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t8433.42016-11-13Envirio's endings?There is a reason for that, that you discover later, saying more about it would be a spoiler.
t3617.142013-02-01Tags suggestions/fixesA Good Endings tag would apply to 99.2% of all games here, so I wouldn't think searching for it be of much help. Especially with the existence of the
t3617.32013-01-08Tags suggestions/fixesThanks for gathering them all in one place pabloc, I indeed have hard time keeping track of them all since I just can't read every thread every day
t3314.762012-12-20TraitsNow I know where I got that dejavu when I was approving those tags. I was so sure that I have seen those... And nope, it's all manual grunt work to
t3314.692012-12-11TraitsAliases are added.
t3314.612012-12-08TraitsI finally got around to making the changes requested in in #42 by takata. I hope I haven't missed anything. Let me know if there are any edits tags
t3415.82012-12-03Tags redundancyYou should keep in mind that putting a tag and trait as a child under the other means that they are absolutely ALWAYS used TOGETHER and there can
t3314.462012-12-03TraitsSeems like this discussion reached to a point everyone agrees. I'll apply these fixes tomorrow. Thanks for everyone for all the hard work.
t3457.152012-12-03Difference between "Curtained" and "Intake" TraitsBest idea is to link to existing characters entries in the database like you did here, images hosted by other sites may disappear one day, but these
t3458.22012-12-01Tag/Trait Attention RequestLets wait a couple of days to see if any other users have any more input on the matter. Afterwards I'll apply the changes. Nice work though. :)
t3314.352012-11-29Traits@_@ All this discussion is making my head spin. I'll check back once in a while to check, and when a simple consensus is reached, will apply the
t3427.42012-11-29About "Heroine with tights" tagEdited description as requested.
t3435.162012-11-29Elderly Sex tagGabe's take seems good enough, edited g1578 accordingly. Thanks for the input.
t3434.52012-11-29What to do with these tags?Since no one else commented on this I deleted the first two and approved the third one based on suggestions.
t3434.42012-11-25What to do with these tags?That example made me laugh hard. :)
t3435.62012-11-25Elderly Sex tagI try to fix the descriptions of tags and traits as much as I can but sometimes some are just too much ^^; So feel free to suggest a better
t3434.12012-11-25What to do with these tags?Can anyone help fixing these three tags someone added into shape? g1571, g1576, g1580
t3402.82012-11-19Twin Blade SwordWith that confirmed I edited the trait accordingly.
t3402.62012-11-15Twin Blade Swordbinfujiwara made this trait, so I was waiting for him to comment on what was his intention with it before changing it completely. I know these three
t2520.742012-11-14Minor error/sYou got a point, lets keep Lip synch and delete that one.
t3396.32012-11-14Cherry Tree High on SteamIt has ADV style dialogues like 90% of Japanese games. I haven't heard anyone comment about it having narration though. So unless someone has a
t3402.12012-11-14Twin Blade SwordI don't understand this trait Twin Blade Sword. Based on the description, hyperlink and the aliases it can be: A sword with two blades on the each
t3373.42012-11-07Sexual character traits overhaulCreated the meta-trait Sexual Devices. Feel free to add child-traits to it. You can make a trait called Sex Machines, but people would want to add
t2520.672012-10-31Minor error/sDone.
t2520.652012-10-30Minor error/sYou got a point there. To get past this I exchanged the two traits. I guess this will fix this issue.
t2520.622012-10-28Minor error/sYou wouldn't call a student at a regular school who is in a music club as a singer. You'd call that a member of the school's music club. and that's
t2520.602012-10-27Minor error/sI first created those traits on Engages in, then moved them to Roles, so their descriptions may need some fixing. Role traits are what characters
t3328.102012-10-25Fingering / MasturbationMoved those out too. And yea, sexual traits needs organization. If anyone has detailed ideas on how they can be organized into neat groups, feel
t3328.52012-10-23Fingering / MasturbationMoved non-position stuff outside.
t3266.1612012-10-23Duel Savior -GD-I didn't like YU-NO's story as half as much I liked EnA's actually. Not that this topic has anything related to this thread.
t3314.212012-10-22TraitsPlease refrain from making tags that are already covered by traits, we prefer character entries with proper traits instead of vague tags. Sadly tags
t3314.172012-10-21TraitsNo, I'm saying that I'm not going to move the wands.
t3314.152012-10-21TraitsThat's a good suggestion, Projectile Weapons it is. Wand is good where it is, any action game character worth their salt can throw projectiles from
t3314.132012-10-20TraitsAlright, Practice Swords then. Also moved the walking stick.
t3300.162012-10-19"Not sexually involved" traitNo I haven't forgot links. I am talking about this trait in question, the "Not sexually involved" trait.
t3314.102012-10-19Traits#8 by atlantima "....So now every character with a walking stick uses them as a weapon?" Actually a good number of VN characters that carry weapons
t3314.22012-10-19TraitsHehe, I made that Stick meta-trait before seeing this thread. Bangs is done. Axe and Shuriken moved. Auburn and Claret moved. Eyebrows made
t3296.472012-10-18Ribbon traitThank you. Aside from very rare cases, I handle everything about tags and traits. So if anything happens to them, it's most probably me doing it. ;)
t3300.142012-10-18"Not sexually involved" traitThis sounds like a situation that can be covered by a child tag for this one or maybe a parent one for this.
t3300.112012-10-18"Not sexually involved" traitWe designed the characters feature of the site to organize them in a way to make these kinds of distinctions easier. If a game is age rated 18
t2520.512012-10-18Minor error/sI did an overhaul on these today. Hope it helps. Cross being related to the religion in a particular game or not isn't an issue for us. 'Religious
t3296.452012-10-18Ribbon traitI organized the clothing traits under Accessories and Others today. And moved everything from other clothing groups that are not actually belonging
t2520.452012-10-13Minor error/sMoved Shop Clerk under Vendor.
t2520.432012-10-12Minor error/sMoved the tags. Foreigner tags are from the perception of Japanese, since 99% of the games here are, so they work in the normal circumstances. But
t3135.692012-10-12Not a VNLocked for great justice.
t2520.402012-10-10Minor error/sEyes like a hawk, fixed. :)
t2520.382012-10-10Minor error/sPsychological Trauma >> check Mecha Pilot Heroine & Mecha Pilot Protagonist >> check Protagonist with Eyepatch >> check - Lastly, g1385, g1386 and g13
t3284.22012-10-09Athlete Heroine tagDone.
t3258.52012-09-30False positives in tag filtersMoved Thriller, Bloody Scenes, Fear of Death and Identity Crisis out of Horror. Let us know of any other tags you consider misplaced with suggestions