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r64303.22019-06-17 at 23:41yoxallKaleido StellaDidn't release at their second set time so I assume delayed again.
v25250.32019-06-17 at 18:39yoxallKaleido StellaDescription and alias
r64303.12019-06-17 at 18:35yoxallKaleido StellaAdded Steam release.
r63861.12019-05-23 at 14:13yoxallFatal TwelveAdded release.
v19843.202019-01-10 at 05:59yoxallFatal Twelvestaff fix
v19843.192019-01-07 at 01:19yoxallFatal TwelveStaff
c76295.22018-10-25 at 03:49yoxallYomiDescription, new image and traits
c76293.32018-10-25 at 03:37yoxallKouhatraits
c76294.22018-10-25 at 03:34yoxallHirumeDescription, new image and traits
c76293.22018-10-25 at 03:22yoxallKouhaDescription, new image and traits.
v548.562018-10-19 at 00:58yoxallDies iraeCast
c76295.12018-10-19 at 00:53yoxallYomiAdded character
c76294.12018-10-19 at 00:43yoxallHirumeAdded character
c76293.12018-10-19 at 00:37yoxallKouhaAdded character
c76292.12018-10-19 at 00:33yoxallMuzanAdded character
c76291.12018-10-19 at 00:28yoxallMithraAdded character
c22060.182018-10-19 at 00:18yoxallFujii RenAdded alias.
r59615.22018-09-21 at 19:43yoxallBlazing Soul -prequel- HakusenDevs and producers, official website, and notes.
v22542.112018-06-19 at 04:48yoxallYeguangTook me about 6 hours to finish all 6 endings. Shorter (about 4 hours of total reading time) if the skip function went faster.
c71745.22018-06-19 at 00:08yoxallJiang Hao-ChenTraits
c71746.52018-06-19 at 00:00yoxallMysterious Girl+2
c71747.22018-06-18 at 23:58yoxallYoung GirlAdded traits.
c71746.42018-06-18 at 23:52yoxallMysterious Girl+4 traits
c71746.32018-06-18 at 23:27yoxallMysterious GirlAdded traits.
c71747.12018-06-18 at 14:52yoxallYoung GirlAdded character.
c71746.22018-06-18 at 14:45yoxallMysterious GirlForgot something.
c71746.12018-06-18 at 14:45yoxallMysterious GirlAdded character.
c71745.12018-06-18 at 14:39yoxallJiang Hao-ChenAdded character
v22542.82018-06-18 at 02:45yoxallYeguangNew description
r55645.62018-06-15 at 00:45yoxallA Light in the Dark - Download EditionReverted back to r55645.4.
r55645.52018-06-12 at 02:44yoxallA Light in the Dark - Download EditionPostponed till the end of June. Source
v22478.52018-03-28 at 20:40yoxallKanojo ga Myuu Datta Baai ~Cool na Senpai Dark Elf to no Amayakashi Dousei Ni...Added cast
c69249.12018-03-28 at 20:09yoxallTomari ErinaAdded character
c69003.12018-03-18 at 17:50yoxallToojoo AkitakaAdded character
c69001.12018-03-18 at 17:47yoxallShidoo "Mary" AbernathyAdded character
c68999.12018-03-18 at 17:43yoxallShidoo KazumaAdded character
c68992.12018-03-18 at 14:40yoxallMammonAdded character
c68991.12018-03-18 at 14:38yoxallBelphegorAdded character
c68990.12018-03-18 at 14:32yoxallAsmodeusAdded character
c68989.12018-03-18 at 14:29yoxallBaalAdded character
c68985.22018-03-18 at 14:25yoxallTuha Li IskaName fix
c68984.22018-03-18 at 14:25yoxallFauri Y KusanaName fix.
c68988.12018-03-18 at 14:24yoxallRevereAdded character. Btw, her name is written as Revere, not Levia, as shown here: Name spelling
c68987.12018-03-18 at 14:19yoxallLuciferAdded character
c68983.22018-03-18 at 14:12yoxallEin CarthiereEdited original name
c68982.32018-03-18 at 14:11yoxallAltgrace FermataEdited original name
c68981.32018-03-18 at 14:11yoxallShiragiku SayaEdited original name
c68980.22018-03-18 at 14:10yoxallShirogane SeigiEdited original name
c68986.12018-03-18 at 14:09yoxallKaminagi YamatoAdded character.
c68985.12018-03-18 at 14:06yoxallTuha Li IsukaAdded character