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Recent changes

r72896.22020-07-04 at 21:17asudakeProject2 - Loli Content Patch (0.07)There is no paywall for downloading patch. It simply links to site. A simple click will allow anyone to download.
v3782.22010-09-07 at 23:28asudakeOku-sama wa S-Jou ~Fun! Konna Koto Sarete Yorokobu Nante Anata tte Hounto ni ...Suggestive and lame. Advice for VNDB, don't let Erogeshop Summarize your VN, they are terrible at it, and i'm tired of fixing everyone of their
v2590.32010-09-07 at 14:54asudakeGibo no Milk wa Mitsu no Aji ~Ippai Nonde, Amaete ne~Too Suggestive
v5124.32010-09-07 at 13:04asudakeMoekoi Ishin!Too suggestive.
v3920.42010-08-16 at 18:30asudakeBokura no Harahara School Life ~Class Zenin Nakadashi Kanryou~Inconsistency in Plot description, plus removal of Crutch Phrase
v4956.42010-08-08 at 01:08asudakeSisters Heaven~ Futari wa Oshikake Goshujin-samaTypo change, just replaced 1 word.
v137.112010-07-21 at 20:41asudakeKango ShichauzoI erased it because it had unnecessary suggestion in the sentenced, so I changed it to something less straight forward and more subtle.
v3324.32010-07-16 at 23:56asudakeRain Memory -Ameyadori-Description reflected subjective thoughts rather than objective ones.
v1571.52010-06-12 at 12:43asudakeImouto Bloomers 2Got rid of yet another Crutch Phrase and made the Description less dirty and more informative
v3219.32010-06-09 at 11:04asudakeMomichichi Gakuen Hatsujou ChuuMade the summary more clear, and fixed a typo.