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t10498.32018-04-18About the 3rd day loopSo you basically downloaded it and installed it normally or is there any kind of trick needed?
t10498.12018-04-18About the 3rd day loopI downloaded the game quite late so i also quite late for noticing that KEY itself officially claims that they are placing bugs where your gameplay
t8528.12016-12-07The problem in episode 8I have a problem that occurs when i reached episode 8 "Imperial's Longest One Day". It occurs when Ogami and Sakura-kun evacuated into Gourai-Gou
t6716.12015-07-13Matsushita "Godan" as the cover boy in this gameI've been curious about why placing Matsushita in the cover rather than Hinata who should have more important role as a guy in the game. Thought i
t6574.32015-06-04This game is japan onlyHey thanks for the link. It really helps me out. Though the need for inserting the disc to play was a bit pain. 「Omae tte saikou dana.」
t6574.12015-06-04This game is japan onlyHey, i'm downloading this game overseas but have a trouble activating it since this game is "Japan Only" and it needs a "Windows Japanese Version
t6153.12015-01-31Soremachi's voice actorWhen i heard Soremachi Ichizou talks, somehow he reminds me the voice of veteran voice actor 緑川光/Midorikawa Hikaru(Master Therion in Demonbane and
t4545.72015-01-25Phantom of Inferno ReviewJust played a week ago and i found it has a very interesting story Compared to fellow Nitro+'s Chaos;Head which has relatively linear story. It was
t5801.212014-09-30We're at our Prime!Happy Birthday VNDB! Thanks for the useful news about VNs!
t5071.12014-02-18How to use Repair Patch?Sorry for the last mess. I finally downloaded all the required data for installing. Also equipped with repair patch. The problem is, when i finished
t4839.12013-11-30Chaos;Head's sequel?I just heard about this upcoming game and it was referred as the 4th "Delusional Science ADV" plus using that famous phrase [If you are God, and the
t4831.12013-11-28How to install this game?Hey, i'm new around here and recently got interest with Visual Novels. I don't understand how to install the patches for this game. Can anyone help
t4628.282013-10-01Happy Birthday to Me!Happy Birthday VNDB, sorry for posting late.
t4606.12013-09-26Parodies mentioned in This gameI have tried this game after playing Chaos;Head Noah and when i found out it contains too many parodies of internet slangs/meme mentioned. Especially
t3179.182013-09-26worth another playthrough?What's the trigger combination for AA and B ending? I can't get a clue...
t2654.62013-09-26Romance?Noah version have those individual routes for those six girls, right? I have tried all the routes. Most of them are epic.