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t16054.1592021-10-03Reporting MTL releasesThis is obv MTL. They even say it in a phew releases link
t16054.1312021-09-03Reporting MTL releasesAll the things that this guy translated (this is not actually a group) are MTL. I talked personally with him one time about that, and it's obv. link
t16054.1172021-08-29Reporting MTL releasesWell, another one for the list. I pursached this the day that it was released, but I requested a refund minutes later. Of course, because it was a
t2108.31602020-04-30Candidates for deletionDropped project r68372
t2108.31312020-04-15Candidates for deletionDouble entry r67668
t13779.32020-04-04About Google Translator and SakashiAs I told you, I don't want to publish translations in bad conditions, so I'm checking and republishing each novel, one by one.
t13779.12020-04-04About Google Translator and SakashiAs I promised, I'm editing the Sakashi's page, putting each novel back on its original website. However, I have found that r61558 is a translation
t2108.30622020-02-29Candidates for deletionDead r49759, r54696, r59410, Otome X Hanayome, FUN! in the playground, r54347, r37564, FoxDai, r50564, r48872, r44763, r50049.
t13601.672020-02-29About the problem with Sakashi PlansPlease, don't forget to edit r44915, r44363, r44110 and r45279. They were published by White Novels. Also, I will be making changes in the blogs, so
t13601.622020-02-28About the problem with Sakashi PlansI know. And this is the reality; yes, it's exactly what you did in some parts.
t13601.592020-02-28About the problem with Sakashi PlansIn other words; yes, he did.
t13601.552020-02-28About the problem with Sakashi PlansThey are Hoshii's works. It's his decision.
t13601.522020-02-28About the problem with Sakashi PlansI didn't even know that page. Probably it's from Hoshii. That Android versions exist since 2019, but they never were been published.
t13601.482020-02-28About the problem with Sakashi PlansI didn't change the Android's verssions. You should check history. Princess Lover!'s translation was the same shit. He told me that he translated
t13601.422020-02-28About the problem with Sakashi Plans1- Now, I’m translating with my teammates in White Novels, so the TBA’s are the projects that we are working on. 2- Pc versions of Jabberwocky, The
t13601.212020-02-27About the problem with Sakashi PlansI did this fast, so if I see something wrong or missing, I'll contact you soon. Changes: Sakashi Negaeba Kitto..., Hakoniwa no Gakuen, Tsumairo
t13601.52020-02-27About the problem with Sakashi PlansNo, Ever Present Feeling translated From Here to You and Night at the Hospital by their own. I'm preparing the list.
t13601.32020-02-27About the problem with Sakashi PlansI created White Novels in 2014, it was not a group, I was the only translator. Then I let it on stand by and in 2018 I entered to a group called Good
t13601.12020-02-27About the problem with Sakashi PlansGood morning, beliar. Probably you know my user because of all of my edits that were corrected by you. I wanted to talk to you because of the
t13596.162020-02-27Reporting a spammerAnd I didn't stole anything. And you know it perfectly. Do you want any screenshot?
t13596.152020-02-27Reporting a spammerI was not only the girl who was doing QC. I translated a lot of visual novels from Sakashi and I corrected the majority. Even if we are talking about
t13596.122020-02-27Reporting a spammerThere are only one Mougour's translation in Sakashi; Negaeba Kitto. And even if Hoshii translated some visual novel, that is true, more than a half
t7329.32015-12-31About your recent edits.Nevermind. On 2014, Noberu Visual made a parcial patch, on 2015 they made a complete patch. r43855 is a joke, I didn't comprobe it and I edit the
t7329.22015-12-31About your recent edits.To make things easier, do you speak spanish?