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Length votes by beliar

2023-05-06Fictional Story56mNormalr106899
2023-03-14Ai Suru Tsuma, Mariko no Furin Houkoku ~Otto Kounin no Gachi Furin Sex~3h37mNormalr75499Time to beat the main game only. The time including the bonus scenes - 3:58.
2023-03-12Ai Suru Tsuma, Mariko ga Rinshitsu de Dakareru Made ~Anata ga Shiranai Koto, Kare ga Takusan Oshiete Kuremashita~2h13mNormalr47877Time to beat the main game only. The time including the bonus scenes - 3:45.
2023-03-11My Strange Sis7h30mNormalr53704
2023-03-10Queen Beast4h14mNormalr102615
2023-03-08Adventures in Loliworld58mNormalr103451
2023-03-08One Summer in Loliwood7h45mNormalr85084Might need another hour to get all the achievements.
2023-03-05Friendly Blonding1h28mNormalr94356
2023-03-05Opportunity: A Sugar Baby Story9h9mNormalr88082
2023-01-28Layer Kanojo wa NTR Daigaku 1-nensei1h6mNormalr102690
2022-10-04Shin'yaku In'youchuu19h52mFastr93159100% completion while skipping all the voices.
2022-09-01Under Control13h4mNormalr81558A single playthrough (the VN is mostly linear) that does not explore alternative branches and alternative scenes.
2022-06-24Zai Wuxian Chongsheng Zhong Shouhu Ni2h1mNormalr92816
2022-05-09Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York9h36mNormalr84454Two full playthroughs with Lamar and Amanda, partial playthrough with Eric to get the bad endings. All side-quests cleared, 24/28 achievements obtained.
2022-04-23NTR Dream17mNormalr90029
2022-02-20Kashidashi Tsuma, Marina no "Netorase" Houkoku 2 Case. Moto AV Dan'yuu & Binkan Tsuma4h50mNormalr80675The time to complete the main game. The time needed to read the bonus scenes too is 6:54.
2022-02-16Kashidashi Tsuma, Marina no "Netorase" Houkoku Binkan Tsuma to Zetsurin Daigakusei2h56mNormalr51740Time to beat the main game only. The time including the bonus scenes - 4:43.
2022-02-12Mezameru to Itoko o Mamoru Bishoujo Kenshi ni Natteita8h24mFastr80241Skipping all of the voices.
2022-02-12The Crown & The Flame15hNormalr59768,r59774,r5977751 chapters, witch each having an average read length of 18 minutes, equals about 15 hours.
2022-02-07Kissing Therapy20mNormalr63429GTT; The voiced "Relewded" edition included with "Proper Counceling".
2022-02-06Kissing Therapy: Proper Counseling53mNormalr63429GTT
2022-01-29Corruption Time1h41mNormalr79692GTT: One playthrough through the available content. Didn't look for some minor scene variations.
2022-01-28Atonia Blues51mNormalr86822GTT
2022-01-08En-Fem-E No. 91h59mNormalr85969The length of the Reborn edition.
2021-11-10Your New Life2h10mNormalr74351GTT
2021-11-07XXX Files35mNormalr84432GTT
2021-11-02Hiroki: Part 348mNormalr84354GTT
2021-09-08Netorare Wife Misumi - Lustful Awakening6h48mNormalr74432100% completion. Tracked with GTT.
2021-09-04Hiroki: Part 240mNormalr82676
2021-08-09Unconventional Gym1h6mNormalr61999,r62000,r62001
2021-08-03My Futa Valentine26mNormalr81143
2021-08-03(P)lunge All the Way, Super J! - An Oppaidius Short Story13mNormalr79961
2021-08-03Monsters of the Sea 323mNormalr61939
2021-08-03Monsters of the Sea 228mNormalr61938
2021-08-03Monsters of the Sea32mNormalr61935
2021-08-03Dead Tide VIII: New Poon38mNormalr57129
2021-08-03Dream Therapy 240mNormalr62019
2021-08-03Dead Tide X: My Big Fat Vampire Wedding40mNormalr69118
2021-08-03Dream Therapy51mNormalr62011
2021-08-03Nariyuki → Papakatsu Girls!!1h4mFastr59956
2021-08-03Teaser ~ Date ~ Kanon1h34mNormalr76403
2021-08-03The Rural Homecoming1h48mNormalr65835
2021-08-03Mother's Lessons ~Mitsuko~1h57mNormalr71650
2021-08-03Little Red Riding the Wood2h13mNormalr60129
2021-08-03Oppaidius: Tropical Cruise!2h24mSlowr66996100% completion, including all the achievements. A single run through the game took 1:40h.
2021-08-03Last Days of the Universe2hNormalr60752
2021-08-03What's Mine Is Yours: Season 12h35mNormalr74672
2021-08-03My Mother Kyoko - NTR Fallen3h5mNormalr74358