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t8242.14022023-05-27The how to edit threadMaybe we actually need a Scottish trait? He cannot be the only character from Scotland, can he?
t20273.52023-05-27Hidden privates Tag DenialI can see you are no fan of Eurotrash, like Franco or Rollin...
t20273.32023-05-27Hidden privates Tag DenialYou are just splitting hairs here. The sex scenes definitely do not need to be vanilla or gentle to be applied the Softcore tag. And I suppose the
t3314.31252023-05-27TraitsI wondered why we do not have such a trait. I simply used the wrong keywords to check for its existence. You are right, I don't think there are a lot
t20307.62023-05-26Regarding i3917Yeah, okay, I can see the double meaning, thus I suppose it's best to remove that alias too. Reliable needs to be moved away as a separate trait
t20307.42023-05-26Regarding i3917"I have no idea where you pulled that definition of "Conscientious" from"I mean... from the Oxford dictionary... "What I'm saying isn't that every
t20305.42023-05-26Regarding i3907As you wish.
t20307.22023-05-26Regarding i3917I'm not sure where you see the majority of the problems with the Personality > Proactive trait, except maybe for a single part. Nothing in the
t20305.22023-05-26Regarding i3907Added the aliases. Also, you don't need to write to me directly regarding my trait decisions. Use t3314, and someone might chip-in with their opinion
t20304.22023-05-26Regarding i3906I do consider the trait to be both very subjective and very broad. Lots of situations can be construed as being threatening/intimidating to the
t7442.10002023-05-23Game inclusion in the DBDespite it being shaped with a certain features of a VN, a do not consider it so. A VN always needs a programmed engine to run, while something made
t8242.14002023-05-22The how to edit threadI think the latter approach is correct, as it provides more information.
t20260.12023-05-19Regarding c39039.20Please, before engaging in an edit war, read our FAQ, and familiarize yourself with our guidelines, especially those regarding the romanization. All
t20241.92023-05-17VNDB mods removing votes unfairlyVndb Mod Is Satan... What an original name. At this point you might as well call yourself I Love Gambz, because we can all see you are trolling. And
t12835.112023-05-15Cross†Channel English versionYou mean: * The version that is already in English... * The version that has a different engine than the JP release the fan-patches were made for
t20223.42023-05-12Regaring u213971"By the way, why isn't there a way to report profiles"Good question. You should ask Yorhel that ;-) t950 I also agree that there is a huge variation
t20223.22023-05-12Regaring u213971Well, his speeds are on the fast side, but he does mark his playthroughs as 'fast', in which case the database recalculates the playtime based on a
t20219.22023-05-11Regarding v15274.12As far as I'm concerned, shoddy screens have an even greater chance of turning the people off, than no screens at all. If there are no screens
t8242.13962023-05-04The how to edit threadYeah, okay, mayhap you are right. The different team with mostly different members does lend credibility that the game should maybe be separate.
t8242.13922023-05-04The how to edit threadYeah, a game can change a lot after the release of the demo. Moreover, the demo might even have content that is not present in the full game. I don't
t20182.32023-05-02Regarding r74221.8Regarding non Vn addition, that is being discussed in this thread: t19740. Note, these won't be proper entries, like with Vns, but more like stub
t20182.12023-05-02Regarding r74221.8I mean, you are correct, but only on a technicality that the VN entry itself is called an "Unofficial Port", which I'm not sure is the best current
t7442.9982023-05-02Game inclusion in the DBWhile 8 minute video is hardly representative of a whole game, the excerpt shown is indeed much more Vn-like than the predecessor game. Hence I'll
t7442.9962023-05-01Game inclusion in the DBYeah, this one doesn't look much like a VN. I assume the other game in the series is the same, though I cannot find a video regarding it. I'll remove
t950.15252023-04-19VNDB Suggestions!"1) could we have an interface with 9 buttons, one for each possible combination? That way it's only one click per image, not two. It adds up. 2
t12755.1432023-04-14Linking Databases, part 2VK has a store? Why am I not surprised... I'll make an educated guess it came into existence quite recently, when RU started feeling a pressing need
t20050.22023-04-08it hasn't been updated and i don't how to do itDon't see anything that would require it to be updated. No release announcement anywhere. Edit: Okay, it was apparently released - had to look under
t8242.13872023-04-05The how to edit threadIt doesn't matter if it's a fursona or not (and by Gods, I learn something new every day on the internet), Role > Based on a Real Person would still
t950.15082023-03-29VNDB Suggestions!Based on the demo it's impossible to consider this game a VN, unless it somehow becomes very different from the demo later on.
t19984.22023-03-23Question about Hero(ine)/Protagonist TagsThat's a complex question that hasn't been put to the test yet. I personally don't add Hero/Heroine tags if those Heroes/Heroines also serve as
t19979.32023-03-22Shiravune strikes (Mangagamer) againImpeccable logic... Just FYI the game can be rejected after getting a Steam page, and even after already being sold. Steam can remove the game
t8242.13852023-03-22The how to edit threadNames should obviously be romanized, but if a char name contains some sort of title, position or profession, it should be translated if possible.
t3314.31072023-03-20TraitsThese traits are 12 years old. Of course traits were created without much thinking back in the day. If such a trait would be proposed today, it
t19971.42023-03-20Am I banned or something?I have just noticed I cannot add staff members either... Seems to be your usual bug courtesy of Yorhel -.-'
t19971.22023-03-20Am I banned or something?I can tell you that your account is fully active. Have you, by chance, installed any plug-ins recently?
t3314.31042023-03-20TraitsFirst of all, Girlfriend/Boyfriend traits are not counterparts to the tags you have mentioned. There isn't a correlation between them. The traits
w6190.12023-03-13Inside JenniferFYI, the time vote you add should represent the time it takes to complete all routes and endings, and not just a single playthrough.
t19926.22023-03-12Regarding v42694Done. If you have any additional info, feel free to add it.
w6181.32023-03-12Lust Campus"Patreon strikes again?"Surprisingly, no. This is the case of the previous artist finding the God, deciding he doesn't want anything to do with
w6181.12023-03-11Lust CampusWell, she didn't really have any choice regarding the rework, but yes, the speed does not bode well for the project as the whole. At least if it
t3314.30942023-03-05TraitsTypically no. If the character is an obvious heroine, it's expected that the protagonist will get with her in at least one route. So, even if it's a
t8242.13822023-03-05The how to edit threadYes, you are absolutely right. I'm not sure why some editors want to add plot events to the character profiles. It bloats the profiles and even
t10328.122023-03-02How many people would support a localization?I hid what I assume to be a spoiler in the post above. Nothing else seems to be spoilerous to me.
t2108.51082023-02-25Candidates for deletionYou know, coming first is not always a positive, Ileca.
t10302.5602023-02-24Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadAnd I always forget that. Somehow I always end up thinking that only the length voting is disabled.
t10302.5572023-02-24Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI think he is saying that it shouldn't be allowed on the programming side, as in, you shouldn't be able to physically cast a vote. And that is not a
t3314.30892023-02-23TraitsMany people assume that the guys Rena attacked in her previous school had sexually assaulted her. This, if I don't misremember, is never actually
t19832.402023-02-21Do you believe that this entry should be restored?"The game has to be played in a very specific way to consider the possibility of being a VN hybrid."Yeah, if you need to follow a very specific play
t3314.30872023-02-21Traits"So, who's the superior mod here?"It's Gambs, guys, it's always Gambs :-DDDDDD I agree that Mrkew has a point, and each side of the 69 can involve
t3314.30802023-02-20Traits"Just send the position to where it belongs"... Slavedriver.