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t3617.26412021-09-27Tags suggestions/fixesAmare Game Even though the term is new a lot of the current western 'otome' games in the database retroactivly apply. It's a good blanket term for
t10302.3112021-09-01Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadOh sorry misunderstood your comment. They shouldn't be downvoting the game jam tag. But downvoting otome game to at least a one for those borderline
t10302.3092021-09-01Suspicious voting behavior reporting threadIt's cause the rules of that game jam allow nonbinary bullshit, lesbian routes and optional male protags, it's tumblr/twitter 'otome'. Not what the
t2108.35742021-01-19Candidates for deletion^I think that might be a case where the real name is actually a spoiler and thats why there were two entries in the first place? I've never played
t950.8192020-10-27VNDB Suggestions!@rampaa, In cases like that character where the art style has such a big change it's fair to make a new instance.
t14830.182020-10-06VNDB Moderators eacil and beliar behaviorI've fixed a few of your descriptions because you were obviously MTL-ing or something because the genders were all wrong. So I'll believe that a lot
t8242.3032020-09-25The how to edit threadIt doesn't really matter if they're new entries or edited, it looks the same on the page. Just go ahead.
t3617.24102020-09-25Tags suggestions/fixesYou can't search by specific anime relations only if a game has one or not. So those tags are still valid and shouldn't be downvoted.
t3314.23052020-09-06TraitsSymbolical Hair Cutting should be 'Symbolic'
t3314.22422020-08-11TraitsI actually never realized the grammar of it before and I agree that it should be changed, but then it's also a hell of a lot of work. I really hate
t3617.23592020-08-03Tags suggestions/fixes^Slavery and Debt should stay seperate. Some slaves become that way because they owe a debt, but not all, and not all debtors become slaves.
t2108.32532020-06-30Candidates for deletionI think Hoshi no Oujo: Hikari no Tsubasa ~Koi no Patissier~ and Yume o Mou Ichido: Koufuku no Kaze should stay as separate entries, even if they
t950.7422020-06-01VNDB Suggestions!If according to the romanization rules certain names should have apostrophes, can apostrophes be ignored in the character search? I don't think most
t14045.32020-05-25Regarding c45458.34I haven't played the game, but from what I've heard the character probably shouldn't have any trans traits applied. Trans and intersex are completely
t14021.22020-05-19Help Finding Specific R18 Otome GameTsubasa no Oka no Hime: A red and blue moon -finite loop-
t13727.2762020-05-13Flagging ImagesNo cleavage, cameltoe, or lewd poses and they're obviously at the beach so that seems tame to me.
t3314.21172020-04-20TraitsProtagonist's Daughter misclicked one, it's still applicable.
t3617.22562020-04-04Tags suggestions/fixesBut than those tags would be obsolete once somebody input the information, it would be better to have search options for that kind of stuff, like how
t13727.1462020-04-01Flagging Imageslink camel-toe panties, not safe.
t13727.1062020-03-31Flagging Imageslink Remember to look at the entire picture before voting, that vibe seems to have slipped by some people.
t13727.532020-03-27Flagging ImagesAnd now I get when that guy was asking for an 'extreme' flag, it just feels wierd tagging that kind of stuff as 'tame'.
t2108.31042020-03-21Candidates for deletionThe entry should stay because it is about that specific vn and it keeps the tags and screenshots seperate.
t950.7002020-03-19VNDB Suggestions!Now that we can add notes to all lists, there should be a way to add them and see them on the vn pages themselves.
t3314.20462020-03-14TraitsNon-human is supposed to be a catch all trait for stuff that doesn't fit the other nature traits.
t3314.20442020-03-13Traits^Do you have an example of a character? It doesn't fit under any of the generic traits we already have?
t3617.21132020-03-13Tags suggestions/fixesStraigth Lolicon is misspelled, probably another reason why it hasn't been used yet. rampaa if you care so much you can retag all those lolicon games
t3314.20392020-03-11Traits^Should get rid of the english 'Sporty Swimsuit' alias too. Not fitness mizugi though, that seems like a completely different style that isn't a one
t3314.20352020-03-11Traitsスポーティーな水着 just means sporty swimsuit. That alias and the one in English could probably be removed. But the style is legit, it's the type used by
t3617.20952020-03-08Tags suggestions/fixesExcept Ojousama/Obocchama/Onzoushi really only applies to younger people who are only rich because of their parents. It wouldn't apply to wealthy
t3314.20262020-03-04TraitsHotblooded should have the alias 'Hot-blooded'
t13632.22020-03-04watermark questiond2#6 "Screenshots have to be unmarked: they shouldn't contain any copyright information, website URL, or other text that's not present in the
t13610.112020-03-01Release the EditsWhy is media hidden by default? And it doesn't show the Cero rating letter anymore, which was helpful as a shortcut because the letter on the logo is
t3617.19872020-02-29Tags suggestions/fixesAthletics Festival should have the alias 'School Sports Festival'.
t13613.12020-02-29Revoke tag votes Tokimemo Girls SideAll the 'Heroine' tags on Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side don't apply because they are just minor friendship endings if that. Hero/Heroine tags only
t3617.19342020-02-28Tags suggestions/fixes'Heroine with Big Breasts' etc. There's a few other tags with that wording. You can click in the middle to erase your own vote, but the tag will
t3314.20002020-02-28TraitsJust because a character is the protags classmate or coworker it doesn't mean they are best friends or even just friendly with each other. Friend
t3314.19982020-02-27TraitsCan Friend be made applicable again? Because now it's going to get removed from entries when they get edited and there really isn't a replacement
t3617.19102020-01-20Tags suggestions/fixesFew Event CGs should have the alias "Few CG's" to make searching easier.
t2520.3572020-01-18Minor error/sThe arrows next to the tag on the tag link browser that are supposed to filter the results aren't working right. It seems to be copying your user ID
t950.6692020-01-18VNDB Suggestions!You vote 0 (click on the number) to take away your vote, but it will stay as long as somebody else also voted on it. You can message them to remove
t3314.19332020-01-13TraitsDoes Torn Clothing (damaged) need the (damaged) at the end? Is it supposed to be used only for clothes that has become ripped during the course of
t3314.19112020-01-02Traits^I think only for the person who is getting married for the second time.
t13284.772019-12-25Apparent Breast SizeJust some grammar changes Apparent Breasts Size to Apparent Breast Sizes Big Breasts Sizes to Big Breast Sizes Small Breasts Sizes to Small Breast
t13284.662019-12-23Apparent Breast Sizebtw all these traits should have an s at the end, because there are two breasts.
t3617.18792019-12-15Tags suggestions/fixesTheres a Feet Licking tag. Should have 'Foot Licking' as an alias.
t3314.18792019-12-12TraitsHigh Heels Shoes should be either 'high heeled shoes' or just 'high heel shoes'. Same for High Heels Boots. And the sandal trait should just be a
t13136.82019-11-11Early beta: New lists featureWhy can't you sort on label? It just looks really messy when the default sort is alphabetical and it has your finished games and wishlist games all
t12800.372019-11-03Querying DatabasesIf someone has time could they write a query for otome games without character entries and one for male voice actor entries without wikidata links? I
t3314.18232019-10-23TraitsNow that you renamed sailor suit the 'Serafuku' alias from School Uniform should be moved over. And can Gakuran be a separate child trait now?
t12613.442019-10-20Start the Engines!TyranoScript and LiveMaker can probably be added to the automatic dropdown now considering the amount of vn's that they are used in.