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t12973.232020-05-07Is this the last game in the series?SPOILERS (Man I forgot how to do the hidden thing) I think it will end here. Miyako's bad end is only one we have to directly intervene with so
t12979.22019-10-10Technical messYes and I wish there was a default, because I'd rather not use the lovely call With e-motes, their hands move around so much while talking it's
t12902.12019-09-23vs. PrequelsReally erotic heroines and scenes, but was quite disappointed that after he trained them he shares them in all routes. Feels like all the hard work
t12632.42019-07-21Kiriko Virgin? [Spoilers]#2 Regarding the artists it's quite mixed Rein and Kiriko has same artist but they showed blood in Rein's deflowering. But there was Seira and Uguisu
t12630.32019-07-21Touka traits mistake? [Spoilers?]I saw that trait before playing the game too. As I played Touka's route I was like "WHERE'S MY BODY FOOD AND BUNNY GIRL?!" Then reached last scene in
t12632.12019-07-21Kiriko Virgin? [Spoilers]Saw lots of people arguing over this in previous posts and sorry for bringing up this kind of topic again but im curious lol. Seeing people saying
t12592.42019-07-21That was... awful lmaoI understood the mechanism of the time travel, but there were heaps of inconsistancy to make things convenient. Left some things unexplained because
t12630.12019-07-20Touka traits mistake? [Spoilers?]I'm seeing body food and bunny girl trait on Touka. I finished the game and don't see any CG or scene where she does that. Is there bonus patch or
t12478.32019-06-17Information/Spoilers pleaseOh your right, I mixed it up with the kidnapping and route death. I guess just need to know if non-virgin is there like previous vn. Seeing as there
t12478.12019-06-16Information/Spoilers pleaseAnyone know if this contains rape, or non-virgin heroines like their previous VN? Need to know if I should put on my white or black shoes lol
t12234.42019-05-12h code/HWN-4@14E3CC:aikagi2.exe for ith
t12260.12019-05-01H codeH code for anyone that needs... (Not made by me) /HS4@2EBD0:和香様の座する世界.exe
t11989.102019-04-29MC is such a fucking wimpIf he was a bit more assertive, I'm sure many of the H scenes could have been a lot better. Completely wasted the situation in some places... Hate
t12150.12019-04-04H-Code for who need/HB30*0@89504:hemo.exe I was not the one who made it
t11947.42019-02-23Two Protagonists?Nah in the H anime adaption of this they had 2 brothers Kairi and his older brother Kuuya with. Kairi x Haruka Kuuya x Yuzuki Since you'll say it's
t11947.12019-02-19Two Protagonists?This been on my playlist for awhile and I just saw from the H animation that there's 2 protagonists there. The description here on vndb only
t11782.12019-01-09Artist?Anyone know who did the art for this?
t11745.42019-01-09Not!Aokana?I would call it a rip-off, but I think it was better than Aokana so I'm fine with it.
t11591.32018-12-03[Spoiler] Asking about AkiYeah, they hardly explain anything about what happened in the past. They hush it up by showing that the characters themselves understand while not
t11591.12018-12-03[Spoiler] Asking about AkiThey were really vague about what happened to Touka in the past where the Fujinomiya's attempted her unsealing. Don't know if I'm dull or they were
t11120.82018-08-26Want spoiler about tagThanks for answers. I saw both genders so was wondering if it was just sex with the female form, seems not. But seems like a good VN so I'll just
t11120.12018-08-26Want spoiler about tagCan anyone spoil me on what that "male on male sex" tag is? If its literally as is, yaoi or something else Was about to start this until I saw that
t10893.72018-08-03Summer Pockets ReviewI thought they overdid it with trying to make crying scenes for ALKA and Pockets. Kind of used the same theme for cry scene twice. Ao, Tsumugi and
t9986.62018-02-01Another VN designed by Iizuki TasukuI don't really look by character designer, but the character art is pretty much only reason I'm playing this game lol Well the game itself wasn't
t9950.12017-11-29Want spoilers for true routeSimply want to know if he picks any girl for true route. If he does can someone tell me? Don't know if or how to delete threat, so I'll say I've
t9844.22017-11-05Confuse with Iris route (Spoiler)Patricia is the one who summoned the match girl As for if Iris is a ghost or not. I got lazy and didnt bother thinking while reading that scene cuz
t9755.22017-10-23Thoughts on the gameJust stating my opinion without backing. I'd say it was a good basic story setting. But a lot of the game logic and reasoning fails really bad. If
t8929.22017-07-29This game feels ridiculously shortIt's only Vol.1 Adaption for WN, don't know but might be a Vol.2 someday?
t9359.82017-07-06Protagonist's hetare overdone?@#6 Sorry for not giving you a detailed full discussion on why I think he's hetare with examples... I'm not that enthusiastic about proving he's a
t9359.52017-07-05Protagonist's hetare overdone?Definition they have here at vndb "Protagonist of this game is a worthless, spineless individual that is not worthy of being called a man. He is no
t9359.12017-07-01Protagonist's hetare overdone?Who thinks they over did it with making the protagonist a hetare? Honestly, I felt they went too far it wasn't funny anymore.
t9248.52017-06-03Yuzuki Route Stupid? (Spoilers)Ow, sorry for late reply. If you still need... Yuzuki's epilogue was nothing. Before epilogue she went overseas for studying nothing special, the
t9248.32017-05-31Yuzuki Route Stupid? (Spoilers)Depends if you playing for story or character love. Personally I'd say her story was terrible compared to other girls. But she herself and the lovey
t9248.12017-05-31Yuzuki Route Stupid? (Spoilers)Was I the only one who found Yuzuki's route story stupid and meaningless? The part of how she went abroad only because the principal asked her? It
t9166.52017-05-10[Spoiler] HibikiWorks being HibikiWorks@kzel Sorry guess my opinion was part bias cuz I only started from PxC. Well their previous games wasn't such a big prob for me. True, Yuki's
t9166.42017-05-10[Spoiler] HibikiWorks being HibikiWorks@bunny1ov3r I convinced myself its a vanilla nukige and rated it for its raburabu and H scenes ...In that department its perfect, meaning the story
t9166.12017-05-08[Spoiler] HibikiWorks being HibikiWorksOnce again... Spoiling(?) endings here... Was it just me who was annoyed with how Hibiki works cudnt change till the end. All their games in past
t9027.42017-04-14After reading Shirone's routeI'll spoil it... Yuuri route was a drag. Sara's was not so bad, Shirone's was very sad but also stupid. Except for Sara's protag was stupid and
t8996.112017-04-05why this VN having really low ratingStory was good, but too predictable. Art was pretty bad compared to their prev work. Compare cg frm kamimaho to here.
t8996.92017-04-02why this VN having really low ratingThere was one scene in the imouto-Yurugi route where 2 Yurugi sprites appears in same screen (one was suppose to be wakana) lol Personally I think
t8787.42017-02-09Review and thoughtsSorry I havnt played yet, that's why I ask. Basically want spoilers for just that. Was guessing Rain, but she got her own route so wondering loner
t8787.22017-02-09Review and thoughtsCan you tell me which girl he's with in true route? Or is it none?
t8752.42017-02-09Hook?Which ITH ver you'll use? Cuz tht hook dnt work for me
t8486.12016-11-25Eiri RouteNot many played this, anyone know how to capture her? want the last H for her :|
t7608.12016-04-01Niiroku CVAnyone know the voice for Niiroku? Akai guuji's railroad, the one with the bandages over her face.
t7153.42015-11-19What happenned on the true end??If you ask me, true route was overly dramatized (probably why other routes felt bland), though loved the ending. I like the heroines that do