-07-04 at 22:03everydayerogeAmagase YuukiFixed breast size and added bloomers under clothing.
c10748.32013-07-04 at 18:39everydayerogeInubousaki AyaAdded virgin sex.
c10748.22013-07-04 at 18:37everydayerogeInubousaki AyaAdded orphan role as a major spoiler as well as sexual positions.