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t8242.11762022-05-28The how to edit threadOf course only those present in the game. The character can be changed a lot for the game and bear only a passing resemblance to the real world
t8242.11732022-05-27The how to edit threadThere were a few cases where the translation team decided to say "go to hell with the proofreading" and released a raw translation as 'complete'. But
t8242.11712022-05-27The how to edit threadI'm with Cubky here. This case is some sort of patchwork half-here-half-there thing that we would do a disservice to label 'complete'. Once
t18455.12022-05-26Relations between releasesHi. What is the relation between "Brother with Magic Wand" and "Brother with Magic Wand 2"? Is the latter a sequel or an expanded version of the
t18415.62022-05-23Hello, do you have darlinghoney ep2 still?Sadly it doesn't appear I have any of those.
t8242.11562022-05-21The how to edit threadThe main idea behind not adding TBA titles, is the thought that some of them might turn into vaporware, or the title might get changed during the
t18415.42022-05-20Hello, do you have darlinghoney ep2 still?I only had "A Million Promises" saved locally. I have added a working link to the release entry.
t8242.11522022-05-19The how to edit threadSimply switch the flag to freeware. You can add a note explaining the change too.
t18415.22022-05-19Hello, do you have darlinghoney ep2 still?Sadly, no. I tried to add the mega link in the past, but some troll kept giving me copyright strikes for this particular file. It doesn't seem that I
t18425.22022-05-19English VersionDLsite link is literally attached to the release entry.
t8242.11502022-05-19The how to edit thread"So should it be Rance IX & Rance X or Rance 9 and Rance 10?"Variations between the official site and various stores can be inconsistent for many VNs
t2108.47152022-05-15Candidates for deletion@Jazz957: Looking at link, GUN BLAZE seems to be composed almost entirely of text, with very short walking sequences between the lengthy dialogue
t2108.47132022-05-14Candidates for deletion@hexashadow13: Maybe, but we' have to wait until the release to be sure. It's part of the Utawarerumono series, and that trilogy are VN/RPG hybrids
t18385.12022-05-13Regarding r84382.8Could you tell me what effects do the sprites have in this VN? I don't remember any from the last time I have checked the game, but maybe I have
t18378.22022-05-12Regarding r76039I have waybacked the link, and it is indeed a Spanish patch. Not sure what the user was trying to do.
t2520.6532022-05-12Minor error/sI have noticed that too. It's not that we are searching for the game, cubky, we are searching for the mention on the boards.
t2108.47102022-05-11Candidates for deletionDelusano seems to seek any game (especially if they are 3D rendered) that at least vaguely mentions being a VN somewhere and throws it in here. On
t8242.11312022-05-09The how to edit threadYour examples are kanji given non-standard pronunciations, which is nothing out of the ordinary. Japanese do assign strange pronunciations to kanji
t18353.12022-05-09Regarding r74728.2Admittedly I haven't checked Doll House for its animation, but I have checked the latest sequel, and interestingly it simulates the existence of
t9752.122022-05-09To split, or not to split? General Thread"Beliar, given that r90221 is a bundle made of 2 DVD, 1 route per DVD, do you agree that Oku-sama no Kaifuku Jutsu should in fact be split as they
t3617.28212022-05-09Tags suggestions/fixes"Beliar, we need a bimbo tag."Not sure if serious... Imho, this is too much of a character attribute to assign it to a VN. There are only 3
t8242.11272022-05-09The how to edit thread@alto: The restructuring of companies is always messy, and creating too many labels would bring the mess to the db too. I think I quite like a mix of
t9752.92022-05-07To split, or not to split? General Thread@Ezezin: Erm, they are completely different games that are distributed as patches to the original. This situation is not unique, as there are other
t9752.62022-05-07To split, or not to split? General Thread"in the end, the most valid reason I can think of to merge or even split an entry when it comes to partial release is actually... cleanliness."You
t18296.182022-05-0318+ eng version of Kimaten by SP is still censoredSince when are we supposed to be polite and coddle poor quality standards? Gee, it's like you are okay with gobbling whatever shit someone puts in a
t18306.22022-05-03Where to buy?Simply put you cannot. According to the dev, the game doesn't work at all on the modern systems, which is why it was removed from the dev's pages
t2108.46962022-05-02Candidates for deletionThat does seem more than just a simple store bundle. In this case I think the entries should be reinstated.
t18198.72022-04-30Video translation - r89673I mean, we allow any translation that has been released, even if only a small part has been translated (as long as the translation fits our
t950.12412022-04-29VNDB Suggestions!"Also requesting Patreon links"I would also like to have Patreon/SubscribeStar links for releases, though I have asked that before of Yorhel, and at
t18270.72022-04-28Separating love route and NTR routeThese are basically just two very different routes for the same game, so of course they are partial releases, as they comprise a single VN. I like
t18257.32022-04-26Any news regarding the English TL of Django?To be authentic to the dystopian setting of the VN, it will be released after World War III.
t18217.62022-04-26Regarding v10914.6Those who don't intent to finish all the routes shouldn't vote on the length at all, simple as that. The length on vndb is supposed to indicate the
t950.12272022-04-25VNDB Suggestions!Yeah, just like Silence said both tag and trait descriptions are apparently now centered. Yorhel, please return the left alignment.
t18235.22022-04-23Wrong resolution screenshot versus no screenshotNo, because they poorly represent the VN, and the addition of improper screenshots creates a situation where people are less likely to take the right
t18209.172022-04-21H-scenes differences with originalThis thread has lost any relevance and became a flaming bag of poo. Lock. P.S. Pull your shit together regarding link, or I'll treat it like an edit
t2108.46872022-04-19Candidates for deletionOh, yes, that one was forgotten. Done away with it.
t2108.46852022-04-19Candidates for deletionThose interactive movies that are here, are already very very borderline as far as the entries are concerned. And any IM that doesn't let you pause
t18206.22022-04-18Last 3 days vndb is slow loading imagesNot for me. It appears some people have been having problems with Firefox recently (t18169), so if you are using it, could you check with another
t3314.28822022-04-18TraitsButterflygrrl is correct that it's much harder to tell the difference in art, so I'm okay with merging the entries, because I imagine they have been
t18198.42022-04-17Video translation - r89673A long time ago video translations were allowed, but that was changed later on, with a reasoning that a video is a different product from the game
t18197.62022-04-17About relations between Doukyuusei and Kakyuusei"So FF Tactics should have ONLY "same setting" in relation to FF12 - or "same series" IN ADDITION TO it as well?"Only a single relation can exist
t18197.42022-04-17About relations between Doukyuusei and Kakyuusei"For hypothetical Final Fantasy then - same series or same setting?"If the games are positively set in the same universe, "same setting" should be
t18197.22022-04-17About relations between Doukyuusei and Kakyuusei"Should similar relation be added to Doukyuusei 2 and Kakyuusei 2 (i.e. Doukyuusei 2 has the same setting as Kakyuusei AND Kakyuusei 2)? The same can
t17804.1092022-04-16<insert title preference>I mean, I don't necessarily object to treating the subtitles the same as edition clarifiers in such cases, but everyone ignored it, when I asked if
t17804.1062022-04-15<insert title preference>Well, I mean, it was decided that when a translation for an original and a remake is available, to prioritize the name of the original for the main
t7442.9302022-04-15Game inclusion in the DBThe following game link has been discussed before, a long time ago, but no decision was reached. I rediscovered it recently and gave it a whirl. Imho
t10302.4532022-04-15Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadI knew there will eventually come the day Yorhel decides to clone himself to deal with the workload.
w4112.32022-04-15DoukyuuseiFixed the link for the reviewer.
t8242.11132022-04-14The how to edit threadWhile we are on a discussion that talks about Doukyuusei, I want to mention that inconsistent English release titles are triggering my OCD so badly
t8242.11102022-04-14The how to edit threadSounds like it.