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r63832.22019-05-21 at 21:01beliarMaking of Conquerorsupdate
r54903.162019-05-21 at 19:25beliarSisterly Lust - Bonus Edition v0.19update
r54902.172019-05-21 at 19:25beliarSisterly Lust v0.19update
r63783.32019-05-21 at 19:10beliarYuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru ASeems it does exist, but was released as a standalone on 4chan, not a patch, unless I'm missing something.
v25802.22019-05-21 at 18:28beliarPain & Pleasurescreens
r63831.12019-05-21 at 18:18beliarPain & Pleasure v0.1release
p9128.12019-05-21 at 18:16beliarSmasochistdev
v25802.12019-05-21 at 18:16beliarPain & Pleasurevn
r62550.42019-05-21 at 17:12beliarHaley's Story v0.40update
r63783.22019-05-21 at 16:52beliarYuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru ASeems the patch doesn't actually exist t12362, unless you can provide the proof of its existence.
r63006.32019-05-20 at 17:17beliarThe Engagement: Chapters 1-2 (v1.2.0)update
r56922.72019-05-20 at 16:33beliarWhere the Heart Is: Episodes 1-12update
r63810.12019-05-20 at 16:27beliarLust Selection: Episode OneNew release based on r63286.2
r63286.22019-05-20 at 16:26beliarLust Selection: Episode Onelinks
r55790.72019-05-20 at 16:14beliarLife with Mary v0.70update
c82984.12019-05-19 at 22:15beliarCandychar
c82944.22019-05-19 at 22:10beliarSun-woo Youngtraits
c82948.22019-05-19 at 22:09beliarMr. Matlocktraits
c82942.22019-05-19 at 22:08beliarMi-do Youngtraits
c82937.22019-05-19 at 22:01beliarStella Masontraits
c82938.42019-05-19 at 21:58beliarMrs. Turnertraits
c82947.42019-05-19 at 21:58beliarLynn Marloweforgot one
c82947.32019-05-19 at 21:57beliarLynn Marlowetrait
c82935.52019-05-19 at 21:57beliarChristinatrait
c82936.42019-05-19 at 21:56beliarCarlitrait
c77578.42019-05-19 at 21:55beliarJake Spadetrait
c82935.42019-05-19 at 16:50beliarChristinatraits
c82936.32019-05-19 at 16:44beliarCarlitraits
c82934.32019-05-19 at 16:42beliarJudytraits
c82938.32019-05-19 at 16:32beliarMrs. Turnertraits
c82951.52019-05-19 at 16:30beliarThe Dragontraits
c82941.32019-05-19 at 16:29beliarKiratraits
c82947.22019-05-19 at 16:26beliarLynn Marlowetraits
c82950.32019-05-19 at 16:25beliarEric Turner+1 trait
c82950.22019-05-19 at 16:24beliarEric Turnertrait
c82940.22019-05-19 at 16:24beliarHollis Marlowetrait
c77578.32019-05-19 at 16:23beliarJake Spadetraits
c82951.42019-05-18 at 21:02beliarThe Dragontrait
c82951.32019-05-18 at 21:01beliarThe DragonMayhap better to make her a minor spoiler.
c82951.22019-05-18 at 20:52beliarThe Dragontrait
c82951.12019-05-18 at 20:52beliarThe Dragonchar
c82950.12019-05-18 at 20:46beliarEric Turnerchar
c82949.12019-05-18 at 20:41beliarNatalyachar
c82948.12019-05-18 at 20:38beliarMr. Matlockchar
c82947.12019-05-18 at 20:34beliarLynn Marlowechar
c82946.12019-05-18 at 20:31beliarPatrick O'Shaughnessychar
c82938.22019-05-18 at 20:27beliarMrs. Turnertrait
c82941.22019-05-18 at 20:26beliarKiratrait
c82944.12019-05-18 at 20:25beliarSun-woo Youngchar
c82942.12019-05-18 at 20:10beliarMi-do Youngchar