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t11142.22018-08-29finished Emmy's route but CGs still missingNope, you're fine! Her bonus scene unlocks after you complete Alice's route!
t10560.222018-05-15FantasticWhat a beautiful thread. Truly one for the ages.
t10162.102018-01-18MG Survey 2018I put in Sado★Bu! ~S-jo ni Ijime Nukare Bu♪~, Natsu no Kusari, and Baka Dakedo Chinchin Shaburu no Dake wa Jouzu na Chii-chan ♥. I'm really excited
t9903.132017-12-02English Canceled?It wouldn't surprise me if it was that one article written in JP about SakuraGame sometime back that led PinPoint to deciding to no longer partner up
t9442.52017-07-26Opening movie?The latter tale OP plays in the latter tale, but I forget when it shows up exactly. (It doesn't play during the first tale if that's what you mean
t9161.52017-05-07English voiced 18+ VN's?While not highly rated per se, one fully voiced English eroge is Manor of Amnesia: link
t7803.172016-05-13Allowing piracyFuck piracy, but especially the Youtube videos. That's an all new low...
t7780.22016-05-04Best RouteVoted for Kanae because she's both my favorite heroine and also the true ending was AMAAAAZING.
t7425.902016-03-08MG 2016 Licensing SurveyUh... people realize that ranking list of requested titles has nothing to do with if MG liscenced them or will/won't liscence titles that haven't
t6931.32015-09-21Two versions!I saw on the "Download Edition" release page here that Mako's voice was adjusted. How so? I'm very curious how her voice differs in the uncensored
t6369.112015-04-01Euphoria all ages edition announced!This joke cracked me up.
t6137.32015-01-28Mangagamer's top 10 most selling vns from 2014Never really understood why people hated nukige so much, but I'm happy to see they did well last year! I can't wait to see what they release this
t5687.12014-08-24Official LocalizationSo Sekai Project announced CLANNAD. I do wonder if we can edit this new info to the CLANNAD page.
t5632.132014-08-09Otakon 2014 Annoucements.Euphoria's announcement made my night, hands down.
t5587.82014-07-30Maro no Kanja wa Gatenkei 3&4I hope Elf/Silky's turns out to be okay...flutter of birds is my favorite work of Silky's. ; o ;
t5197.52014-07-20Raidcall chatroom for visual novelOh, Fuwanovel has a voice chat? ' o '
t5528.422014-07-13Sakura Spirit -GD-Exactly.
t5528.402014-07-13Sakura Spirit -GD-All-ages does not equal E for Everyone, so to speak...
t5499.162014-07-04Official Translation AnnouncedHe mistakenly said PS3, but actually was refering to the PSV port.
t5149.122014-03-18Mangagamer will be translating yaoi games? 0_0Agreed. Sadly though last I recall, isn't Black Cyc dead though? ; m ;
t5149.102014-03-18Mangagamer will be translating yaoi games? 0_0@7 But I'm an overenthusiastic fan, so do excuse my bias...
t5149.92014-03-18Mangagamer will be translating yaoi games? 0_0@7 Luckily because of Euphoria's heavy amount of H-content, it could sell with the cross appeal as a sex-focused title as well as a story filled
t5066.62014-02-16A lot of scat?To add onto what ibromos said, don't let the scat bother you too much. The sypnosis does this eroge no justice. The plot is so amazing (not
t5046.172014-02-10Visual Novel Awards 2013Don't the Bishoujo Game Awards count...? link
t4738.262014-02-08Konosora -GD-It's censorship. Silly, yes.
t5018.12014-01-27(POTENTIAL SPOILERS) Nakige or...I'm wondering if this game would be considered as a nakige or utsuge, possibly both? I'm not very far in the game, admittedly, but I have heard earnin
t4784.12013-11-12Relation to ReonI think that Vallel and Reon are very closely related...But I'm not 100% sure. I wondered because I wanted to edit that into the database, but....
t4751.92013-11-05Best VN title ever.Maybe the protag will learn of both? For Christmas, he receives spell check. This is how the story begins.
t4613.32013-09-29Enforced Play Order?Thank you so much for taking the time to answer this! It's very much appreciated!
t4613.12013-09-28Enforced Play Order?Do the heroine routes need to be completed in a certain way? Which order? Will I need a walkthrough for decision points, or are they self-explanatory
t4493.12013-08-20The plot of this game?What exactly is the story of this game? Nukige or not, this game intrigues me quite a bit, though OP movies can be deceiving. I want to think this
t4448.52013-08-11Otakon 2013 announcementsI look forward to these titles. I'm 'specially psyched since there are some NICE all-ages titles there.
t4433.12013-08-07Avoidable Bestiality?According to the website, the bestiality content can be avoided completely. Is it through a decision point or something of the sort?