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v27448.392021-04-13 at 04:27romax13ATRI -My Dear Moments-Does not conform to the length of other short titles in the database
v25796.152020-01-24 at 12:00romax13Death end re;QuestGame can be completed in around 30 hours for completionist, if more then it would only be a few hours on most.
v14062.502019-08-21 at 07:16romax13Majo Koi NikkiDefinitely 30+ hours. Somewhat long prologue with many long split choices.
v92.772019-04-15 at 03:28romax13Muv-Luv AlternativeProbably shouldn't say he conquers the odds
v21656.372017-12-18 at 22:20romax13Fate/Grand OrderThis is clearly a JP Screenshot
v382.452014-02-19 at 06:10romax13Chaos;HeadOver 30hours have passed and I've still not completed it. My reading speed is generally above average as well.
v664.212014-02-16 at 04:00romax13Chu x Chu IdolI don't see any not safe for work content in this title
v11849.102013-12-08 at 09:26romax13Monmusu Quest! Shuushou ~Makereba Youjo ni Okasareru~Based mostly on the size of this part of MGQ compared to the others, I'd assume it's over 30hours.
v12505.52013-11-21 at 09:34romax13Nyan Cafe Macchiato ~Neko ga Iru Cafe no Ecchi Jijou~Upon completion I believe Medium length or short length would be correct