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      5Finished, TranslatableAltdeus: Beyond ChronosAmong the best in terms of production quality I’ve seen in a VN but there are significant UI problems and the plot falls short in many ways2020-07-242020-12-042020-12-18
      4Finished, TranslatableAnalogue: A Hate StoryThe only thing I remember about this was being bored af and waiting for it to end2014-01-032012-12-272012-12-27
      5Finished, TranslatableBaldr Sky Dive1 "Lost Memory"Dive1 by itself kinda mediocre, but I assume they're going somewhere with this2020-08-052021-04-042021-06-02
      -Playing, Translatable, Wishlist-3-HighBaldr Sky Dive2 "Recordare"2020-08-052021-06-02
      4Finished, Mostly TranslatableCarnivalIt's like a really bad SCA-Di novel, down to the themes, discussions about happiness, and Miyazawa Kenji references. Translatability issues: several references to very Japanese stuff2021-07-192021-09-172021-09-30
      5Finished, TranslatableDoki Doki Literature Club!Not particularly deep, but entertaining enough. Would recommend as a starter VN for normies maybe2018-07-082018-07-082018-07-08
      9Finished, Mostly TranslatableFate/Stay NightRevolutionary for its time (particularly for the English-speaking audience), still worth reading today. Has influenced my personal life philosophy greatly. Translatability issues: chuu22013-07-182009-01-012009-09-01
      5Finished, TranslatableG-senjou no MaouThis was the first VN I read fully in Japanese and I had no idea what was going on at the time nor do I remember anything about the experience because it was so long ago2013-07-182013-12-212014-01-04
      -Playing, Untranslatable, Wishlist-3-HighItsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni.Translatability issues: prose, lots of wordplay, entire plot revolves around the reader knowing Japanese2020-08-012021-07-26
      1Finished, TranslatableJustin Lam's AdventureWhy was it in English?2021-03-272021-03-272021-03-27
      9Finished, TranslatableKimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi.Art, story, pacing all really well done. Highly recommended2020-05-162020-08-052020-08-09
      2Finished, TranslatableMelty Blood: Type LuminaFighting games are bad and people who enjoy them are bad people. Also this isn't a VN2021-08-302021-10-012021-10-01
      7Finished, Mostly TranslatableMuv-LuvReading this before MLA enhances the story significantly. Translatablity issues: Extra references a lot of very Japanese stuff that can't be rendered in English properly2014-01-052014-01-052014-01-18
      9Finished, Mostly TranslatableMuv-Luv AlternativeProduction quality through the roof. Translatability issues: the letter to Kei2014-01-182014-01-182014-08-09
      5Finished, TranslatableRance 01 - Hikari o Motomete -Gameplay kinda bad. H-scenes very diverse and somewhat plot-relevant. Even the remake shows its age a bit2021-07-032021-07-162021-07-18
      4Finished, Mostly TranslatableRance 02 Kai - Hangyaku no Shoujo-tachi -Slightly worse than Rance 01 in every way. Gameplay was pretty horrible. Translatability issues: Milli speaks like a man in a way that's hard to express in English (applies to every game featuring her)2021-07-032021-10-052021-10-05
      -Playing, Translatable, Wishlist-3-HighRance 03 Leazas Kanraku2021-07-032021-10-06
      -Playing, Translatable, Wishlist-3-HighSakura, Moyu. -As the Night's, Reincarnation-2021-03-222021-10-06
      7Finished, UntranslatableSakura no Uta -Sakura no Mori no Ue o Mau-Disappointing coming off of SubaHibi. Long stretches of nothing happening (the first half of the novel), philosophy segments felt forced, was painful to get through at times. It had its moments, but for the time required to read this, I need more than just a few good moments. Fairly intricate plot. Pica pica worst thing I’ve ever read. Translatability issues: plot-relevant kanji wordplay, plot-relevant sentence with multiple interpretations, plot-relevant palindrome, Japanese culture2020-08-092020-08-122020-11-07
      5Finished, Mostly TranslatableSaya no UtaOk premise but didn't really go anywhere with it. Had to push myself to finish the VN despite it being so short. Requires JLPT N0. Translatability issues: Prose2013-07-182021-03-072021-04-04
      -Stalled, Untranslatable, Wishlist-3-HighSoukou Akki MuramasaA sacred Japanese text that can never be properly conveyed in another language. Its so-called translators should be ashamed for defiling Ittetsu Narahara’s voice with their filthy Western paws for personal profit. Translatability issues: prose, chuu2, some kanji wordplay, Buddhism, extreme dependence on knowledge of Japanese language, culture, and history2020-06-152020-12-19
      10Finished, TranslatableSubarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~Still gives me material to think and read about years after finishing. A true masterpiece2020-05-162020-06-132020-08-01
      5Finished, TranslatableTokyo ChronosOn the VR side of things it was really well done, but the plot was like that of a Mexican soap opera2020-05-162020-08-022020-08-12
      8Finished, TranslatableTsui no Sora RemakeIt's basically an expansion pack for SubaHibi. Yasuko's view was really well done, but it felt somewhat constrained by the original work2020-08-032020-12-262021-01-07
      -Stalled, Mostly Translatable, Wishlist-3-HighTsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-Translatability issues: entire plot is dictated by the Japanese language in a very non-obvious way, some chuu22020-06-152021-08-26
      8Finished, TranslatableUmineko no Naku Koro niSame pacing problems as its successor2013-07-182009-09-152009-12-26
      9Finished, Mostly TranslatableUmineko no Naku Koro ni ChiruVery well-thought-out story with serious pacing problems. Best to pretend most of Ep 8 didn't happen. Translatability issues: plot-relevant kanji wordplay2013-07-182009-12-262020-06-13