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t926.112010-11-14VNDB 2.12: You have been waiting for this!How about add field with external link to youtube with vn-opening video?
t740.282010-07-23Learning Japanese/ChineseHiragana and Katakana - is work for just few days - learn it now. Visual novels uses all: hiragana, katakana, and lot's of kanji. if your goal to
t627.42010-05-19Crossover on Pc?I tryed it, and found that: * it's very slow on my PC (which normal version of 11 eyes run perfectly), and not run such stable, as normal VN designed
t573.32010-04-18VN vs AnimeUmineko is shorter version of VN. Hower I count about 3 scenes, that never shown in VN, but be in anime. In Umineko VN is poor (i don't say bad
t443.82010-04-10VNDB 2.11: ...move along.On user page vn-list, are counters "buy/completed/all" for one title, but there aren't counters for summ of all VN's titles in user list.
t316.62010-04-03Length...Thanks, may be so.
t316.42010-04-02Length...All endings? Ookamikakushi: 10 - 30 I have clear all endings and routes in 140 gameplay hours. So, I think this is time for one ending.
t292.102010-04-02patchs and official translations...I learn japanese 3 years special for plaing into novels. It's hard and reque a time and very strong motivation, but I think this cost is relative to
t440.52010-04-02PS2 & PC versionI like play in psp/ps2 VN's. It's my own prefer. Some of reasons are: easy to play, no hentai scenes, often full voice, bonus routes/characters. If
t528.32010-04-02platform-pspPSP/PS2 versions could be translated, with replace data and hacking execute code, but it runs only on chip/cfw console's. 3 years ago start learn
t540.122010-04-02How did you discover visual novels?First hear about VN, while playing in "Silent Hill" series, and found info about more one SH game: "Silent Hill Play Novel" (this VN have no page on