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t12362.102019-05-21English PatchI get the same error, whether I use AlphaRom or not - "A debugger has been found running in your system. Please, unload it from memory and restart
t12362.72019-05-21English PatchSo... It's not a patch? It's a translated standalone game, if I'm to understand you correctly? Ahh, I think I found it, if that's the correct link: li
t12303.72019-05-10Rules for aliases?Currently such function is not implemented.
t12303.22019-05-09Rules for aliases?Official alternative titles and abbreviations used by the developer, the publisher or various storefronts are allowed as aliases. Hence, the English
t12270.102019-05-05tags are tellling nonsense!Probably worth mod locking the GxG romance tag at 1.0 to prevent vote warring; are you able to do that?Yes. Done. With more and more VNs that
t12270.42019-05-05tags are tellling nonsense!You seem to have some very strange ideas about what the transsexual is. But anyway, your point is moot. This is an all ages game, hence it doesn't
t12270.22019-05-04tags are tellling nonsense!I don't see a problem. If the char is a transwoman and has relations with a female heroine, that still very much a Girl x Girl Romance.
t3617.16572019-05-02Tags suggestions/fixesMy main problem with your proposal is that it's simply too broad. While your definition what an antagonist is, is mostly agreeable, it will basically
t3617.16552019-05-02Tags suggestions/fixesThe problem with chuunige/moege tags is: 1) it's hard to define. Foggy description can lead to many mistagging cases as a result.The same can be said
t12256.22019-05-01Eiyu*SenkiWhen the game is updated with a new language we on vndb usually include all the previous existing languages in the release, unless the release is
t12248.22019-04-29Any other games like that one?I'm not sure there is anything really similar to SoC out there. However I'm personally partial to Good Girl Gone Bad, which has lovely art, high
t12192.22019-04-14Producer deleted?Which project it's supposed to represent? Ever 17? And how is that project different from another existing project by 07th Inquisition? Anyway, I
t3314.16672019-04-11TraitsWell, the furry community does include dragons and the look of those characters does subscribe to every characteristic of an anthropomorphic animal
t12178.22019-04-11is this actually a VN?Who knows, it has only just been released. The game is not even yet on any pirate sites. I gather it will take some time before we will be able to
t3617.16422019-04-10Tags suggestions/fixesI have tinkered with the Seduction tag and currently it looks like this: Seduction of the Protagonist. It's not yet approved, but take a look at it
t2108.27552019-04-10Candidates for deletionYeah, I'll probably keep the game entry. While we technically do not like for untested producers to add their (possibly vaporware) games to the db
t2108.27512019-04-10Candidates for deletionI see. Due to the same dev I thought the games are taking place in the same universe with shared characters.
t2108.27492019-04-09Candidates for deletionWhy do we have two instances of Goro and Goro? Probably the question should be aimed at Minah, who added both.
t3314.16652019-04-09TraitsThe previous Furry trait has been renamed Fur and a new a new trait Anthropomorphic Animal has been created. I would be grateful if the users would
t3314.16632019-04-08TraitsI wonder, which would be better: renaming the current Furry trait to "anthropomorphic animal" and creating a new "fur" trait, or renaming Furry to
t3617.16382019-04-08Tags suggestions/fixesGang should be also child tag of Crime Family or CrimePut it under Crime. There are enough differences between a mere gang and a crime family, that I
t3314.16622019-04-08TraitsI think one more exclusion clause will have to go into the description of "Anthropomorphic Animal". "Only use the trait to describe the characters
t3228.372019-04-06Is it really visual novel?Huh, seems I had responded to this thread almost 4 years ago and argued that it is a VN. I should probably take a look at this game one more time for
t3314.16602019-04-06TraitsUnless I'm being dim, couldn't you apply that logic to most traits in the Engages in tree?Well, you see, "sex" would be sexual content, but
t7442.5172019-04-06Game inclusion in the DBI see nothing objectionable regarding the game. It doesn't have any gameplay, and even if it's composed entirely of dialogues, that doesn't preclude
t3314.16572019-04-04TraitsPlease do! Games where it's a fetish feature are highly likely to have the VN tagged.As there were no objections in a month, I'm setting Pregnancy to
t3617.16342019-04-04Tags suggestions/fixesDying Hero should also be under Terminal Illness.Done. Remarriage should be a child trait of Wedding, no ?I think so. Done. (Though it's a trait
t12141.102019-04-02SJW Sexual VN's?Erm.. no problem. I was making a joke, but maybe I didn't express myself right. I was pointing to the reverse psychology statement "don't bother
t12141.62019-04-02SJW Sexual VN's?but don't bother checking it out, it's definitely for degenerates.Pabloc... did you just wave a red cloth in front of a site full of figurative bulls?
t12140.22019-04-02Favourite Nekopara girlsYou really did not need to create 4 threads to ask basically the same question. I'm moving the other threads to your personal profile.
t3617.16292019-04-01Tags suggestions/fixes👍
t12118.272019-03-31Poster is leaving hundreds of 1 ratings randomlyYorhel expressed quite clearly what kind of voting he considers invalid, that being votes on unreleased games and votes from duplicate accounts. And
t12071.132019-03-27Temp banI'll search more info about Yusup Dalmaz and send to you, you'll check and post it yourself. Do you agree?Sure
t12071.112019-03-27Temp banOh, I have no doubt that Yusup Dalmaz or MetroVG exist. However, the only game that can be actually linked to them is Venus Force Five - a Sailor
t12071.82019-03-25Temp banI'm one hundred percent sure the information in your link is a complete fiction and has no bearing on reality. No, I will not believe that a composer
t12071.32019-03-20Temp banSo, you are going forward with this attitude... -.-' You didn't make one mistake - you made 11 erroneous edits that had to be reverted by a moderator
t12071.12019-03-19Temp banI have removed your ability to edit, due to a load of frankly baffling edits made by you. I have to assume you are either a troll or a completely
t12062.52019-03-17Top 3 favourite Visual NovelsAnd then there were none. Anyway, yes, please don't create duplicate threads in the future.
t950.5432019-03-08VNDB Suggestions!There were more typos on that page. Fixed now.
t3314.16532019-03-05TraitsAnd the description for Furry should make it clear that it applies to anthropomorphic animals like the alias says, rather than all characters with
t12001.202019-03-05Are the heroines virgins or not? (spoilers?)I think it's better to drop this discussion before the moderators delete the post itself.Me thinks it's a good idea. I wouldn't like to come back and
t11956.72019-02-22Wait...what?IMHO, there is nothing wrong with an official company purchasing a fan translation. If not for such practices we wouldn't have official releases of
t11956.42019-02-22Wait...what?Not an entirely new translation. The JAST release is an edited fan-translation, according to the person who worked on both. Q: Out of curiosity, how
t2108.27142019-02-22Candidates for deletionI have transferred the non-dupe character entries to the actual Valhalla entry.
t2108.27122019-02-22Candidates for deletionAre there threads about those other VNs where people are complaining about how small the font is and how they are having a real hard time reading it?N
t11954.42019-02-21Making a new vndb entry...It will be a mess one way or the other. Higurashi is kinda unique in that it constantly added more arcs with every new release, majority of them not
t7068.1202019-02-18The non-VN eroge discussion threadAnd once again I have played one of the interactive novels by Anaximanes. Namely, this time I took on the "Cult of Corruption". Review is on my blog
t2108.27052019-02-17Candidates for deletionWow, the situation has escalated pretty quickly while I was away. *shifty sideways look* It's interesting that Dongeorge is evading a ban with an
t2108.26862019-02-16Candidates for deletion@alto: The question is where do we make the line. There are actually hundreds of bundles on various stores, even not counting various short-lived
t2108.26832019-02-16Candidates for deletionIt would be great if someone could actually confirm if those are machine translations or not. I don't want to pull the trigger on speculation alone.