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r72421.12020-06-14 at 07:24deletingvirusEcchi Sensei-Lewd PatcherThis is a patcher that re-enables content that had to be hidden or removed because of pressure from certain financial resources the developer
c23240.62020-04-20 at 07:13deletingvirusMizuno RyoukoAt the end of one of her routes, she becomes pregnant.
c86222.32020-04-20 at 04:18deletingvirusAtsushiPlace as a plot element to separate Takemura Yuusuke from Fujino Mitsuki.
c86217.42020-04-20 at 04:16deletingvirusFujino TakashiCharacter place important plot device in vol. 2
c73099.42019-07-16 at 13:31deletingvirusKamiya SaiSpoiler: turns out Sai is actually a younger half-sister Sea replacing him after a prior major event.
c43723.32019-07-11 at 03:42deletingvirusAkasaka MakoShe has sex on a wooden swing with MC. Adding in other sexual positions seen in the game.
c32292.52019-07-11 at 03:28deletingvirusEgi ManamiAdding in missing traits from the game.