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t12017.112019-03-07Dies Irae offends Christianity#4 Dr. Manhattan did the whole omniscience thing better. That was in the 80s. Masada needs to read more, I guess.
t9414.52017-07-16Is it cool to hate this VN now?Totally cool to hate it, esp. since it wasn't the best thing since sliced bread, contrary to what a certain group of weebs had been saying for years.
t8169.122016-09-17I almost thought... (Light spoilers)Fuck this game, I can't believe they messed up a plot point so badly. Italy being the answer to which country has the most Christians? IT'S AMERICA
t8154.752016-08-23Dies Irae English Localization@73 It's shit.
t7992.42016-07-10romance ?If you play the game right, you can get an h-scene with your hand.
t6589.202016-06-28DONT READ THIS UNLESS YOU COMPLETED THE WHOLE GAME"why allow Tsugumi to stay at age 17 forever?" She gets to be hot forever? Damn that BW.
t7939.22016-06-19Owarinaki Nasu same setting as MuvLuv Alt?Magic
t2522.462016-05-28About Homeless Joshi GakuseiHoly shit, this game is awesome. It's so damn over the top, absolutely hilarious. Haven't laughed this hard in a while lol
t7237.42015-12-07Kinoko Nasu vs J. R. R. Tolkien Who is betterNasu writes better scenes involving molusks, so...
t6669.432015-08-11Official Western ReleaseI'm not sure about the books, but Photon Flowers/Melodies, which seem to be stretch goals at this point, are worth it, in my opinion. Both games are
t5914.192014-11-07How did you get into VNs?I was bored, browsing RPGCodex and saw someone mention Ever 17 and mindfuck in the same sentence. Thought I'd give it a try, and since then, I've
t5842.362014-10-14Killer Queen GD"Yeah, what a retarded pacifist. An average teenager should be perfectly capable of killing an armed Yakuza dude and would certainly do that without
t5842.332014-10-14Killer Queen GD@29 Having played only through Killer Queen (starting Episode 2 later), I'd say you go too far in your description of a naive pacifist. Soichi is one
t5842.112014-10-13Killer Queen GDAre the H-scenes plot relevant? Or can you safely skip them and not miss a thing?
t5730.22014-09-06Not a sequel...." They're making a story that looks exactly like a sequel but say that it's not because they probably don't want to do a sequel to MLA... " Why, yes
t5706.612014-09-02MangaGamer's password database hacked and leaked.@59 The difference is that amazon is not known for primarily selling porn. Mangagamer is.
t5708.52014-08-29A vn with a female protagonist?Dysfunctional Systems (v11944) has a female protagonist. Eve Burst Error (v147) switches between a male and a female protagonist. If you want a
t5702.32014-08-27Can i skip the routes to kagome?No, Kagome route builds on all the others. Including Ayaya's.
t5687.412014-08-27Official Localization"VN is intended to stir feelings with pretty girls and players play assuming such attitude, therefore your nitpicking is irrelevant." If a line pulls
t5690.52014-08-24Prequel required?Yes, but good news is, you can skip all of Extra (the really shitty part of Muv Luv) and not miss any character development at all! And all that you
t2989.1342014-08-20Coμ -GD-I blame the red color.
t2989.1172014-08-11Coμ -GD-@114 There's no hell. In this gentle kingdom, spoilers and non-spoilers are the same, thus they are equally worthless. Everything is just a castle of
t2989.1102014-08-10Coμ -GD-@107 Hey, I'm not the one calling them, they do it themselves. And in YU-NO it's not the protagonist, is someone even worse lol.
t2989.1042014-08-09Coμ -GD-@102 Because he isn't a feminist, as in a Jezebel-readin', man hatin' feminist, but rather, it means that he's a gentleman. YU-NO's translation got
t5627.462014-08-09Automated recommendationsInteresting, I was planning on reading Quartett next, and Forest and Subarashiki Hibi down the road. No interest at all in the rest, though. Why is
t5627.392014-08-08Automated recommendationsOh, I'm curious, could you do mine?
t2989.712014-08-08Coμ -GD-^What, you wanted her to kick his dick or something? ...It would've been deserved. Akihito has a bad case of stupid protagonist. His "high-school
t2989.502014-08-03Coμ -GD-Started playing this yesterday, so far, with 3/4 of the common route, I'd say it's good. Premise is interesting, action scenes are well done and sol
t5381.62014-06-04Unlimited - Yuuko route worth it?By the way, it's not Yuuko's route, but a couple extra scenes that you unlock at the end of unlimited. And yes, in Unlimited, all the routes are
t974.1192014-05-18Muv-luv Alternative and Muv-luv [Spoiler Heavy]Judge by yourself, it's only about 5 hours long, and you'll be able to tell long before if the translation is bad. Personally, I don't think it was
t974.1172014-05-18Muv-luv Alternative and Muv-luv [Spoiler Heavy]1- G-Bombing was done only to the hives, not everywhere. As The Day After shows, the brain survived. 3-As to what to play next, Muv Luv Alternative
t5301.22014-05-07Is there yaoi in it?"Can someone explain to me what is going on?" Japan.
t5185.142014-03-30Why is it considered to be so good ?Because different tastes, because shonen (for the lack of a better word) stuff appeals to a lot of people, because people think it's deep or a
t5174.62014-03-25Explain the ending. What did I miss? Takeru goes back to a reconstructed Extra verse that now has Yuuhi alive and Kasumi, who didn't originally exist. Whether it's the same Takeru with
t5158.62014-03-22You (true route spoilers)Yup. Makes no sense, but it was on the Xbox 360 extras. There was a topic where I linked to the translations. I guess they wanted to make You seem a
t5158.42014-03-22You (true route spoilers)Actually, You fabricated accident harmed no one, according to the Xbox360 extra materials. Somehow, they really didn't flood LeMu (again), it was all
t1174.992014-03-1915+ version to be releasedNo.
t973.452014-03-16General Discussion@44 But Chaos;Head is pretty good when it sticks to being a thriller. Now, when the magic swords start appearing and the game changes radically, it
t5085.702014-03-11I/O General Discussion ThreadSo, there's something I didn't get. What's the deal with Sakuya and Hinata's sister? Why is it that both of them can't be found at the same time
t5109.212014-03-06Uh oh.... :(What @20 said. It gets much better.
t5109.182014-03-05Uh oh.... :(@15 Play the other routes. Really, your opinion is going to change quite a bit. Oh, and thanks for spoiling it. That ending is going to be more
t5109.92014-03-04Uh oh.... :(By the way Arvis, I think that was the only ending I didn't get, and I already uninstalled the game. Care to spoil it?
t5109.42014-03-03Uh oh.... :(Yeah, just do stuff with the girl you want to get the ending for and you'll be set. Also note that there's 2 extra endings (must see btw) to get
t5047.242014-03-03Ending Climax, dissapointed at Takeru@22 Takeru from Unlimited? Absolutely... he becomes a stereotypical uber badass in The Day After 3, which is still unlimited. That counts, right?
t5047.162014-03-02Ending Climax, dissapointed at Takeru@13 Maybe, but that can be explained as him having lost way, way too much shit already and him being essentially from another world, with different
t5047.122014-03-01Ending Climax, dissapointed at Takeru"Takeru never changed and you wasted half the game reading superficial teenage blogging that he never acted on." No, I'm pretty sure he changed. That
t5097.62014-02-27Dysfunctional Systems KickstarterBacked it. Hopefully they reach their goal.
t5091.42014-02-25Was Yandere what you expected?I dunno, I though it was kinda funny for a quick and light read, but nothing more than that.
t686.522014-02-13"no translation"Was Moogy post really that ban worthy? I mean, he was probably wearing his fedora when he wrote that last line, but the rest was perfectly fine and
t5039.52014-02-04Did you get tired of VNs over time?Nope, in my case is not that I'm tired of VN, but that there's nothing that I really want to read now... though I/O is supposedly coming soon. And I