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t3314.25502021-06-16TraitsSwitch might be suitable, if he is okay with being both the top and the bottom.
t3314.25482021-06-16Traits"I dunno, maybe I'm splitting hairs here."Dude, guy, man... I hope you won't take it as an insult, but in my language we have a saying, that roughly
t13727.3752021-06-14Flagging ImagesEither you have a 200/20 eyesight or you scrutinize every picture a lot, Oblivion... :-P I'd say that when you require a microscope to correctly
t16240.32021-06-13Question about staff roles"Scenario: I thought this included background, scenery and graphics"WTF? This has nothing to do with those. Background, scenery and graphics go under
t16231.32021-06-12How to handle Miotsukushi (and other suggestions)Yeah, this is exactly why I wanted for someone to provide a reasonable plan before implementing it. As it is now, it's no better than the previous
t2108.37992021-06-12Candidates for deletion"I thought it was decided to split platform releases even if they are all the same content if they have to be bought separately?"Indeed. Physicals
t16217.452021-06-12Visual Novels Are games?Eroge is any game with sexual scenes. When it comes down to it, even "The Witcher" is eroge. Visual novel is a completely different beast, and it's
t16224.12021-06-10Regarding v28218.5I wouldn't call this cover a 'bad interpretation of the rules'. The previous cover was an actual dvd cover, so it's perfectly allowed as far as
t16223.42021-06-10VNDB info does not match with official"Didn't most games solve this by just implementing patches?"Some games did. Others chose to roll with the 'adopted' relationships, others implemented
t16223.22021-06-10VNDB info does not match with officialBlame Patreon. At first the characters were supposed to be blood related, but then Patreon banned all incest content. To save the game the dev has
t16222.22021-06-10downvotes?A wild speculation, but maybe they don't know how to remove a tag after they have added it, so they downvote it instead...
t8242.5902021-06-10The how to edit thread"v17909.36 made me wonder... I think the logo one is better and is an official promo image of the game but 707 thinks otherwise apparently. Which one
t16217.142021-06-09Visual Novels Are games?We are but pathetic creatures of meat and bone, only fit to submit to and serve the perfect immortal machines...
t16054.482021-06-09Reporting MTL releasesCould a Spanish speaker weigh in on r77286 and r77287? They have been previously reported as MTLs, but the publishers had re-added them insisting
t16054.452021-06-07Reporting MTL releasesThe fact it's edited or not can be mentioned in the notes field. No need to invent different flags or something for something so unimportant
t16198.82021-06-06Fix for the steam version.You might need to be in German locale in order for the font to work properly...
t7068.1242021-06-06The non-VN eroge discussion threadJust finished the second part in the series NTRPG2 and the short fandisc MarieXmas. Not bad, but could have been better. Still, an improvement over
t16198.32021-06-06Fix for the steam version."Who even owns the rights to this now?"Fakku
t16054.412021-06-05Reporting MTL releases"r80207"Where did you even get that it's translated at all. I just checked and only managed to find the MTL release on some obscure porn site. You
t16054.402021-06-05Reporting MTL releasesFrankly, I don't go out of my way to add raw MTLs to the db either. If someone else adds them, then I'll mark them properly, but otherwise I don't
t7442.7782021-06-03Game inclusion in the DB"Turboroko: Path to Passion Fever is an RPG that constantly interrupts the story and there is only narration in the first scene."Well, I wouldn't
t3617.25442021-06-03Tags suggestions/fixes"(a VR headset is a motion controller in itself). "While I don't deny it's true, a think in this case Motion Controls specifically refers to hand
t8242.5872021-06-03The how to edit threadPretty clearly sexual, even if the character is not naked. I agree that the image is at least suggestive. Use Rope Bondage and Rope Bondage
t16054.322021-06-03Reporting MTL releases"This release is probably an MTL too."Not sure if this an MTL, just a really bad translation or a trolling effort. Not sure what JP phrase would
t7068.1232021-06-02The non-VN eroge discussion threadWelp, this thread has been dormant for some time, until a foul necromancer brought it back from the eternal slumber. Ehem... So, not sure if people
t16163.142021-06-02How much gameplay before entry is deleted? (poll)My favourite VN is Max Payne. What? A significant portion of its storytelling is in what can be described as VN-style content....
w2140.82021-06-02No One But YouWhen you play the game, the difference between the normal and HCG art is stark. And yes, that Shiro CG is awful.
t16163.122021-06-02How much gameplay before entry is deleted? (poll)"Simply relax the criteria to allow any game with significant amounts of VN-style content."Lol. Planescape: Torment incoming for realz... Guys
w2140.32021-06-02No One But You"I mean who cares about definitions of the law when the scenario is literally life and death?"I mean, I agree with you, which is one of the reasons
t8242.5832021-06-02The how to edit threadIf a trial is available on that shop, then yes, otherwise no.
t16169.22021-06-02Machine translation patchDoubt it. Took a look at that Discord channel. It seems to be cranking out VN machine translations every few days (most of them are not in the db
t7442.7732021-05-31Game inclusion in the DB"then why was Plumbers Don't Wear Ties deleted then? Isn't it basically the same?"Have you even seen a playthrough of PDWT? It's a pure interactive
t16141.42021-05-30Why Was This Deleted?I mean, you can check what games we allow on the site here: d2#1. As a game with actual gameplay, it should have narration (I didn't notice any
t16141.22021-05-30Why Was This Deleted?I think its you who misunderstands what a VN is. For your information "it is any reading-heavy game with visuals" is not our definition of a visual
t16126.72021-05-29Is it really non-sexual content?For some reason the author decided to get rid of basically any mention that he has ever made an adult VN. Initially I couldn't even wayback to 2001
t3617.25362021-05-28Tags suggestions/fixes"If we're talking about useless technical tags, then Voice Replay is high on my list, because every single game made after a certain point has it."Yea
t2108.37802021-05-28Candidates for deletionFrom what I understand, the KS was for the English translation. In fact the KS states that the Japanese version was already 60% complete at the time
t3617.25342021-05-28Tags suggestions/fixes"Now i wonder if this tag can also be used for visual novels that allows you to return to the previous line you were reading instead of skiping it
t16119.22021-05-28Regarding s3494 and s12386I failed to establish any link between Yamada Tarou and Yamada Tarou. They are almost definitely different people. Yamada Tarou worked between 2002
t8242.5782021-05-27The how to edit threadT should be 13+. That said, some stores like Google Play show the rating based on the region you are accessing the site from. So, an american would
w30.42021-05-26Kedamono (Kazoku) tachi no Sumu Ie de ~Daikirai na Saitei Kazoku to Kanojo to no Netorare Doukyo Seikatsu~Genzou/Masaru ending is the one I called 'Harem'. And as I said, I don't really remember how it goes.
w30.22021-05-26Kedamono (Kazoku) tachi no Sumu Ie de ~Daikirai na Saitei Kazoku to Kanojo to no Netorare Doukyo Seikatsu~Not sure what you are asking. There are three endings. An abrupt ending where you reject the offer for Koharu to live with your father. Depending on
t3314.25372021-05-25TraitsI personally see little value in creating general Senpai/Kouhai traits. I'd probably move the existing traits to Acquaintance and be done with it
t8242.5732021-05-24The how to edit threadOkay, this is a bit different. I'm not an expert, so I won't be upset if this goes either way. If you think the res should be 1014x768, Eacil, feel
t8242.5702021-05-24The how to edit thread"The resolution field should be for non user modified resolution."The user mod in this case would only make the game run in a resolution of internal
t16054.252021-05-24Reporting MTL releases"I am tempted to flag Souls's English as MTL based on the screenshots, synopsis, trailer, and like two reviews complaining about the atrocious
t2108.37722021-05-24Candidates for deletion"Taimanin Asagi ~Kessen Arena~ is a gacha game with barely any story."Eacil, Skorpy, shots fired! Defend yourselves!
t7442.7662021-05-24Game inclusion in the DBUmm, Adv/Nvl presentation has no bearing on the inclusion/removal of the games. And School Days is an interactive movie, but the fact you can pause
t8242.5682021-05-24The how to edit threadActually, I have already encountered quite a few such strange situations, where the game is programmed not to run in native resolution. You should
t7442.7632021-05-23Game inclusion in the DBI have 'played' through the demo and well, I personally wouldn't consider it a VN. It's a movie, albeit one made in Tyranoscript. Funny you would