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r7481.52022-05-20 at 15:50beliarA Million Promisesworking link
r91505.12022-05-20 at 15:17beliarRance Quest Magnum - Limited EditionCopied from r53018.38
r441.62022-05-19 at 18:35beliarTea Society of a WitchReverted to revision r441.4 Developers are supposed to represent a specific release. As Frontwing didn't develop the English release, they shouldn't
r81278.172022-05-19 at 15:33beliarDominant Witches v0.6upd
r88981.32022-05-19 at 15:32beliarTerminus Reach: Sentinel 2 (Update 5)upd
r84382.102022-05-19 at 15:31beliarA Promise Best Left Unkept v0.4.5upd, moans are not voices
r74617.112022-05-19 at 15:29beliarCasual Desires v0.13upd
v35763.22022-05-18 at 19:30beliarIsekai Tenseishita Ore no Itazura Dungeon Lifeseems to be a dupe of v28543
r91061.22022-05-18 at 19:30beliar- Mischief Dungeon Life - Isekai Tenseishita Ore no Itazura Dungeon Liferelation
v35760.32022-05-18 at 19:29beliarTokui Taishitsusha no Doki Doki Kazoku SeikatsuSeems to be a dupe of v22176
r91055.62022-05-18 at 19:28beliar- Doki Doki Family - Tokui Taishitsusha no Doki Doki Kazoku Seikatsurelation
i1845.22022-05-18 at 19:26beliarMatricideparent
i452.22022-05-18 at 19:21beliarTimidgrammar, link
i3450.32022-05-18 at 19:19beliarMasculine Speechgrammar
i396.22022-05-18 at 19:17beliarShinigamialias
v33948.22022-05-16 at 20:07beliarThe Shadow over BlackmoreThe game literally does not allow you to take the images in the fucked-up native resolution. The windowed mode is too small and the full screen is
r87320.32022-05-16 at 20:03beliarThe Shadow over Blackmore v0.1.0upd
r86564.32022-05-16 at 17:44beliarBring a Bottle of Wine v0.6upd
r86973.42022-05-16 at 17:43beliarFrom the Eclipse v0.1.8bupd
r83256.22022-05-15 at 16:47beliarPrince of Suburbia v0.55fix censor
r91201.22022-05-15 at 16:46beliarPrince of Suburbia - Part 1 (v0.55)clarification and itch
v35956.42022-05-15 at 16:06beliarVampire: The Masquerade - Humanitystaff role
v35956.32022-05-15 at 16:05beliarVampire: The Masquerade - HumanityRussian script was the original one, though it's the English translation that was released first and the original RU script added later.
r91388.12022-05-15 at 16:03beliarVampire: The Masquerade - HumanityCopied from r91385.3 ru added
r91385.32022-05-15 at 16:02beliarVampire: The Masquerade - Humanitydate
r91385.22022-05-15 at 16:02beliarVampire: The Masquerade - Humanityrussian text was added later
p14293.22022-05-15 at 15:38beliarElijah AbraxLanguage is supposed to reflect the language the team makes majority of their games in, and not their nationality.
r32808.52022-05-15 at 14:57beliarReconquista - Download Editionwayback
r1004.72022-05-15 at 14:57beliarReconquista - First Press Editionwayback
s7389.22022-05-15 at 14:56beliarTateuchidupe of s7390 with an incorrect kanji
v11562.142022-05-15 at 14:55beliarSora no Ue no Omochacorrect staff
s7390.22022-05-15 at 14:55beliarTateuchi Akiraalias
v471.242022-05-15 at 14:54beliarReconquistacorrect staff
r45675.102022-05-15 at 14:43beliarThe House in Fata Morgana - Deluxe Editionwe don't usually add separate release entries for digital editions that add some digital goodies, like ost
p10141.22022-05-15 at 14:42beliarCiyun Hedel
r68800.42022-05-15 at 14:41beliarLu Yan Gui Hang - Swallow Homingnot a vn
v27628.52022-05-15 at 14:41beliarLu Yan Gui Hang - Swallow Homingdon't think this fits our definition of a vn link
r91355.22022-05-15 at 14:35beliarThe Ghost Painternot a vn
v35941.22022-05-15 at 14:35beliarThe Ghost Painternot a vn link
r63737.152022-05-15 at 12:47beliarEarn Your Freedom v0.16upd
r65795.182022-05-15 at 12:44beliarHealslut v0.76cupd
r67643.222022-05-15 at 12:42beliarBuilding our Futature v0.73.5upd
p12356.32022-05-14 at 12:22beliarPigeon Pleasureinfo
r82745.52022-05-14 at 12:18beliarWeekend Lollygagging v0.9upd
r68698.42022-05-14 at 12:17beliarAndromeda Six: Episodes 1-6upd
v35916.172022-05-14 at 09:26beliarMonochrome Mobius Toki no Taikadon't use machine translation for descriptions, don't add multiple relations
r91349.42022-05-14 at 09:23beliarMonochrome Mobius: Right and Wrongs Forgottenshit
r91350.72022-05-14 at 09:23beliarMonochrome Mobius: Right and Wrongs Forgottenshit
r91324.62022-05-14 at 09:23beliarMonochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs ForgottenReverted to revision r91324.1 Stop making nonsense edits
r91341.22022-05-14 at 09:18beliarGrandma's House v0.07a - KoGa3 ModJust a walkthrough and hint mod. There are literally hundreds of those. We don't add them to the db.