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t14658.22020-09-04have a question about one of the tagsBased on the cg, it's a scene with just the two of them + protag. You have sex with the black haired one while the brunette helps.
t13740.182020-04-17I need some gameplay helpThe only thing Ilias does better then Luka is pleasure damage. Luka literally can do everything else Ilias can do, and better and is forced into your
t13740.152020-04-02I need some gameplay helpGo into the status screen and and check the trait option, that's what I mean. Some characters just do better damage with certain movesets, some use
t13740.132020-03-31I need some gameplay helpYou went into the eastern one without the plot telling you to go the southern one? You are definitely ignoring the plot order you know, which only
t13740.112020-03-31I need some gameplay helpYou don't need to bother leveling apprentice hero or warrior on Luka. Without going into detail, those auto max for him a few hours into the game
t13740.72020-03-29I need some gameplay helpGo back to Iliasburg(second town) and get Amira. Or do whatever you can to recruit her(I think you need to go get the Phoneix Girl in the town
t13729.32020-03-27Is it possible to hack the game?You don't even need to hack really. Once you beat the final entry in the three parts, you unlock a one hit kill mode that wins every fight by one
t12849.92020-02-08The ending was kind of lackluster. (SPOILERS)I'm not done yet with Truth, but that is basically what they continue to do. The Kuon/Haku plot is really bad at basically every step and honestly
t12849.62020-02-04The ending was kind of lackluster. (SPOILERS)The worst part of Haku's character is the main thing they keep throughout the entire two games, he doesn't think deeply about anything that might
t13196.42019-11-29100% saveHere. That's my finished save.
t4670.42019-11-25They have ears and tailsHard mode 1 works. As long as you are not on easy/normal you can earn titles. Just make sure to look at a full list before playing so you can do them
t13011.52019-10-17about MCMashiro's has him returning to the sport, and Misaki's promises he will as well. Rika's is the only route where it's never brought up. Honestly I
t11968.122019-09-23Mangagamer TranslationI don't think it's twisted. Rance would know that oniichan means brother, but the combat classes wouldn't be words he's familiar with because those
t11968.102019-09-23Mangagamer TranslationI'd guess its because the class names are in-universe things, while onii-chan is just part of the standard language. It's a weird distinction to have
t12733.102019-08-18MangaGamer Interview@8 Are you arguing that Vn's have become less popular? At the very least localization is at it's biggest right now then its ever been. And the
t12644.32019-07-23Cross-dressingCross dressing has nothing to do with your sexuality. Do you think every girl who dresses like a guy is a lesbian? Anyway, it's usually just a joke
t12623.42019-07-20Questions about this game1. Sexual harassment comedy. 2. Bland. Mostly flashbacks to them as middle schoolers until they get to their big regret and then things happen. 3
t12563.132019-07-08Anime Expo 2019 Announcements!The press release mentions that they intend to. How it will be distributed seems to be up in the air, but they do intend to get kaikai out somehow.
t12555.32019-07-06Less than 2 hours estimatedIt might be that any given story is less then two hours long and that's what whoever put that went with instead of total completion time.
t12394.92019-06-01General DiscussionThe only real difference nowadays between a nukige and a moege is when the porn starts really. If you cut out the common route of most moege they are
t12342.62019-05-17A good eroge-RPG?Brave Soul is still something I consider a classic of the genre. The romance is completely optional, but there's a decent amount of it. H isn't that
t12224.42019-04-22Does this re-cap the prequel at all?S is mostly a giant nukige. It very rarely needs to remind of things that have happened, though it does so when it needs to. Every heroine after
t12166.42019-04-09What is it that bothers you the most w/ Netorare?Part of my dislike comes from how bad the protagonists usually are to justify the NTR. Weak willed, no sex skills or stamina, good natured but
t7812.142019-04-08Is Kodachi objectively the best eroge girl?If you want actual real routes with the heroines or want to read the side routes then yes. The true end endings aren't really that great, mostly
t7812.112019-04-07Is Kodachi objectively the best eroge girl?@8 I just read this a few days ago, and Kodachi, is definitely not a nice girl, or she's very tsun. She wants to be a shepard to stand above
t12158.32019-04-07In which order are you going to read it??While Sora and Rikka are definitely the best of the lot, the others really are up to personal taste more then anything. None of them are really worst
t12148.62019-04-05Is the entire game pointless?And that character is neither of those. They are one or the other. That's their entire plot arc. Yes, people with both exist. There's ton of VN's
t12148.42019-04-05Is the entire game pointless?So the thing with Steins gate is that Okabe can't really fix anything. He's just a otaku with chuuni syndrome. All he can really manage is to fix his
t12089.22019-03-25Harem End?No
t12052.32019-03-16Do you think visual novels are innovative?Depends on what you mean by innovative. Visual novels are basically audio books with pictures and player reading speed as a choice, there's not a
t12047.42019-03-14Problem with some Otome gamesYeah, it definitely sounds like you are are purposely reading nukige or sex focused otome, since what you are describing is actually very rare
t12023.42019-03-10What's the deal with [spoiler]'s route?When they camp out after the first tournament arc, the Protagonist will think who he wants to fly with. You will get a choice of the four girls
t11760.42019-01-04Some plot holes. (spoilers)For 5, I'm pretty sure anyone could create the proper sumo stickers after they made the initial ones, after all they aren't magical by themselves
t11085.92018-12-06Similarities to Hapymaher + review *Spoilers*I do remember a conversation during the true end where I think Saki or Yayoi and the MC talk about the route but you can notice they don't mention
t11483.62018-11-08Netorare ?The wife being raped/forced to sleep with something else are avoidable, and not all the options to avoid them are totally obvious though most are
t11435.112018-11-02Has it an Harem Ending?I like how out of context that summary is. Not only does the game not start at that, but the whole succubus thing doesn't get revealed for like
t11428.22018-10-27What is steam version?It's the same exact thing as the voiced version on MG that you could buy for the last 4 years or so. Nothing new, just on steam now.
t11382.32018-10-15prepare yourself super longYou just need to figure out how to do 2 girls a run. A decent number of the girls open up middway through the game and another good number stop
t10651.172018-09-26Mangagamer's Licensing Odds With This TitleDoes that mean they checked with MG and Jast and such and all the companies are busy for the next two years? That's impressive I guess but if that is
t11216.52018-09-13Mini ReviewYou can turn off skill menus that you don't intend to use on a character by character basis, but yeah there's a lot of skills that don't really have
t11216.32018-09-12Mini ReviewParadox is nothing like a puzzle game. It's more like Dragon Quest meets Pokemon. It's a class based RPG with standard turn based combat and a lot of
t9383.62018-09-05[HEAVY SPOILER] Who is the father?Sara is not a time traveler The only time traveler aka cold sleepers are Rinne, future Rinne and Setsuna . Sara is an occult maniac with an
t11095.32018-08-22So Takaaki...Honestly I think those are the worst routes for him. Sasara's is a special kind of bad with how he purposely ignores the truth of how Sasara feels
t11054.32018-08-13Beauty (possible sidequest spoilers)No? Some later scene in Central shows that the two are in a relationship now that Guilty knows he can marry more then one girl. I think you can see
t7710.252018-07-10Evenicle -GD-@21 Vanilla as a boss can't be captured. You can fight her in the final chapter in a new area and then you can capture her.
t10904.102018-07-08MangaGamer Announcements at Anime Expo 2018Sengoku should be out in a few months, Quest early next year and 9 by this time next year. Since work on 10 hasn't started yet, I'd expect it by the
t5891.102018-07-01Kyouko and Tokimi routes problem! (spoiler)Difficulty has nothing to do with route options. As long as you are on playthrough 2+ you can do any route in the game.
t10839.62018-06-24Desire to be cock blockulaTsumashibori? It doesn't. You need to actively stay around Sakura to make sure the guys don't chase her, cause if they do you can gameover. There is
t10750.432018-06-04Best Starter Visual NovelProbably Ace Attorney? I think having some small gameplay elements can help people get over the whole reading for hours thing. I started with Utaware
t10368.242018-04-26Osananajimi as a one-side romantic interest ?Majikoi has two routes that would count. Both Wanko and Momoyo are childhood friends that treat Yamato as a friend or a brother and not a love