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t9796.112017-10-21Dies irae cover image warsHere are the other covers for Dies that weren't listed above for more choices: PSP Amantes amentes Limited Edition Cover PC Amantes amentes Limited
t2108.19362017-04-05Candidates for deletionr44161 - One year after the full game's release, no sign of a trial version release.
t8507.12016-12-02Prefundia for English Localization upThe Prefundia is out: link
t8019.32016-07-11Menu and battle systemThose features won't be available for you until after your first playthrough. So you're gonna have to play through the entire game in "reading" mode
t7560.42016-04-08Kickstarter Page UpUpdate 7: Akito Set and Big News Seems like Igrasil Studio has a partnership with Mangagamer and Mikandi Japan. I hope the kickstarter goes well for
t7560.22016-04-05Kickstarter Page UpA couple of updates since I posted. Update 1: Over $5000! Update 2: New Tiers and message from Akito... Thunderclap: Bloody Chronicles Thunderclap
t7560.12016-03-17Kickstarter Page UpKickstarter page here Seems like an interesting visual novel. Looking forward to see how this goes. I'm in for a good mystery visual novel.
t5983.202016-02-12Like...Seriously?Looks like we're actually going to get it this month according to this: link
t7425.382016-02-02MG 2016 Licensing SurveyMine were: fortissimo EXS Dies irae Maggot baits
t7321.12015-12-29Anime adaptation announcedSeems like this is getting an anime adaptation soon. Not sure how the actual vn does, but the character designs for it look nice. link
t7236.22015-12-07Without animeThe game is a prologue to the anime, so you're not missing out on much. Unless you mean the Lost Christmas OVA.
t5983.192015-12-07Like...Seriously?La'cryma posted a 'schedule' of how Kadenz PC will be finalized: link. Just hope they follow it on time.
t5983.162015-12-07Like...Seriously?Postponed to February 26 of 2016. Well, we're not getting it this year for sure.
t2108.12462015-12-01Candidates for deletionCould you delete these characters? I know that they are 'different' from their duplicates, but I want to keep it consistent with the other characters
t2108.12382015-11-26Candidates for deletionMade a mistake in adding a duplicate of this studio. Could you merge them together? p5847 is a duplicate of p5843. Thanks in advance.
t7162.12015-11-20New VN based on Kaziklu BeySaw some people post this today. Seems like a backstory for Kaziklu Bey. The spin-off(?) is to be released in 2016 and will be all-ages. Bey
t6954.912015-11-01Muv Luv Kicstarter1 million mark reached!
t5983.142015-10-15Like...Seriously?Delayed yet again to December 18th for those who were waiting for it. Let's just hope this will be the last delay for Kadenz PC.
t3673.3682015-09-26Rewrite GDWasn't sure if this was the correct place to put this, but anime adaptation finally announced! The studio will be 8bit, so I'm not sure how this will
t2108.11482015-09-12Candidates for deletionNot exactly a complete deletion for these two characters, but is it possible to remove their visual novel roles from the deleted vn "Angel Meisters
t5983.122015-08-01Like...Seriously?Kadenz was originally planned for a general audience. Though I was kinda annoyed that they delayed it for 3 months. At least we're getting a new OP
t2108.10682015-07-16Candidates for deletionConsidering how Dischan is officially closed down and Cradle Song will never be finished, should we delete the characters that never appeared in the
t6144.3552015-05-11Request StaffIs it possible if you could add this person in 'Producers' instead of 'Staff'? Kurosuishou: Official Blog/Website, Twitter
t5983.72015-04-23Like...Seriously?Kadenz was announced today (April 23) by La'cryma that it will be getting a PC port as part of La'cryma's 10th anniversary. The release date will be
t6305.22015-03-17Route Guide?Here it is. Imo, it is best to play both Mischa's route and Haya's route before Eri's route since hers is relatively longer than the other two
t6310.12015-03-15Trophy HelpHas anyone who finished this game gotten all the trophies? I need help getting one of them, specifically this one: スタイリッシュプレイヤー (Stylish Player
t6144.2352015-03-10Request StaffComposer: Gaku (Part of Denkishiki Karen Ongaku Shuudan): Website JOHN-NAHM: VGMDB Vocalist: Itsuki Kiyoka (井月 稀世伽): VGMDB, Erogamescape
t6144.1852015-02-24Request Staff^ Is this screenshot fine? I took this from fortissimo FA's in-game credits: Credits Screenshot The name above Ena's is Takaha Tachibana, who is a
t6144.1832015-02-24Request StaffVocals: Kahiena (カヒーナ) [Alias: Kahiena Musica]: Official Website, Wikipedia, Twitter Blood Stain Child (Alias: BLOOD STAIN CHILD): Official Website,
t6144.1292015-02-08Request StaffWould it be possible to merge this Sakura Chitose into Shimizu Yumi since they are both the same person?
t2108.7952015-02-06Candidates for deletionBoth Angel Meister and H.S.D24 are cancelled projects by La'cryma, seeing as both are not listed on their main website and there hasn't been any
t6144.912015-02-03Request StaffStaff from La'cryma that worked on Kadenz fermata: Illustrators: Yuitsuki Karen (結月 かりん) Izumi Konata (こなた) Maru Kurehiro (丸山 クレヒロ): Twitter, Pixiv
t6144.512015-02-01Request StaffA couple more seiyuus: Kondou Yui (近藤 唯): Official Website, Wikipedia, Twitter Yahagi Sayuri (矢作 紗友里): Official Website, Wikipedia Kahara Yuu (郁原 ゆう
t6144.362015-01-31Request StaffSeiyuus: Kitano Ai (北野 愛) as an alias for Aoba Ringo (She used this alias for Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo): Official Website Oosuka Jun (大須賀 純
t5919.22014-11-22Satomura's route?fortissimo EXS Walkthrough Use this walkthrough to help you. Momiji's route is at the bottom right side. Half her choices are the same as Sakura's.
t2108.6552014-08-08Candidates for deletion@654 Hmm the descriptions for the characters I want to delete are just what they look like in their battle form and their skills, which I could put
t2108.6532014-08-08Candidates for deletionc14237 is a duplicate of c6288 c14238 is a duplicate of c13777 c14469 is a duplicate of c13782 c14466 is a duplicate of c13783