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r49660.22017-01-13 at 14:46edwd2Suisou Ginka no Istoria - Trial EditionAdded URL to trial version
r46261.32016-12-28 at 21:44edwd2Tsumi no Hikari RendezvousChanged URL to patch release
r46261.22016-12-28 at 21:41edwd2Tsumi no Hikari RendezvousRelease 1.0
r46285.22016-07-03 at 02:27edwd2Yume ka Utsutsu ka Matryoshkatranslation complete
r41099.12015-06-22 at 00:21edwd2Rebellions: Secret Game 2nd Stagefully translated patch.
p5404.12015-06-22 at 00:17edwd2Fimbulvetr HanhuazuChinese fan translation group, name given here: link
r41079.12015-06-20 at 14:54edwd2Hikoukigumo no Mukougawaadded second patch
r40745.12015-06-09 at 00:52edwd2Hikoukigumo no Mukougawasingle route chinese patch release
p5362.12015-06-09 at 00:51edwd2Hangjiyun Hanhuazunew chinese fan translation group
v17516.22015-05-02 at 02:59edwd2Koi x Shin Ai KanojoAdded composer