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t3314.16682019-04-12TraitsHumanoid dragons should probably go under Anthropomorphic Animal, as there seems to be more overlap between humanoid dragons and games about anthro
t12171.32019-04-10Reason why this was locked?I've unlocked it. But yeah, in the future, you can check the edit history to find the reason and just post a thread asking for it to be unlocked or
t2108.27502019-04-10Candidates for deletion^ Because they're in different games that take place in different universes, and they don't seem to be the same character, just based on (I think
t12169.22019-04-09Separate Voltage USA into its own producer entry?It probably makes sense to split off Voltage USA as a subsidiary, yeah. I'm sure a lot of the mobile otome game info on VNDB is incomplete
t12141.232019-04-03SJW Sexual VN's?^ Boyfriend to Death is probably a better example along those lines -- it's a hardcore fetish/guro game with a very specific chart of the various
t12005.242019-04-03MG Survey 2019Rose Guns Days is already TLed, but I wonder why MG hasn't either officially licensed a remaster like they're doing with Higurashi/Umineko, or worked
t12141.122019-04-02SJW Sexual VN's?This is not a friendly place to ask that kind of question, lol, but I'll answer it seriously and hopefully someone else will, too. Cute Demon
t6094.1422019-03-12Steam saleDailyIndieGame runs their own bundles and I think they deal directly with developers for that, but they also have a section where users can buy and
t10302.912019-03-07Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread^I remember noticing their votes a while ago and checking it out, and they appear to be the translation group Twin Project link (credited there as
t11985.42019-03-01Can a mod delete the dupe I made?Yeah, some links cause errors if they don't have a slash at the end, for some reason.
t11985.22019-03-01Can a mod delete the dupe I made?No problem. FYI there is a dedicated thread for deletion requests, t2108, in case you need it again.
t3314.16482019-02-23Traits"Non-standard Dialect" with a description pulling from link would probably be better as a general parent tag for Kansai-ben (although the description
t11954.52019-02-22Making a new vndb entry...My thought was to break each chapter up into its own entry, and then each release would be linked to multiple VNs, so it's clearer what's included in
t11954.22019-02-21Making a new vndb entry...Honestly, I think the chapters should be split out into separate VN entries so all the characters & info for the console arcs isn't such a mess. Don
t2108.26822019-02-16Candidates for deletionThese patches should be deleted if they are machine translations, as one comment suggests. (I don't know if they are; hopefully someone else
t11924.12019-02-14Free on IndieGalalink DRM-free.
t11916.62019-02-14Singe fatherDream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is a lot of dad jokes, hanging out with other single dads, and a very heartwarming friendship between the
t9766.22019-02-10Jap voices?Don't know if you still need an answer to this question, but I just happened to see that they released an updated version with selectable Japanese or
t11906.72019-02-10Replacing the screenshotsHuh, I thought there was something in the FAQ about preferring English screenshots over other languages, but it just says "Screenshots should
t11868.842019-02-02Ruka's nameLuka is the only person actually from Japan in Steins;Gate that actually knows how to speak English canonically. It would be *really* weird for him
t3617.16132019-01-19Tags suggestions/fixes^ You're right, if one's going to be a subtag of the other No Saves should be a subtag of No Quick Save/Load (because it has no quick saves and also
t3617.16112019-01-18Tags suggestions/fixes^ Yes.
t3617.16092019-01-18Tags suggestions/fixesNo Skip Read Text Option shouldn't be a subtag of No Skip Function because it has the opposite meaning -- this game has a skip function that can't be
t2108.26392019-01-15Candidates for deletionIf there's literally no information about a character besides a name, not even an image or a single character trait, the character is probably not
t11742.112018-12-31Women's interest in Netorare/NetoriThe only BL games with netorare I'm familiar with are Hadaka Shitsuji (which basically just throws every fetish at the wall to see if it sticks) and L
t8242.1962018-12-28The how to edit threadI think this was discussed before but I forget what the answer was. Should the medium include stuff that's included in the package but isn't
t11732.32018-12-28Impossible to playI don't know about this game specifically, but try running it in compatibility mode or running Windows XP on a virtual machine.
t3314.15822018-12-09TraitsI'm not familiar with that particular case (Harukoi Otome), but I'd tag it differently depending on whether she describes herself as bisexual or as
t3314.15802018-12-09TraitsI don't think that's a good idea. It makes the bisexual trait basically useless for finding characters who actually identify as bisexual. Speaking
t3617.15612018-12-06Tags suggestions/fixes@1559 Trap Heroine has been cross-listed under hero's traits for a while now to cover situations like Ratirica where the character is treated as one
t11600.32018-12-05Filtering by site linksAwesome, thank you! Looks like fewer than I thought there might be so it shouldn't take too long for me to back them up.
t11600.12018-12-04Filtering by site linksIs there any easy way to filter releases by the official site they link to? With Tumblr planning to ban adult content I wanted to make sure any VNs
t11549.142018-11-28Media coverage over censorshipBased on the discussion here (obviously you've seen it, sanahtlig, but link for others' reference) it seems like she was banned for trying to
t3617.15512018-11-26Tags suggestions/fixesSeke Protagonist should be a child tag of both Seme Protagonist and Uke Protagonist so people wouldn't feel the need to add all three tags and could
t11512.42018-11-13Female anatomy / internal ejaculation in vnNot understanding how the cervix works is a bad porn trope in general, not specifically a Japanese thing.
t11464.72018-11-05I expected more of this game@6 We get it, you hate moege, give it a fucking rest.
t3617.15382018-11-03Tags suggestions/fixesIf sex with women doesn't count, the tags should be renamed "Sex with Other Men".
t3314.15032018-11-03TraitsI think Bisexual Sex is a useful trait. It's the sort of thing where I'd usually say to just filter for Men with Men Sex or Lesbian Sex and
t11467.22018-11-02Abortion in vn?There's a trait for it: Abortion
t11465.12018-11-02IndieGala U+Me Seduction Bundlelink School Idol QT Cool Busty Maid Creampie Heaven! Nakadashi Banzai Nakadashi Banzai 4 Neighbor Watching Lust of the Apartment Wives Detective
t3314.14982018-10-29TraitsCan something about penetration with tails be added to the description/aliases of Sex with Tentacles (Consensual)? It's mentioned in Tailjob but not
t11423.82018-10-27Same crap as the Anime?That's sort of the point, though, the over-the-top aesthetic creates enough distance to address heavy themes without becoming emotionally
t11424.22018-10-27Delete r60351Done. For future reference, there's a dedicated thread for deletion requests, t2108.
t3314.14952018-10-26Traits@1493 I think your second and third examples would fall more under Rape by Proxy.
t2108.25412018-10-20Candidates for deletionPretty sure Paradise Plus is dead (no updates in three years, very little progress before that). Will delete the TBA releases unless someone has
t3617.15202018-10-15Tags suggestions/fixes@1518 Parallel hero/heroine/protagonist tags are generally a good idea even if one is underutilized so that people don't go "eh close enough" and use
t3314.14632018-10-12TraitsFiltering through traits that are very likely to be applied correctly and when relevant versus adding a new trait that may be misused and will likely
t3314.14612018-10-12Traitslink Filter for male characters with the traits men with men sex, engages in anal sex, and subject of anal sex. Doesn't need a separate trait.
t11348.32018-10-10None of your VNs workThanks.