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c95389.22021-05-30 at 11:42britanniaVeronica正直、亡き夫とのセックスよりも気持ちよかった。胸がこんなに感じてしまったのも、初めてだ。夫も胸をさわってくれたが、感じ具合は夫の時以上だった
c86430.62020-01-03 at 22:15britanniaShinomichi Haruka---
v24853.122019-04-07 at 03:10britanniaNee-chan no Susume ~Onee-chan no Itazura Seiseikatsu~竹見佳純 mentioned
c73527.22018-11-15 at 19:53britanniaLisabell Worth--------------
c73528.32018-11-15 at 19:53britanniaIrine-------------------
c73530.22018-11-15 at 19:52britanniaAnnette--------
v21279.132018-06-29 at 18:37britanniaMaoten--
c11980.252018-03-15 at 06:46britanniaLia Parapara LeazasShe is the princess of one the 4 nations being attacked and plays a large role in the story. If you don't know her role in the story then don't
c11980.232018-03-14 at 21:49britanniaLia Parapara LeazasReverted to revision c11980.21
c48081.122017-03-25 at 21:26britanniaYamagami Miori---
c55311.32017-03-23 at 11:55britanniaTanomiya Moko--
c48388.122017-01-31 at 23:36britanniaSayama Misaki...
c45318.62017-01-01 at 11:06britanniaTiana Havel Netherlandsspoiler trait
c45319.32017-01-01 at 11:06britanniaSelphine FlowlightTraits
v18882.92016-09-17 at 12:55britanniaUnionism Quartet A3-DaysVoice
r44697.42016-09-03 at 00:45britanniaUnionism Quartet A3-Days - Deluxe EditionDelay
r46859.22016-09-03 at 00:45britanniaUnionism Quartet A3-DaysDelay
v10361.562016-09-02 at 12:40britanniaMaji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A---
c41999.32016-08-18 at 13:36britanniaPascal Saermia--
v10361.552016-08-07 at 01:39britanniaMaji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! ANew Key Visual
v19494.32016-06-26 at 10:09britanniaKyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2After -Osutashia's Ambition---
v19494.22016-06-26 at 09:33britanniaKyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2After -Ambition of Osutashia-Release date announced and title slightly changed, Website up. link
c16826.132016-06-07 at 14:11britanniaBertille Althusserウィンフォード学園2年生で騎士学科専攻
c9886.132016-06-05 at 05:58britanniaHazakura Seiso----
c25103.32016-06-02 at 06:52britanniaKaimori AohaTransition screen in game word for word, clearly needs some editing.
c25104.32016-06-02 at 06:40britanniaKawauchi SuzuTransition screen in game word for word, clearly needs some editing.
c25102.22016-06-02 at 06:32britanniaSanjou TsukineTransition screen in game word for word, clearly needs some editing.
v19494.12016-05-27 at 08:49britanniaKyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2 AfterNew title announced. link
c44167.32016-05-18 at 16:22britanniaIchinose AiriTypo
c20608.62016-05-14 at 10:47britanniaKodera Kanbe Shizuku Yoshitaka---
c40724.42016-05-12 at 22:03britanniaKojima Sadako Sadaoki---
c20668.52016-05-12 at 13:22britanniaNaoe Yohiyouenojou Akiko Kagetsuna薄い皮膜を貫いて、ようやくペニスが付け根まで収まった。
c41555.32016-04-14 at 05:27britanniaWarabi TamaoBirthday
c41554.22016-04-14 at 05:27britanniaToujou MinamoBirthday
c41552.22016-04-14 at 05:26britanniaArcelias PendragonBirthday
c41556.32016-04-14 at 05:25britanniaAnother JunoBirthday
c25631.102016-04-11 at 07:59britanniaFerris----
c9119.122016-04-11 at 02:30britanniaLisaDirectly stated in game that she is a Vampire not a Succubi, Doesn't matter if she has a tail or not.
c9122.92016-04-11 at 02:24britanniaItori Kokona---
c15158.72016-04-05 at 04:16britanniaIria Cavalier---
r42941.32016-03-22 at 06:42britanniaJK Binkan Shojo ~Kanojo wa Ore de Shika Kanjinai~--
c44569.32016-03-11 at 05:21britanniaReika MizukiWrong way around for website settings
c44569.22016-03-11 at 05:19britanniaReika Mizuki---
r27810.32016-02-19 at 15:34britanniaMaji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A-5A-5、4月26日発売!
c35682.132015-12-31 at 12:44britanniaSuzurikawa Euphrasie Ruika----
c35682.122015-12-31 at 06:25britanniaSuzurikawa Euphrasie Ruika----
v17843.122015-12-28 at 01:48britanniaAmakano ~Second Season~Same town etc, Unsure if it takes place in the future or the past in regards to the first game
c23387.42015-12-22 at 06:23britanniaSilveria LeodiehlLast time I checked she was the 5th heroine and had a full proper route unlike the other side heroines
c38296.22015-12-06 at 16:40britanniaHanekura Tomoe-----
c33358.102015-12-02 at 17:35britanniaAibu RurihaReverted to revision c33358.8 Don't know what just happened there, I only added 1 trait and your previous entries were removed