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      5FinishedAkatsuki no GoeiPretty much a comedy-based novel. It's indeed extremely entertaining, but it's kind of disappointing since the plot is not focused at all.2015-07-28
      6FinishedAkatsuki no Goei ~Principal-tachi no Kyuujitsu~The Anzu's route was really surprising, a big plot twist... Akatsuki no Goei has potential to be an top-tier novel.2015-07-30
      3FinishedAmatsutsumiTotally not worth it. By the way, even if you don't get into any route (true end), you'll get dozens (13) of H-Scenes. Almost a nukige. If you're looking for content, stay away.2016-08-16
      7.5FinishedCLANNADClannad is all about family. It's a deep reflexion about life changes.2013-11-04
      -StalledCoμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku -[Backlog] Still not finished, READ: Benio, Hisoka.2015-12-20
      6FinishedDaitoshokan no HitsujikaiThe common route was entertaining, but the work itself is shallow. It could have been executed way better, so sad, the work barely makes clear the fundamental meaning of "hitsujikai" and Tsugumi's project. Instead, it turned on a average charage.2017-03-29
      -FinishedDaitoshokan no Hitsujikai ~Houkago Shippo Days~It's a side story with a different protagonist. https://u.nya.is/csryjb.png.2017-03-30
      7.8FinishedDekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu.It's a pretty good work. Although the novel seems to use the time leap premise, it's a kind of deconstruction. There's two very bad routes, the true end is worth it though.2015-12-11
      5FinishedDRACU-RIOT!Just an average yuzusoft charage. I've read only Mio's and Elina's routes.2014-09-25
      6.8Finishededen* They were only two, on the planet.Short and emotional story. Minori's artwork is soberb.2014-12-17
      6FinishedFORTUNE ARTERIALPretty much slice of life, but the true end is worth it.2014-09-27
      3DroppedGrisaia no Kajitsu -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA-Dropped, I really can't stand it.2014-11-10
      8.5FinishedG-senjou no MaouPlotting, criminal investigation and political intrigue. The true route is really good.2014-07-16
      6FinishedH2O -FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND-俺の目は…君を見つけるためにあるから | Not finished yet actually...2017-01-25
      5FinishedHarvest OverRayIt's a (BELLOW than) average charage.2015-07-08
      10FinishedHatsuyuki SakuraA soberb nakige.2015-01-08
      -FinishedHoshizora no Memoria -Eternal Heart-I don't really like fandisks.2013-11-04
      5FinishedHoshizora no Memoria -Wish Upon a Shooting Star-An average charage.2013-11-04
      4FinishedIkinari Anata ni KoishiteiruComedy based one.2014-03-07
      5FinishedKatawa ShoujoFanmade one. It's supposed to be a nakige, I think.2013-11-04
      6-Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo2015-10-14
      6FinishedKono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o HirogeteJust a slice-of-life average charage.2014-03-06
      6FinishedLittle Busters!Please do not watch the anime adaptation.2013-11-04
      7FinishedMajo Koi NikkiOverall, it's decent... I mean, it's a mix of good and bad things. There's a lot of time wasted with foolish and unuseful routes.2014-12-27
      -FinishedMashiro-iro SymphonyI've read only Airi's route. An above than average charage, but not so interesting.2015-07-12
      5-Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni2014-03-07
      -StalledNatsuyume Nagisa[Backlog] Still not finished, READ: Hitsugi, Haruka and Tsukasa.2015-05-21
      5Finishedplanetarian ~Chiisana Hoshi no Yume~Short and overrated.2014-07-01
      10FinishedRewriteSince it's written by different authors, it doesn't remember the previous Key games. The TERRA route is one of best things I've ever read. Extremely recommended.2013-11-04
      5-Sanoba Witch2015-02-07
      8FinishedSharin no Kuni, Himawari no ShoujoA soberb one by the same author as G-Senjou no Maou.2014-05-20
      -FinishedSharin no Kuni, Yuukyuu no ShounenshoujoI just read for Houzuki's and Tooka's chapters.2014-07-19
      8.5FinishedSinclientA kinetic novel. The first part is really interesting since you know nothing what are happening. It kind of remembers me G-Senjou no Maou.2015-07-23
      8FinishedTokeijikake no Ley Line -Asagiri ni Chiru Hana-Third and last of a trilogy, the main route it's really worth it. I didn't read the Principal/Haiji side-routes though.2015-11-08
      6FinishedTokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen-First of a trilogy, it's just an introduction.2015-10-24
      7.6FinishedTokeijikake no Ley Line -Zan'ei no Yoru ga Akeru Toki-Second of a trilogy, the main plot is finally presented.2015-11-01
      8.5FinishedTsukihimeI really like this one. The latter part — The far side of moon — is really touching and interesting. Although the art is bad, you get used to it. There's no voices at all.2014-06-12
      5FinishedTsukihime PLUS-DISCJust a short fandisk.2014-10-16