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t10268.62018-02-20Your own visual novel category award listFavorite VN: Cosmos no Sora ni Best Chuuni Game: Don't play chuuni Most Fappable Nukige: Fetish 3 Ura no Kioku Best Sci-fi Title: Don't play Sci-fi
t9519.22017-08-12Is this a harem vn?It is definitely not a harem VN, other 2 heroines are Lesbian
t9106.22017-04-22Protagonists like the one from this VNyou should try this link
t9047.132017-04-19Seiyuu you hate/dislike?link and link
t8053.52016-08-01What VN producers do you like?Selen, Leaf, Tsurumiku
t7135.52015-12-03Your favorite heroinesI don't really like Anzu as a heroine, but her route is fine for me.
t6047.32015-11-04Why?I can't describe it. My English is really bad. I'm good at Japanese but I'm really bad at English
t6047.12014-12-28Why?This is the best nakige and comedy game I've ever seen. Why this VN is so unpopular, Whyyyyyyy ????
t3261.72014-10-30Voices Questionjust play it! You will surely love her voice!!! her voice is better than the original
t813.792014-07-22Top ProtagonistsBest Kaito (Akatsuki no Goei series) Yuuji (Grisaia) Yuuichi (Kanon) Omi-kun (Cosmos no Sora ni) Worst Haruki (White Album2) Shou (Flyable Heart
t5120.92014-03-11What are your Top 10 Story Driven Routes1. Otome route (D.C. II) 2. Sachi true route (Grisaia no Kajitsu) 3. Kotori route (D.C.) 4. Mayumi route (Shuffle Essence+) 5. Michiru true route
t4371.72013-07-26looking for untranslated VN withno, I am looking for a protagonist who likes to tease others like Aizawa Yuuichi, or lazy and fun protagonist like Okazaki Tomoya,,
t4371.52013-07-25looking for untranslated VN withIt's very difficult to find VN with cool protagonist :(
t4371.12013-07-24looking for untranslated VN withPlease help me,, I'm looking for VN with protagonists personality is similar to Aizawa Yuuichi from Kanon or Okazaki Tomoya from Clannad. Thanks !!!