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v9984.52012-07-11 at 09:47feni007AorioJust finished it so I'm adding the length.
v4021.82010-12-05 at 17:26feni007fortissimo//Akkord:BsusvierLack of battle CG's.
v3272.52010-11-29 at 21:45feni007Motto Nee, Chanto Shiyou yo!There was no length, and after playing it I changed it since I know how long it is.
r7278.32010-03-20 at 05:17feni007REQUIEMFormat
r7278.22010-03-19 at 17:00feni007REQUIEMProducer Added
v3804.22010-03-19 at 16:57feni007REQUIEMGetchu Link
r7278.12010-03-19 at 16:56feni007REQUIEMAdding Release
v3804.12010-03-19 at 16:48feni007REQUIEMGame by Clock Up