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t6175.132017-07-01Quwation aboutsex in game Possible Spoiler#12 Well Natsume is an option, but unlikely. Though considering what stress does with human reproductive instincts, it is rather likely that he had
t6588.32017-05-17Walkthrough ?コレット&ラヴィリアEND They got me looking forward to that and yet it was simple Rabirisu END... Well there is the appendix at least.
t8849.22017-02-17Commanders retiringBefore someone answers to me, I will have a small rant. This game is awfully buggy, I have installed the 1.20 patch, but there are money underflows
t8849.12017-02-16Commanders retiringIs it possible to get rid of commanders? I read the whole manual, and there is written, that you can do that from commander list by clicking on
t8833.12017-02-13WalkthroughIs there any walkthrough (even in japanese)? I started playing for Ootomo and I don't have much problems with the game (except interesting bug that
t8390.12016-10-29Nukige and steamI can't really imagine this. Did steam not prohibit 18+ content? And if the steam release is all age, how does nukige (without rpg/strategic etc
t7383.62016-01-26Seinarukana -GD-Loli? I played only the translated version so what was it? Kaori, Oruphaliru or someone else? Well glad to hear the release is not canceled. I was
t7087.12015-10-31AGTHIt is nice that this game went finally out as I was quite looking forward to it, but now waiting for the agth code remains. Well if you find it