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t16991.682021-10-18Voicing: A ProposalWhat is this "life" you are talking about? P.S. I feel that in t16991.63 you are referring some kind of fictional work, but I cannot put my finger
t7442.8632021-10-18Game inclusion in the DBI have tried an early build of the game and at the time I thought it might not qualify. After the intro, the game got all sim-like and I dropped it
t16991.602021-10-18Voicing: A Proposal"If Beliar still wants the Narration voices"Well, I surely do want me some cake... Oh, are we talking about the voices? Because the page seems to be
t17195.22021-10-16How Do I Enable English Text?After you watch the intro, select the first option (above number 1), then the first option again, and finally the second option. Not sure why you
t2108.41142021-10-14Candidates for deletion"cause I thought you guys must have missed it since no one replied"I actually did try the trial after you have reported the game. As I also thought
t17181.82021-10-14New category, a social simulation ?HE, stop confusing the poor guy, please. Sims do need stats. No, it cannot be a sim without statistics - read the tag description. Valhalla is not a
t3617.26592021-10-13Tags suggestions/fixesOkay, I see I was a bit hasty in trying to "fix" the tag. I'll revert it back and probably rename to "Interracial/interspecies Romance" to prevent
t17181.32021-10-13New category, a social simulation ?I'm not sure you fully understand what a "dating sim" is. By our rules, only the games that contain fully fleshed out stat raising mechanics, can be
t16991.562021-10-12Voicing: A ProposalHmmm, I'm not against Eacil's proposal. As he has said, this might flush out a few strange cases where there might be discrepancies, but it does
t17177.112021-10-12Coming up with guidelines for comics on VNDB."I suspect we'll get stuck with such a bigger picture approach."I'm in agreement with Yorhel. It's the wrong idea to focus on the wide picture
t17177.72021-10-11Coming up with guidelines for comics on VNDB.I admit that Yorhel's post in t2108.4038 sets a bad precedent, one which I'm personally opposed to, but that is neither here nor there. It doesn't
t17177.22021-10-11Coming up with guidelines for comics on VNDB.This is pretty good for a first draft. In fact, those same barebones criteria were used by me when I decided if a digital comic can be considered a
t3617.26542021-10-11Tags suggestions/fixesThat seems extremely counterintuitive. There aren't that many VNs assigned the tag, so I feel that those that have interspecies romance should be
t8242.7782021-10-11The how to edit threadThe description is more closely related to the Japanese meaning, but it seems the trait is mostly used in the Western meaning. Mayhap it would be
t3314.26612021-10-11Traits"Is there any difference between Cock and Ball Torture Devices and Cock and Ball Torture? Both descriptions are mostly the same."The former reads
t17161.42021-10-10About r78246.6Ezezin, I can see you have time-voted on Slave Lord. I have just tried this game and it is so not a visual novel I'm baffled someone has added it
t2108.41062021-10-10Candidates for deletionCannot find any proper playthrough of Eden's Ritter Grenze, though a few clips on YT do imply that it's an RPG. So, I must second Yorhel's call: Has
t17161.22021-10-09About r78246.6I mean, if a paid and a free release exists simultaneously, it's usually because the paid release has something extra. Usually it's something very
t10302.3372021-10-08Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread" He didn't openly admit to voting in a certain way JUST to screw the stats though did he ? "His notes in link are pretty telling. He's not hiding
t10302.3312021-10-07Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadApparently no game but WA can be rated higher than 2 -.-' I'm in agreement that this should be blacklisted, as he is purposefully skewing the votes
t8242.7762021-10-06The how to edit threadAh, I didn't check and somehow believed the situation was reversed: that there was only a single tag and multiple traits. Apparently, for some reason
t8242.7742021-10-06The how to edit threadIf I'm not wrong, we had some more specific tags, but I have deleted them. I don't think we need to go so deep into details in the tags. A general Kem
t8242.7722021-10-06The how to edit thread"Should a character have one of the Mammal traits if they are a Kemonomimi?"In my opinion: No.
t2108.40902021-10-06Candidates for deletion" and also has pictures with text below them"If the samples on the page are from that title, that is not true. Seems the title has a shape of a
t15752.122021-10-01So this was confirmed to be a reboot?"So why is the original MB still here? "You haven't played the original MB, have you? If you had, you wouldn't ask why it's here. The original MB is
t2108.40722021-09-29Candidates for deletionIt doesn't hurt to wait for the actual release, I think. That said, the game will most likely end up removed. The only VN is the very first release
t2108.40682021-09-29Candidates for deletion"r659 basically no different from translated playthroughs and the like"We do allow read-along translations. While it's not necessarily convenient
t10302.3142021-09-28Suspicious voting behavior reporting thread"votes are supposed to be a gauge for the actual game, not someones wishlist/blacklist no?"Indeed, which is why u170908 got his votes blacklisted.
t3617.26392021-09-27Tags suggestions/fixes"Fictional Island Near Future Japan doesn't have description and should be a child tag of Near Future and Earth instead of Future and Future Earth."
t17077.62021-09-26Is there a reason this VN isn't added?From the trial it does look like it's a VN, so if the later game follows the same format, it can be added.
t17079.42021-09-26Translations of visual novels in the form of videoI'm against video translations. That cannot be described as a Vn anymore - that's just a video walkthrough. The fact the video also translates the
t17077.42021-09-26Is there a reason this VN isn't added?I'll have to remind you guys that we have t7442. We don't usually "consider" games for inclusion. We only get involved if someone adds a game and
t17077.22021-09-26Is there a reason this VN isn't added?Does this even qualify as a visual novel? Dlsite labels it as a simulation game, and the screenshots show menus consistent with other simulation
t17073.22021-09-25Which release should I play?If you are content to play online mayhap the Asenheim Project would work best for you (either the original or the DX) for compatibility reasons. Not
t16987.502021-09-25Animation: A Proposal"I had a sudden revelation: you mean a loop doesn't have a "clear beginning and an end" because for you a loop has as many beginnings and endings as
t16987.482021-09-25Animation: A Proposal" With beliar's definition a single 1-second animation sequence that has a defined start and end is enough to mark a full VN as "has non-looping
t16987.462021-09-23Animation: A Proposal"Vectorial animation has a "clear beginning and an end"."It doesn't. Loops only stop when you end them manually with a mouse click. "They will
t17062.22021-09-23Why did this get a separate entry?Epilogue? No. Take a look who wrote Dies irae Also sprach Zarathustra and who wrote Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~. Dies irae Also sprach Zarathustra
t16987.442021-09-23Animation: A ProposalVNs with non-looping sequences are almost always of higher quality and greater care taken by the developer. Any idiot can create 3D loops (in fact
t16987.422021-09-22Animation: A Proposal"do you have many examples of story segments that loop?"Plenty. Just recently i have played a game which had dance sequences where the sprites were
t16987.392021-09-22Animation: A Proposal"I'm not seeing the distinction, as almost all animation in VNs loops in some way or another. Do you perhaps have some video examples with different
t16991.512021-09-22Voicing: A ProposalNot even that. We mean characters that aren't even usually added to the character list. For example: a) Common no name characters, like Enemy A or
t16987.372021-09-22Animation: A Proposal"Don't mind to re-added it once I know what looping means and why it's important, but for now I'm just confused about it."Right now we have the type
t16991.492021-09-22Voicing: A ProposalMaybe not. Maybe we shouldn't care about barely existing mobs that mayhap only have a single line... I would like Eacil to comment on that. In any
t16991.472021-09-22Voicing: A Proposal"I don't think we need to be more specific since we already have Not Sexually Involved, but I understand if people want a similar option for releases
t16987.342021-09-22Animation: A ProposalWhere the hell looping/non-looping disappeared to? It was last mentioned in the previous page, and I think that aspect is god damn important. In fact
t17046.82021-09-21Regarding r31883.4"Like I said, pants means trousers to most English speakers"Indeed, however many foreign terms gain a different meaning when used in Japan. As a few
t16991.452021-09-19Voicing: A ProposalThat is actually a very nice idea, Ezezin! Drop down menus would actually look more aesthetic than checkboxes.
t16987.272021-09-19Animation: A ProposalThat seems to sound reasonable, though I'm not sure if it will work as well in practice. We'll see.
t16991.432021-09-19Voicing: A ProposalWell, it just proves the Ezezin's point that it's too complicated to deal with the whole male/female split, and we should simplify the system to