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t17085.32021-10-09Where English title from?@tchiiko Thank you!
t17085.12021-09-27Where English title from?Hi izmosmolnar. Where did you get the English title from for Lolikko Kunoichi Boshi Soukan ~Futago Doujo no Inmitsu~? Did you get it from another
t16311.42021-06-26Tag vote in v1697I didn't realize that my downvoted tags were not being shown, my bad. I must've done that downvote by accident. Thanks for bringing it to my
t16311.22021-06-26Tag vote in v1697Why are you tagging me? I didn't do that lol
t12645.32019-07-25YaoiThank you!
t12646.12019-07-23Why downvote?Hey there. I'm asking out of curiosity, why did you downvote the male on male sex tag on 晒され妻~ダメなのに恥辱に喘ぐ友人の母~?
t12645.12019-07-23YaoiThis series has a minor yaoi scene. If you go to (18+/NSFW warning) link and look at the pictures from 286 to 299, you can see that Chigasaki Yuuji