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t7153.92015-11-24What happenned on the true end??People got mad about how the main girl leaves the protagonist during the epilogue thing when he proposes to her. To be honest, the outcry is a pretty
t6155.32015-01-31Someone screwed upMoogy mentioning something doesn't make it true. I'd like to see a specific source for this.
t6155.12015-01-31Someone screwed upSome idiot listed scaji as having written Yomi's route even though it was written by J-Sairo.
t5895.52014-11-03its happeningI liked the parts Mikuriya wrote, but the rest of it was pretty bad.
t5895.32014-11-03its happeningI think it's kind of weird that you brought up Harutoma since Yukie was really only in charge of one of the subcharacters in that.
t5898.132014-11-02How good is this game?It's better than Cross Channel.
t5883.22014-10-26How does the Anime compare to the VN?It's not very good, but that's pretty much all you can expect from a single cour adaptation of a game like this where the episodes are limited to 24
t5499.792014-08-27Official Translation AnnouncedYou can already buy the japanese version if you want to own it.
t5499.772014-08-27Official Translation AnnouncedAnd there's already a non-steam 18+ version. The only reason to actually buy it from them would be uncensored hcgs, but I wouldn't put it past Dovac
t5234.282014-08-12English Patch?Just assume that progress is nonexistent, and that the project is dead until you see another update.
t5639.22014-08-10Selling copy of Totono?I'll give you a dollar to burn it.
t5499.622014-07-08Official Translation AnnouncedNo dicks = no go. There's literally no reason to buy it anymore.
t4061.512014-06-26How fucked up is this game really?@50 If that alone would turn you off, this probably wouldn't be for you. In fact, you should just steer clear of porn games in general.
t5445.22014-06-20Announced for localizationNice sources in that article.
t5148.432014-06-14Shoujo Ai + Yuri tagsPlease name one sane western community that uses it then.
t5255.52014-06-13Questions regarding Yume routeIt's technically a different route, and it opens up the second time you go through it. here
t5305.22014-05-10Language difficulty ratingsIt would be kind of pointless to be honest. If people are at a point where they aren't sure if they know enough japanese to read eroge, they probably
t1226.192014-05-08Personal reviewThat font isn't actually included with the game. I was incredibly disappointed and felt betrayed when I downloaded the trial and lost pretty much all
t5299.22014-05-06commentsWeird, I don't remember there being a skip battle option in baldr sky.
t5286.22014-05-02Same in real life ?The entire game is essentially a documentary of the development process of an average Clock Up game. Everything in it is 100% real, including all of
t5234.122014-04-26English Patch?Herkz is actually right this time. It's basically a complete ripoff of 終ノ空, with as much random name-dropping as something by Murakami, and a bunch
t5234.42014-04-20English Patch?If you go on irc and spam moogy, I can guarantee you that the translator will speed up his progress.
t5235.32014-04-20transletionI think you completely misread his question there. The answer's still no, but for a completely different reason. Learn to English please.
t5213.32014-04-13Help finding games like thisAoiro Rinne is basically yu-no except not old and ugly/complete shit. It also has cuter girls.
t2717.262014-03-31Keeps getting delayed...Holy shit, it might actually get released this time.
t3943.1562014-03-31troll voterI like how he seems to have the time to read through every release in every language though. I want to be like him when I grow up.
t5160.22014-03-23Spellcheck titlesQuality thread.
t5157.22014-03-22whats this game about?I'd guess it's about making the sexy times with a cat with maybe a small side of bad drama.
t5131.92014-03-12Downtime, downtime...Why would you ever expect vndb to ever get new features/upgrades?
t5113.202014-03-05Supporting Grisaia no Meikyuu's progressthe other engagement he would quite for is much better than any of these grisaia kusoge though
t5113.32014-03-05Supporting Grisaia no Meikyuu's progress"[18:43:44] <+koestl> sorry vndb I'm quitting grisaia to write a best selling oelvn about sex-changing gay teen half-wolves in hogwarts [18:43:55
t5089.22014-02-24Console VersionMoogy would explain everything but he's banned. :( :( :(
t5063.112014-02-18Original vs RemakeJackson says the original is the best eroge ever, so there's no reason to bother with some shitty remake.
t5066.22014-02-16A lot of scat?It was mistagged. There actually isn't any scat in it.
t4947.72014-02-16ITHThat doesn't change the fact that it's kusoge written by shimokura.
t5059.32014-02-15On saleobvious stema
t686.422014-02-13"no translation"I'm a 10 year old magical girl if you're wondering.
t686.332014-02-13"no translation"@28 Thank you for helping to cleanse this quality website of shitposting vermin. If all posters were as enlightened and insightful as you, 'people
t5054.102014-02-12Favorite Writers@6 "伊藤ヒロ (Itou Hiro) (Mugen Kairou 2) - A very distinct writer who brings out depth and meaning from simplicity and things stated simply. His
t2672.122014-01-21sequel and prequelThere is no sarcasm in written text. Everything that is expressed in written text is to be taken completely literally and seriously 100% of the time.
t2672.92014-01-21sequel and prequelno bully pls
t2672.72014-01-21sequel and prequelYes there was. I for one am relieved to see this matter finally settled even if it took almost 2 years and nobody actually gives a shit about it.
t4991.22014-01-20The Truthquality thread
t4981.272014-01-16MangaGamer release all but confirmed (not really)#22 I know, right? I mean, just look at Rewrite. I have no idea how that piece of shit managed to ever get released let alone translated.
t4947.22014-01-04ITHYou can fix it by not playing it. Even though not knowing Japanese might make it seem like less of a giant piece of shit, it still probably won't be
t4944.62014-01-04Translations which replace voices@4 I haven't finished it, but I'm pretty sure that the lines that are voiced in English weren't done that specifically for the English translation. I
t4877.32013-12-10Supreme Candy Review@2: sad you can't understand how objectively perfect Jako is. Also, Scaji's humor is kind of weird, so I can understand not really liking how
t4868.22013-12-08Same Staff?Actually, Korie Riko did art for three of Bluewater's games before she doing anything for Makura/Keroq, and aside from that, Motoyone did the art for
t4821.22013-11-24When is it to be released?Sadly, they don't have a set release date at the moment, but on the bright side, this hopefully means they won't be releasing an unfinished game. lin
t330.252013-11-14yesI haven't played it, but I think it's a masterpiece.