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t14175.12020-06-12Vaporware Localisation ?Should the english TBA localisation added in 2011 be removed ? I noticed the last edit on the localisation's 2011... Almost 9 years ago, TLWiki don't
t13827.102020-04-19Looking for fan translated VN who lack final patchSo, since that old one from 2016 was not syncing online, i decided to give a go to that suspicious russian website. Seem most of the online stuff
t13827.92020-04-18Looking for fan translated VN who lack final patchIt seem VNR's server are down and their old translation are lost too if that the case. A new one has popped up and it look kinda suspicious since no
t13827.82020-04-17Looking for fan translated VN who lack final patchI know my last post was about 20min ago, but seem i will be doing Yandere Otoko no Ko no Toriatsukaikata first
t13827.72020-04-17Looking for fan translated VN who lack final patchThank you, in reality, i can take anything, i am a dude with 1001 fetish. So anything would be fine. I will be looking into what you guys posted and
t13827.42020-04-16Looking for fan translated VN who lack final patch@3 I cannot seem to find anything on google about finish or ongoing translation about those title. @2 I will try contacting that girl to see if she's
t13827.12020-04-16Looking for fan translated VN who lack final patchHi, i have been on a roll since the 27th of march and have finally done the whole last check of the reinsertion of Anaheim's Girl's Love Story (Which
t12655.82019-07-30English Patch ReleasedWell, i am not the one translating, the translator did a whole pdf first, i am like "I could reinsert it", then my grammar nazi friend was like "You
t12655.62019-07-24English Patch ReleasedWell, to reply to you guys, #3 : I leave it to Loe from LQT for doing that. ;) #4 : We could do it if we were able to decrypt the script, that stuff
t12655.12019-07-24English Patch ReleasedI kinda want your opinion on our fan translation release, i hope you guys enjoy it. We will try to fix any error you find in the translation before
t12613.252019-07-17Start the Engines!When you realise it's a title reference to Daytona USA. Man, i hope this will be really useful for me. Thank you very much. Fedora tips to you for
t3555.102018-10-12Any possibility of this getting translated soon?Sorry for the necro, but for those who did not realised it already, only 1/4 of the story was translated by Sekai. The one from the main series
t11323.172018-10-05Someone on 4chan released 3 TLs in one goThe granny x shota one was the worse garbage i had read in a long time.
t11323.62018-10-03Someone on 4chan released 3 TLs in one goThe sugar daddy one with the 2 highschool girl was pretty good, going to read the shouta milf one since it's one of my fetish from when i was abused
t6687.882018-07-30English releases from JASTOk, wtf, i am in full screen mode and i cannot make screenshot... I get a full black screen... So, anti screenshot protection on full screen
t6687.872018-07-29English releases from JASTI must say, the Quality Control suck... Install the game, select the option to make Start Menu Shortcut, and select to start game after the install
t10138.22018-01-11game link is deadIt just look like a kusoge who would last you like 15min, check something non indie not made in renpy.
t6458.692018-01-09Changing Username?I would like to change my username to HerbalNekoTea if you got some free time. Thank you very much. Edit : Thank you
t10018.32017-12-14Yurinate! The best VN for a good laughYeah, the ending was total deception, but the extra help making it a little better.
t10018.12017-12-13Yurinate! The best VN for a good laughI had some much fun reading this, i just hope my mom did not notice what i was playing. I recommand it to anybody who like self public shaming from
t9880.32017-11-18Physical Edition?Well, the sequel was not bad, the ending's a cliffhanger
t9880.22017-11-12Physical Edition?I backed the first one and i regretted it, it was bad and i expect the sequel to suck like yumiko's route in grisaia. I feel like nothing will happen
t9567.12017-08-25Rise route too short, what about new route (spoil)Well, i read last week Rise's route and pressed CTRL during the 2 h-scene. I would like to know about the 5 extra heroine not include into the
t9238.62017-05-29Steam Key Drop ThreadAll keys for Cc2157 are gone (tested 2,4,last) got second of Get a job!
t8836.82017-04-27Finished translation upcoming (NOT MINE)When i saw the ending choose, i was sure both would be bad one but both are good one with a single true ending.
t9111.42017-04-25About release dateWell, the problem, that game was hyped and releasing overnight in europe was not the best idea for the hyped european. Remember the main english
t9112.152017-04-24Another jp indie with crappy engine from SPJust saying, i have done a lot of think in my life, i have experience with translation (take 1-4h per episode of an anime), done object oriented
t9112.142017-04-24Another jp indie with crappy engine from SPWell, it sure look like the text must had been made pretty fast, if it's a full team, leave 2 more week at the end for QC by the programmer and 2
t9112.122017-04-24Another jp indie with crappy engine from SPI am sure this VN could had been made in less than 2 month before releasing. This is totally a cash grab and i believe most of Sekai Project release
t9112.12017-04-23Another jp indie with crappy engine from SPSeriously, why do i still bother with Sekai Project... It's always either no voice indie (World end economica or fault serie), less than 10h bland jp
t9027.22017-04-06After reading Shirone's routeWith spoiler tag, could you describe each ending so i could know if i should invest in a mangagamer physical version or skip this one ? It sound like
t6585.212017-04-02New mangagamer's sales modelWell, i am from the future and this got random released this week. If only i could know how long this game take to read.
t5996.302017-03-29Any news?Pressed F5, my prayer's looping.
t8824.382017-03-20Bankrupt VN Companies@36 Yeah, all my anime and 99% of my VN are pirate, i never read any manga nor scanlation until i ordered on a feel citrus 1-4. I only read physical
t8824.342017-03-19Bankrupt VN CompaniesMan, i got the feeling the Japanese market's dying from over saturation and those company start to think the west's a solution by doing english
t8756.12017-01-30How much of an Initial D wibe this serie give ?I finished watching Initial D last summer and since, i was craving for more but there's only wangan midnight remaining and initial d meme are
t2461.162017-01-19CommentsThere's no girl who would want a dirty, hairy and fat otaku like me and anyway, those bitch are all crazy PTSD cunt who are social sheep like all
t2461.142017-01-19CommentsTouched, i am exactly the type of people which that character was made for. I was almost always alone in highschool before i discover anime and got
t2461.112017-01-17CommentsI became sexist too recently because of femenazi but this VN's not that bad. I believe from the 3 route i have completed, Sachi's the best (i am
t2461.82017-01-17CommentsI have seen the anime and the eden of grisaia at the end of the anime was good.
t8144.132017-01-17Rondo Duo -GD-What i means is simply the over animation made me remember this movie link It's simply more moe and ero
t6051.292017-01-13Anyone else annoyed they are releasing..Well, i just completed my first route which is my waifu komine sachi and it made me cry at the end, no spoiler but you can see the plot 10 miles
t6051.282017-01-13Anyone else annoyed they are releasing..Well, expect more delay for no public reason, at less in the beginning, the translator had to translate for mangagamer gathunk before working for
t8144.112017-01-10Rondo Duo -GD-Imagine a Tim Burton eroge, that would be Rondo Duo. I don't remember too much the Tim Burton Halloween themed movie but it's the vibe it gave me
t8509.62016-12-15Question about the ending (spoilers)Dunno if they really skipped the last 5-45min of the end but i feel something was missing. I would had added when okabe save mayuri and suzuha and
t8553.62016-12-15How long did it take you guys to clear the game?My PC eng version in auto at max speed don't skip voice (i like to read at the speed of the voice but i read fast) has been done in 12h (ingame timer
t8360.12016-10-16Jav Live Action of Captive Market exist !?!While looking on a jp jav database, hoping to find good uncensored jav (which i never found any), i came accross an entry with the same picture has
t8166.22016-09-21Info about the Translator of Sonohana 11Quick update, Ralen has been scouted from Mangagamer for translating the Sonohana New Generation. When he's done with New Generation, he plan to
t8111.492016-09-20Happy Search - External VNDB ClientSeem it's working now. Thank you.
t8111.252016-09-18Happy Search - External VNDB ClientWell, i mostly think it's a database corruption from my part, gonna wait for your next final bump since you just uploaded a test update 7min ago. BTW