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t2108.32562020-06-30Candidates for deletionyou can't have endings with the original castSo I assume you start the fandisc from a different executable, or alternatively choose to play the
t2108.32542020-06-30Candidates for deletionthey're still separate storiesAre they separate stories, though? If they are fandiscs that add a self-contained side-story to the main release, then
t2108.32512020-06-30Candidates for deletionAwww, Eacil, you're such a lazy bones. #wilberrydidnothingwrong :-P
t2108.32422020-06-27Candidates for deletion@ikuku: Done
t2108.32372020-06-24Candidates for deletionYes, four years is usually enough to call a project inactive. And the user was last active on Lemma Soft in 2016, so let's call this dead and buried.
t14237.92020-06-24Regarding 7 дней лета...Thank you. In that case I think I'll do what I do for many Patreon releases that have both a public and Patreon version, and will keep one release
t14237.72020-06-24Regarding 7 дней лета...Just to be sure, but r60264 is the latest publicly available release, right? In that case the latest Patreon release should also be included. I can
t3314.21612020-06-24TraitsAs long as the the AI is sufficiently advanced, in other word it thinks rather than just performs complex commands, it should be considered a
t3617.23162020-06-24Tags suggestions/fixesSo the campaign continued while I was asleep? Good thing Yorhel could mass-clean the mess, otherwise it would have been a pain to do manually.
t14237.42020-06-24Regarding 7 дней лета...Okay, but what about the mod. The last version added to the db is v0.36 (r60263). Is that the latest version, because it came out almost two years
t3617.23092020-06-24Tags suggestions/fixesEh, most likely a bot. It's banned now. Will clean up the mess tomorrow...
t14237.12020-06-23Regarding 7 дней лета...As you have edited the main and release entries of that game and even requested a deletion of an obsolete release entry, I assume you know something
t2108.32342020-06-23Candidates for deletionI'm not really sure why Mayu is here.Because someone added it and no one has contested its presence until you came along, duh :-)
t8242.2602020-06-22The how to edit threadFor some games it's hard to establish the resolution without actually extracting the graphical assets from the game. Seems that in this case the
t8242.2582020-06-22The how to edit threadr70822 is a Ren'Py game. Like 95% of the time, the native resolution of a Ren'Py game aligns with the "virtual resolution" in the log file. Just
t3617.23052020-06-22Tags suggestions/fixesErm, yes, that's right, though if she dies in another heroine's route, Other Route Death seems to be more appropriate than simply Death
t2520.4332020-06-22Minor error/sIf you turn a full release entry into a patch and it had the Engine field filled in, the Engine remains with the patch but cannot be edited or
t8242.2542020-06-22The how to edit thread@rampaa: Marking such cases as "Non-standard" seems misleading. I'm torn between leaving the res field blank and adding the highest resolution of the
t14232.22020-06-22Genre not appropriateWell, that's in the description: In the near future, a sudden and unexplained sea rise has left much of human civilization underwater. Are you saying
t14226.22020-06-20Restore tagging powersNice segue into asking to have your tag rights restored, aniki... It's sure to have us all so inclined to get you right back to tagging. What is
t13727.3152020-06-20Flagging ImagesEh, when you need a magnifying glass to discern suggestive or explicit elements in the picture, the voting becomes much less uniform and I'm not
t2108.32272020-06-19Candidates for deletionNo, he was referring to this post t2108.3200, which was skipped. The entries have been merged now.
t14212.72020-06-19Is "A Raven Monologue" a visual novel?Well, narration is not a requirement for visual novels that don't have gameplay. Would this title be a VN if it had text in the bubbles? I didn't
t3617.23002020-06-19Tags suggestions/fixesAh, the eternal question! There were proposals to Yorhel to mark the characters that are heroes/heroines in their character profile, but the
t14212.32020-06-18Is "A Raven Monologue" a visual novel?Let me simplify the term "visual novel" to you. A computer program requires two main components to be called a visual novel. A 'visual' component, i
t14210.32020-06-18Natsu, Semi, Shoujo / Summer, Cicadas and the girlHospital
t14197.62020-06-16When trials are basically spinoffs?My two cents, but a demo, even an original one, is not really a separate work - it's a promotion to garner interest in the upcoming work. Somehow it
t2520.4282020-06-16Minor error/sThis edit form link for some reason returns a warning "Original title does not seem to contain any non-latin characters", despite the original title
t13727.3132020-06-15Flagging Imagesso it's back to normal vote status now (which seems fine given the current votes)Not exactly fine, as there is a poster on the wall with bare boobs
t13727.3112020-06-15Flagging ImagesYeah, something clearer, like the exclamation mark would be more intuitive. Also, I can still vote on that picture. Does that mean my vote is not
t2520.4202020-06-15Minor error/sOkay, something got borked. Now when I enter the Screens tab on the Vn edit form, it only displays one screenshot out of however many were added and
t2520.4182020-06-15Minor error/sYorhel, have you by chance created a dedicated list of resolutions, like we currently have one for engines link? If there isn't one, I think it would
t7442.6332020-06-15Game inclusion in the DBActually, I'm not in a hurry to jump on removing Orwell. Looking at a playthrough on Youtube (link) left me a bit conflicted, but I tentatively think
t2520.4162020-06-15Minor error/sNot sure if Yorhel saw the post by Gvbn on another thread, but I'm throwing it here too just in case t8242.244. There seems to be a bug with
t8242.2482020-06-14The how to edit threadNot as such, no.
t8242.2452020-06-14The how to edit threadThat seems to be a bug, otherwise you could see the spoilered instances by clicking to show spoilers, and they would be clearly visible if they weren
t14187.92020-06-14Regarding c34494.17Ah, yes, a relationship feature... We'll see how it goes. Anyway, I added a line to the description of Unbeknown Incest. Should clear some confusion.
t14187.72020-06-14Regarding c34494.17But... doesn't that apply to all traits? For example, let's take your first point that the traits can refer to different characters. But the same
t14187.52020-06-14Regarding c34494.17You have actually pointed to the Tag of Cosplay, which is made non-applicable and separated into two sister tags Sexual Cosplay and Non-sexual Cosplay
t14187.32020-06-14Regarding c34494.17I'm actually with Xg70d here. If both knowing incest and Unbeknown incest exist in the VN, I would definitely add both traits to the character, even
t950.7522020-06-14VNDB Suggestions!I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding you, but the very first tab on the top right will bring you to the VN info page. Why would we need another link?
t13095.632020-06-13Cups for All AgesNow that the spoiler setting for Sex has been implemented, we need spoiler setting for names (aliases) and age. ;-)
t14185.52020-06-13Steam benned VnArchived link for those that want to do the right thing and not give OAG a click.
t14143.52020-06-10Sakura no UtaI see quite a few twelve years olds that think they're funny here.
t13364.62020-06-10English patch link diedWait a minute... I thought these are English patches, but the first link is a fully translated game and the second link is the actual JP DLC for
t14156.22020-06-09Regarding r1716.8You're welcome.
t3617.22972020-06-09Tags suggestions/fixes@naiohoras: That was quite a big omission. Redacted. Though you made a mistake: the sister of protagonist's wife's siblingYou obviously meant "the
t3314.21542020-06-09TraitsNot sure if it got buried under other requests but I compiled a list of traits that needed fixing two pages ago.Done what I could. A few broken links
t2108.32192020-06-08Candidates for deletionSo why did you add it in the first place?