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t7120.242016-05-25Locked changes neededWell I’m not very knowlegeable about (and not particulary interested in) Russian devs and projects except ES, Labuda, and some stuff originated on
t7120.222016-05-25Locked changes neededAnd here link Dreamtale says himself that there was no old scenario and he only used ideas which correspond to already existing CGs. There are enough
t7120.202016-05-25Locked changes neededYou can read the 2010 demo (abcb), leaked 2009 crap (slo) and compare them to Dreamtale version. Text is heavily rewritten in every edition. As
t7120.182016-05-25Locked changes neededAbcb and Slo are credited under "scenario" in the game credits while Dreamtale is the "main scenario writer"I mean that we should mention their
t7120.162016-05-25Locked changes neededWell, speaking about less known staff. @vario, is there any particular reason why you avoided adding i-rab-u, Sergey Ivanov, Coyc, LolBot, Desufag
t7120.132016-05-25Locked changes neededThank you. And here some more: Maxim Smolev - Character Design + Artist (Event CG) Khudozhnik-kun - Character Design + Artist (Character sprties) Ser
t7120.112016-05-25Locked changes neededSo as this entry is locked, how I can add staff to it? I have created entry for ArseniXC already, who is BG artist for this. (And Dreamtale who is
t3943.3482016-05-16troll voteru115433 is not a real user. It's an example of "elite user" from Russian imageboard. There is a confirmation (in Russian): linkWhile I see the point
t7535.372016-04-29Denuvo is now going to be in Visual NovelsAnd yet there are all those people complaining about how titles like Mahoyo or Baldr Whatever are still not translated. They learned about them
t7535.352016-04-29Denuvo is now going to be in Visual NovelsI think that Denuvo on VNs will whittle the English-speaking community down to zero. to even get a VN to a hype level enough to make it profitable to
t5811.112014-10-05Russian romanisation standardsWikipedia disagrees with youI do not speak about those standards here, I speak about actual usage. They never use " as Ъ in actual English Wikipedia
t5811.92014-10-05Russian romanisation standardsЬ and Ъ are inaudible signs so they should be depicted as such That is exactly why they are usually not depicted at all. Go to English Wikipedia
t5811.62014-10-03Russian romanisation standardsSince the main language of VNDB is English and as for Japanese it is used Hepburn romanisation (designed for English orthography), I think for
t5585.12014-07-27Category for Windows Phone platform?v9189 was released for Windows Phone (r35302), but it appears there is no VNDB category for that platform. Is there a point to request adding one?
t950.802014-01-05VNDB Suggestions!How about to create the page for a VN, where you could see a list of games associated with this VNI think it should be something like Related Media
t4915.72013-12-2416+?Can you (A)unlock it via normal gameplay, or do you (B)have to tamper with the game files outside of the game?While playing the game you can anytime
t4915.32013-12-2316+?But it’s still unlockable and the game gives you an achievement if you unlock hentai. And I believe developers didn’t give it any particular age
t4915.12013-12-2316+?Should r15022 really be marked as 16+ when you in fact can just enter some code to unlock all the hentai (18+) scenes there?
t4857.202013-12-04Why so many Russian VNs/translations?With them being translated from an English translation doesn't that mean a lot gets lost in translation? Even more-so than directly from JP -> EN?It
t4857.172013-12-04Why so many Russian VNs/translations?I'm also curious as to whether Russian and JP language have many similarities so it would be "easier" to translate.Russian language (as well as
t4857.112013-12-04Why so many Russian VNs/translations?Russia is 9th country of the world by population and 6th by number of Internet users (link ). Basically it’s one of the largest non-English speaking