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r62270.12019-02-16 at 13:25minahThat Which Binds UsNew release based on r57194.4
r56272.142019-02-14 at 13:33minahSteam Prisonoutdated note
v21136.52019-02-14 at 08:33minahArcade Spiritscast
s18058.12019-02-14 at 08:31minahLilyPichuadded
s18057.12019-02-14 at 08:27minahNazia Chaudhryadded
s18056.12019-02-14 at 08:25minahPrice Johnsonadded
s18055.12019-02-14 at 08:22minahOgie Banksadded
c80306.22019-02-12 at 12:01minahMakotodupe of c68796
r54843.52019-02-10 at 11:50minahDead Wishesformat
r62139.32019-02-10 at 11:29minahKyomusume Koku Tokouki 2doujin
r62139.22019-02-10 at 11:29minahKyomusume Koku Tokouki 2fix
r62139.12019-02-10 at 11:29minahKyomusume Koku Tokouki 2added
v25287.12019-02-10 at 11:27minahKyomusume Koku Tokouki 2added
r62138.12019-02-10 at 11:21minahA Voyage to Brobdingnagupdated dual language release
r62097.12019-02-08 at 06:13minahHe And My Dangerous Lifeadded
r57262.22019-02-05 at 23:23minahMermaid Mission: Titanicnote
r53594.62019-02-05 at 23:15minahSilent Voicesnot released
r62046.22019-02-05 at 08:41minahLucy Got Problems - Steam VersionI always forget to change the date
r62046.12019-02-05 at 08:41minahLucy Got Problems - Steam Versionlink
r62036.22019-02-05 at 04:29minahMyth - All Ages Editionnote
v25178.22019-01-26 at 16:39minahA Bloody Party"Luna Chaii" mentioned in staff list on itch.io/Steam page; probable typo? Not sure if spelled correctly in in-game credits.
r61829.22019-01-26 at 16:36minahA Bloody Partynote
r55095.42019-01-26 at 16:26minahMirt. Tales of the Cold Land. Chapter 2note
r51861.42019-01-26 at 16:25minahMirt. Tales of the Cold Land. Chapter onenote
r61819.12019-01-25 at 14:46minahLin Yi Tianshiadded
r60192.32019-01-20 at 15:33minahGakuen Heaven: Mixed Editionlink
v25136.22019-01-19 at 20:34minahSugarcast
s17843.12019-01-19 at 20:33minahAkahoshi Koushiadded
s17842.12019-01-19 at 20:30minahIsakichivoice actor, couldn't find website or info
c79242.12019-01-19 at 20:26minahKongou Eitaadded
c79241.12019-01-19 at 20:24minahSawadaishi Kenjiadded
c79240.22019-01-19 at 20:22minahAyuhara Chihirosex
c79240.12019-01-19 at 20:22minahAyuhara Chihiroadded
c79239.22019-01-19 at 20:20minahNaotsuka Fumiyaimage
c79239.12019-01-19 at 20:19minahNaotsuka Fumiyaadded
r61698.12019-01-19 at 18:51minahSugar - Trial Editionnot sure of release date
r61696.12019-01-19 at 18:51minahSugar - Package EditionNew release based on r61695.1
r61695.12019-01-19 at 18:49minahSugar - Download Editionadded
v25136.12019-01-19 at 18:47minahSugaradded
s8674.22019-01-19 at 18:45minahKuronoAdded alias as credited in some games. Removed Twitter (dead), archived site.
p4258.32019-01-19 at 18:39minahNoraneko Kikakusite
r61605.12019-01-14 at 12:50minahDust Boxadded
v25100.12019-01-14 at 12:50minahDust Boxadded
r57719.22019-01-14 at 12:48minahChocolate or Deathlink fix
r52943.22019-01-14 at 11:49minahEl Pasajero de los Sueños - Demonote
r61601.12019-01-14 at 11:49minahEl Pasajero de los SueñosNew release based on r61600.1
r61600.12019-01-14 at 11:49minahEl Pasajero de los SueñosNot sure about release date - going from the file upload date.
c75113.32019-01-14 at 11:42minahRick o'Connorimage
c75110.62019-01-14 at 11:42minahDamian Learyimage
c75107.72019-01-14 at 11:42minahAlex Whiteimage