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t11063.232018-09-25new story or not@21 Wasn't Rance just a bug in the system that the gods decided could be useful rather than designed?
t7916.42016-06-18any good map movement avoidable NTR games?Summer Radish Vacation!!?
t7894.162016-06-02Sad news@#15: A truly enlightening discussion.
t7717.22016-04-23Mami Mizuselink link
t7304.172015-12-25MERRY END-OF-THE-YEAR-STUFF!!!Merry Christmas
t7239.42015-12-10Voicing edit invisibilityHonestly these entries with just a pic and some basic appearance traits make no difference and sometimes it created more work because I had to
t7239.22015-12-08Voicing edit invisibilityThe VA are added via the entry of the VN, not via the character entry. Look at the VN entry's history.
t6330.32015-10-06sex trait tagsFrom what I know isn't possible to do something like this. It's just possible disable all notifications. I usually just check the notifications
t6144.3392015-04-17Request StaffScenario writer: Gon Character desing: Kusaka Souji (久坂 宗次)
t6144.372015-02-01Request StaffScenario writers: Mathers Numakichi (メイザーズぬまきち) Kuzumi Takeyuki (屑美 たけゆき) Maro☆Guts (マロ☆ガッツ) Yuzuki MIya (悠月 魅夜) Character desing: NishiEda (西E田
t6053.212015-01-01Happy New Year anyone?Happy New Year!
t5801.362014-09-30We're at our Prime!Happy Birthday VNDB!!
t2108.6652014-08-23Candidates for deletionPlease delete c20490, c20488, c20485, c20486, c20487, c20489, c20491 and c20492. Are duplicate of c20381, c20238, c20234, c20246, c20237, c20243, c202
t5669.12014-08-17Ichigo-da charactersIt was not necessary to create new pages to the characters of Milkyway that appear in Ichigo-Da, their appearance is the same in both games. So I
t5602.102014-08-16PonPon and SnowRadishThere are examples of VNs that are marked as "Shares characters" but it is known which chronologically came first, but they are different stories
t5615.92014-08-16PronunciationBut nobody puts the pronunciation. Romaji is enough. The pronunciation is not an alias. This database does not have a space reserved specifically for
t5661.22014-08-16Natsuhi EbataIn Summer Radish Vacation not said that she have a sibling. (It was I who removed)
t5660.12014-08-16duplicate characterSunakiri is Sagiri.(google does not translate the names right.)
t5623.12014-08-06AGTH codeDoes anyone know a AGTH code for this VN? I researched but I didn't find. Please I really want a AGTH code for this VN.
t5615.42014-08-05PronunciationIt Kanji. Do not confuse Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. And you're asking the wrong person. I just do as others do.
t5602.82014-08-05PonPon and SnowRadishI'm not giving my opinion, I'm using an example of visual novels that relation between them are the correct.
t5620.22014-08-04Witch-linking Mofu x MokyuKyohei surname is written with different kanji than of Ayumi. Because of that I do not think they are related.
t5602.62014-08-03PonPon and SnowRadishThe definition of sequel says : Continuation of the story and the definition of shares characters says : Different story, but shares some characters
t5614.22014-08-03Takanashi HiroakiYes, she changed her surname when she married him. I do not know if he and Chihiro are relatives. Apparently he is only mentioned.
t5615.22014-08-03PronunciationNo particular reason, is because other users put only the name.
t5602.42014-08-02PonPon and SnowRadishBut stories are still not directly related, (I think) prequels are continuations of the same story.
t5607.22014-08-02Setsuna KisaragiJust coincidence.
t5602.22014-08-01PonPon and SnowRadishAre different stories in the same universe, Snow Radish is not a direct prequel, so I thought better put Shares characters.
t5446.42014-07-02Supposed character-sharingMidori older sister, Yukari Nagawa and Ayumu Inou (and Rurika is mentioned indirectly). PureMail occurs in Aoi town (葵町). the hospital of Large
t5446.22014-06-30Supposed character-sharingIn PureMail two characters from LPP are mentioned. And it should be "same setting" not "Shares characters".