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r59868.402019-04-03 at 19:59tarathielHoshi Ori Yume MiraiReleased. link
c21641.172017-12-08 at 16:19tarathielIchinose MiyuMoved to side characters.
v5627.122011-07-05 at 05:06tarathielEastern Starlight Romance - Eternal DilemmaDescription updated.
r15187.12011-07-05 at 05:03tarathielEastern Starlight Romance - Eternal Dilemma: Demo 2.0# Demo now goes up to the second festival. # Marisa portrait added. # All artwork reshaded, most artwork redone. # Music looping reworked. Added
v5627.52010-11-15 at 12:06tarathielEastern Starlight Romance - Eternal Dilemmarel
r10926.32010-11-14 at 23:55tarathielEastern Starlight Romance - Eternal Dilemma: Demo 1aanim
r10926.22010-11-14 at 23:52tarathielEastern Starlight Romance - Eternal Dilemma: Demo 1amore info
r10927.12010-11-14 at 23:51tarathielEastern Starlight Romance - Eternal DilemmaFull Version placeholder
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