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t10138.32018-01-11game link is has it archived: link
t950.4002018-01-10VNDB Suggestions!It's not that difficult to get the accurate script size for most Ren'Py games. The Ren'Py SDK has a tool for testing called lint, which conveniently
t10005.112017-12-11Visualising the VN MarketThe categorisation of the single VNs/nodes was done with the tags or the release information that has been collected from VNDB beforehand. It
t9738.42017-10-06questionLooks like Oosaka Awaking.
t7442.3612017-05-11Game inclusion in the DBI would like to open a case for Idol/TYPE, the 8th game of the 'Original 22' by ATP Projects. It hasn't been added to the database before because it
t8862.42017-02-20Vote data database dumpThank you for adding the dates to the votes dump, it's greatly appreciated.
t8838.52017-02-16School Idol ♂ Itoshi no Qtie Cool GDI wonder why you wrote a rant-like review that's sadly no real fun to read if you didn't even want to do it in the first place... Anyway, and just
t8650.92017-01-07To split, or not to split?Keeping the votes would make things definitely messier, but it would also keep the date the vote was cast intact, which is nice to have for those who
t8111.612016-12-09Happy Search - External VNDB Client1. It's the standard German Windows date format as in "DD.MM.YYYY" and "DDDD, D. MMMM YYYY". I have the feeling that it's the dots and periods in the
t8111.592016-12-08Happy Search - External VNDB ClientI recently stumbled upon your program again, and this time I could even use it to some extent after some fiddling. Thank you for all the improvements
t8111.442016-09-19Happy Search - External VNDB ClientI had the same error code as hex with version 1.4.3-test-1, though 1.4.3-test-2 and -3 are now freezing as early as trying to get the Tagdump file. I
t8111.152016-09-17Happy Search - External VNDB ClientYes, I forgot to mention that both are 64bit machines. The log file from the Windows 7 machine consists only of the following, even after
t8111.132016-09-17Happy Search - External VNDB ClientSomehow I can't get the program working even though .NET Framework 4.6.1 is installed. Under Windows 7 it always crashes/freezes during the splash
t6749.122016-02-11Groupees JAST USA BundleThat seems to be the case. At least there's no expiration date or disclaimer of any sort to be found on the purchase page, only the obligatory notes
t7448.22016-02-08Aurora Memoria ReviewThat was a nice read, although it's a bit spoilery regarding Hisoka's route. A shame since that's the only part one can even spoil about Aurora
t950.2172016-01-28VNDB Suggestions!When setting votes, I would like to have a confirmation pop-up first before actually removing the vote. It's a bit aggravating if one missclicks and
t7060.72015-10-25VNDB 2.25: High Speed, Low VelocityThe vote stat histograms look a bit different now, probably because rounding doesn't seem to be consistent anymore. 9.5 is counted as 10, whereas 8.5
t5989.22014-12-07PSVita version SoundtrackI don't know if the soundtrack was remastered as it was for [Réalta Nua], but according to there aren't any information about a new OST
t3396.162014-11-16Cherry Tree High on SteamIMHO CTHCC shouldn't be on VNDB as it has no real narration. Scene transitions just ... happen and the story is told through dialogues only. I think
t5834.22014-10-10(Otome version)?Short answer: No. The Steam release is identical to r21452. It's titled "Nicole (otome version)" because there will be a yuri version with 4 girls
t5788.122014-10-01Old vote dumpsThanks yorhel! But there seems to be something wrong with the filenames, they all are 2 days off. For example I downloaded the dump you labelled as
t5801.332014-09-30We're at our Prime!Happy Birthday VNDB
t5788.102014-09-30Old vote dumps@9: I'm glad you like my charts :). I want to compare my vote ranking with the VNDB ones, but I don't know how the popularity ranking is calculated
t5788.82014-09-28Old vote dumpsI figured things a bit more out and updated the two rankings (link). The second ranking now isn't an eyesore any more. Anything interesting I can
t5788.62014-09-27Old vote dumps@5: I don't expect so much from the data, it's more a fun little ranking for me. And scripting training. If you want to have a look, I compiled
t5788.42014-09-27Old vote dumpsIf timestamps are no good, then I will stay with my method. It does what I want and altered/deleted votes don't interfere/matter. Well, only re-set
t5788.12014-09-27Old vote dumpsI want to see which VNs are the most popular in a certain time frame (e.g last month/week) by comparing the amount of new votes each VN got in that
t5765.262014-09-21New VNDB themes/skins@yirba: Just a suggestion: If you want to use additional CSS, take a look at the default style.css from vndb link (angelic serenade). Even me - who
t5765.162014-09-19New VNDB themes/skins@tutu: You need a ftp client to upload/manage files. For example you could use a (preconfiged) web based client like link. Once you uploaded your
t4792.52013-11-15Narcissu on steam greenlightSekai Project are planning to release Narcissu for free on Steam. Only if Valve forces them heavily, they (not really) want to charge a ridiculous