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t2582.22012-04-06keyboard controls for this game?look in options - skip unread set to ON....
t940.1352011-07-10Where are you all from ?Shy female from Poland ^^
t1066.312011-01-01Happy New Year!Happy New Year ^^
t968.32010-11-22Sorry..I doubled producer..Arigatou
t968.12010-11-22Sorry..I doubled producer..Please delete it with it's vn..
t193.42010-08-06Killer QueenPatch isn't complete jet....look at active projects in main page.
t715.42010-07-06Not-really VNsI know that...I read guide before added them...I'm really checking it carefully... adventure games are text-based like Portopia,and dating sim are
t715.22010-07-02Not-really VNsyeah,i know,but im checking them five times before i add it here...xD besides its fun itself..:D