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v25493.22019-03-14 at 21:28ff80c38The History of Zakrainian Literatureadded screenshots
r62691.12019-03-14 at 21:27ff80c38The History of Zakrainian Literatureadded release
v25493.12019-03-14 at 21:25ff80c38The History of Zakrainian Literatureadded entry
r60765.12018-11-27 at 23:15ff80c38A Strange PackageAdded release
v24753.12018-11-27 at 23:14ff80c38A Strange PackageAdded VN
r60688.12018-11-21 at 23:27ff80c38What Is On The Walls InsideAdded release
v24720.12018-11-21 at 23:24ff80c38What Is On The Walls InsideAdded VN
v23435.32018-08-29 at 20:36ff80c38NTR Origins Story 2: Sour KriemChanged screenshot to NSFW.
v21226.42018-07-11 at 19:50ff80c38The Sword and the FoxLength added
r55456.22018-01-31 at 14:28ff80c38GaytectiveAdded technical details
r55291.42018-01-31 at 10:44ff80c38Tears - 9, 10Released on Steam
v22392.22018-01-12 at 00:22ff80c38The SwerveAdded screenshots
r55204.12018-01-12 at 00:21ff80c38The SwerveAdded release
v22392.12018-01-12 at 00:20ff80c38The SwerveAdded VN
v11677.142017-11-17 at 18:56ff80c38Hanasaku ManimaniAdded staff
r37656.32017-10-23 at 17:11ff80c38Death Rule: lost code Overdrive EditionReleased
v21992.22017-10-09 at 22:13ff80c38HeatwalkerAdded screenshots
r54006.12017-10-09 at 22:12ff80c38HeatwalkerAdded release
v21992.12017-10-09 at 22:10ff80c38HeatwalkerAdded VN
v14792.32017-08-28 at 21:59ff80c38PetrichorAdded length.
v20127.42017-08-28 at 21:58ff80c38PlainAdded length.
v19983.52017-08-28 at 21:55ff80c38Rose of WinterAdded length.
v1610.52017-08-28 at 21:54ff80c38Kyonyuu Maid Nakadashi Tengoku!Added length.
v13207.42017-08-28 at 21:53ff80c38Two TalesAdded length.
v14743.32017-08-28 at 21:52ff80c38OverAwesomeKill Fucks Bitches and Owns the Olympian GodsAdded length.
v15695.42017-08-28 at 21:52ff80c38Steins;gate DivergenceAdded length.
v21551.22017-08-28 at 21:51ff80c38DisencountersAdded length.
v17100.182017-08-17 at 11:04ff80c38Occultic;Ninestaff
v19888.32017-08-04 at 17:38ff80c38Nila DhumaAdded link
r52885.22017-08-02 at 10:27ff80c38Idol/TYPEAdded resolution
r52885.12017-08-02 at 10:20ff80c38Idol/TYPEAdded release
v21615.12017-08-02 at 10:18ff80c38Idol/TYPEAdded entry.
v2366.82017-07-21 at 23:36ff80c38The Cute, Light and Fluffy ProjectAdded staff
v16932.32017-07-17 at 19:55ff80c38Castle HillAdded staff
s9778.22017-07-17 at 19:53ff80c38Able KirbyAdded alias
v867.42017-07-17 at 10:58ff80c38Lakeside SunsetAdded staff
v21473.22017-07-08 at 22:54ff80c38The Other QuestionAdded screenshots
r52460.12017-07-08 at 22:42ff80c38The Other QuestionAdded release
v21473.12017-07-08 at 22:39ff80c38The Other QuestionAdded VN.
v19195.72017-05-24 at 09:49ff80c38Minikko Half ~Naisho no Ano ne~Tagged screenshot as NSFW
r39501.42017-05-21 at 15:34ff80c38Those Without NamesAdded dev
p6917.12017-05-21 at 15:33ff80c38yuucieAdded producer
r51683.12017-05-14 at 22:50ff80c38Her LullabyAdded release
v21245.22017-05-14 at 22:47ff80c38Her LullabyFixed description
v21245.12017-05-14 at 22:46ff80c38Her LullabyAdded VN
r51593.42017-05-08 at 17:27ff80c38No Other MedicineFixed resolution
r51593.32017-05-08 at 17:22ff80c38No Other MedicineAdded producer and some more information
p6889.12017-05-08 at 17:19ff80c38Jane TitorAdded producer
r51462.12017-04-24 at 21:53ff80c38AlyssonAdded release
v21164.22017-04-24 at 21:46ff80c38AlyssonChanged link in description