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t14632.12020-08-30Description sourcingPlease properly credit external sources when you copy their descriptions. d5#5
t2108.32702020-07-15Candidates for deletionAccording to the Google Play page the scenario was completely rewritten, it should be fine to keep it separate.
t14339.42020-07-14This company no longer exists, or rather it is renBecause these games were released as "Akatsuki Works Hibiki", not as "Hibiki Works". The DB should keep that information.
t14097.22020-05-31Regarding c90442.2The name used in the actual game should be what we have as the main name. It's probably worth keeping 源次郎 as an alias since it's also used by shops
t13782.22020-04-05Regarding v28065.5link "「知らぬ間に」は、「ま」です。 この語がふさわしいような、硬めの文、古めかしい響きを大事に している文であれば、「あいだ」とは読みません。 これは「あいだ」と読むと、「読み方を知らない人」のように 受け取られます。" That's also what EGS went with. l
t2520.3642020-03-01Minor error/sI am unable to submit edits to staff pages if I change the website, twitter, AniDB or pixiv field. I get an error about no changes having been made
t2520.3562020-01-18Minor error/sTrying to edit link returns a "Server error 500". Was trying to add the AniDB ID (link) and Wikidata ID (link). (And also change the official page
t13360.22020-01-04Regarding v27450.2It's a suru verb, a noun with suru added after it. You usually keep these separate.
t2520.3322019-12-08Minor error/sThe SubscribeStar link in the footer is typoed as "SubscrubeStar".
t13183.22019-11-24The debate on the spoilers in the prologueThat's in the first line of the introduction page on the official website.
t2108.29692019-11-10Candidates for deletionI think it's fine to keep the releases separate. We have a few cases of products that can't be obtained separately but where it's more practical to
t2520.3072019-10-26Minor error/sThe Wikipedia (ja) link that was generated by that edit doesn't redirect to the correct Wikipedia page. Link in Wikidata: link Link on VNDB: link
t12609.142019-07-14What Game...Gakuen☆Shinsengumi ~Otome Gokoro to Kyokuchuu Hatto~ link
t2108.27942019-06-04Candidates for deletionPlease answer my question about your source for these two games having the "same plot" and having the same characters just "renamed" (Something I
t2108.27922019-06-03Candidates for deletionDo you have a source to back up that claim? None of the characters on Vision's official website link are on the Getchu page of Ambience link. The
t2108.27412019-03-31Candidates for deletionAccording to the official website "present for you" is an extra after story. link "滅び~本編の後日譚的位置づけの番外編ノベルゲームになります。全編の盛大なネタバレを含みます。"
t9455.412019-03-25Multiple account troll editorlink
t12071.42019-03-21Temp banAn user with the exact same username has been banned from another wiki for repeatedly trying to insert false information. link I wouldn't give him
t2108.26602019-02-03Candidates for deletion"I've even quoted the sources. They match completely." Well, my problem with only using the credits on link as a source was exactly that they don't
t11868.182019-01-31Ruka's name"A previous editlog was "It's officially きりゅう", but I see no source on this."I linked it right in the same comment. link You can also find the same
t11557.22018-11-25If you're still here..."I couldn't be able to replicate that kanji despite the strokes. That even include some that were too small or complex for me to discern off"And this
t11237.12018-09-16Stop using the import cast button without a sourceYou are constantly adding wrong voice credits by using that button without checking if it's correct. - A character being voiced by one VA in a VN
t8242.1182018-07-14The how to edit threadGreat, now the DB will be even more inconsistent because you are not going to bother changing the release titles like the hundred previous times you
t10759.72018-06-10question about previous editThe images extracted from the game (assuming you are now using these) should be of higher resolution than the website images so cropping them to
t10759.42018-06-10question about previous editYes, the sprites taken directly from the game should be of higher quality, feel free to give it a try.
t10759.22018-06-09question about previous editHello, I also took the image from the official website and cropped it with IrfanView. Since the problem with your image seemed to come from the fact
t2108.23482018-05-27Candidates for deletionI'm not seeing it out anywhere and the official website still has the June date, can you point out where it is available?
t2520.2522018-04-08Minor error/sBinkan Joshikousei, Tsukushitai no! doesn't show up in the edit form for Arai Riko Fujimoto Mihane and Kanbara Mana and I am unable to remove their
t9455.162018-04-07Multiple account troll editorI don't have the motivation anymore to try to fix all his entries so I'll just leave the list of his accounts here if anyone wants to try. u7601 u110
t10401.112018-04-01the first gundam games coming to pcI looked at the Japanese source that's linked in the articles and... it doesn't say anything about a "dating sim system"? All it says is that the
t10401.82018-03-31the first gundam games coming to pcIf it's anything like the previous game then the story parts are two minutes long. link Can you post a source that it's more of a VN now? That's not
t2108.22852018-03-31Candidates for deletion@d2o They advertised a worldwide release last week, seems to be still active to me. link
t10388.22018-03-24鳩 =/= "bato"Look up what "Rendaku" is.
t2108.22732018-03-11Candidates for deletionI don't know what you looked up but these certainly don't seem to be just "handheld sports games and nothing more." Seems to be a series of raising
t10278.42018-02-24Minor question on TitlesThe entry's main title should reflect what the maker states the title is and they don't include that part. Not everything written on the logo is
t10278.22018-02-24Minor question on TitlesYou should look at what the official website gives as the title. In this case: "タイトル:「妹を汚した記憶」" link so "The cosmos blooms earlier than other flowers
t10245.22018-02-10Stellaren : Acrux should have a page of its ownSeems to be right from what I could look up. Feel free to make a new page and move the existing release there.
t2108.22482018-02-08Candidates for deletionCan you please post a source that these are the same person?
t10226.162018-02-04Repeal of Chaos;Head Noah deletionIt came up at least here and here. To be honest I also wouldn't mind the DB being more lax with split entries but having a separate VN entry for
t10226.132018-02-04Repeal of Chaos;Head Noah deletionVNDB doesn't usually have separate VN pages for new editions of a VN with additional content and Chaos;Head Noah to me seems to fall into that
t10146.102018-01-16"Dare ga Tame""But please at least add a comma after 'sasage' -- it's jarring without."I don't think punctuation that isn't present in the original title should be
t10146.52018-01-13"Dare ga Tame"That does indeed return Hakarena Heart ~Dare ga Tame ni Kimi wa Aru?~ but not Shin Injuu ~Mi o Sasage Dare ga Tame ni Tatakau~. While there is a
t10146.32018-01-13"Dare ga Tame"Can you please post a link to where the reading is given on Getchu? I'm not seeing it on these pages: link link link
t10146.12018-01-12"Dare ga Tame"Regarding v14900.10 and v3548.10 I have never seen "Dare ga Tame" used without being a mistake resulting from not knowing that "誰" is read "Ta" in
t9333.192017-12-28Character entries"I do try to consult profiles or play the games where possible, but for a lot of older games these don't exist or are hard to find to pulling from a
t9333.172017-12-27Character entriesThat description was copypasted from the Wikipedia entry for the manga/anime and there is no guarantee that it is also accurate for the game
t10066.22017-12-24Bring back Hayato!I will undelete it if you can prove that your game exists at all. At least it certainly isn't an official sequel to Dangan Ronpa V3 set to be
t10041.32017-12-15Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei ShinshiThis post on the official blog explains what changed between versions: link No, they are not "three or four different games that have been
t9333.142017-12-03Character entriesI repeatedly told you to stop adding characters entries based on seeing a name once in a screenshot and you are still doing that, stop that.
t5396.2332017-12-02PC98 Technical ThreadThe Neo Kobe emulator pack has a version of Neko Project that emulates the PC-9801RS. The sound in Wedding Rhapsody works with that. Sorry for the