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t3617.19102020-01-20Tags suggestions/fixesFew Event CGs should have the alias "Few CG's" to make searching easier.
t2520.3572020-01-18Minor error/sThe arrows next to the tag on the tag link browser that are supposed to filter the results aren't working right. It seems to be copying your user ID
t950.6692020-01-18VNDB Suggestions!You vote 0 (click on the number) to take away your vote, but it will stay as long as somebody else also voted on it. You can message them to remove
t3314.19332020-01-13TraitsDoes Torn Clothing (damaged) need the (damaged) at the end? Is it supposed to be used only for clothes that has become ripped during the course of
t3314.19112020-01-02Traits^I think only for the person who is getting married for the second time.
t13284.772019-12-25Apparent Breast SizeJust some grammar changes Apparent Breasts Size to Apparent Breast Sizes Big Breasts Sizes to Big Breast Sizes Small Breasts Sizes to Small Breast
t13284.662019-12-23Apparent Breast Sizebtw all these traits should have an s at the end, because there are two breasts.
t3617.18792019-12-15Tags suggestions/fixesTheres a Feet Licking tag. Should have 'Foot Licking' as an alias.
t3314.18792019-12-12TraitsHigh Heels Shoes should be either 'high heeled shoes' or just 'high heel shoes'. Same for High Heels Boots. And the sandal trait should just be a
t13136.82019-11-11Early beta: New lists featureWhy can't you sort on label? It just looks really messy when the default sort is alphabetical and it has your finished games and wishlist games all
t12800.372019-11-03Querying DatabasesIf someone has time could they write a query for otome games without character entries and one for male voice actor entries without wikidata links? I
t3314.18232019-10-23TraitsNow that you renamed sailor suit the 'Serafuku' alias from School Uniform should be moved over. And can Gakuran be a separate child trait now?
t12613.442019-10-20Start the Engines!TyranoScript and LiveMaker can probably be added to the automatic dropdown now considering the amount of vn's that they are used in.
t3617.18242019-10-19Tags suggestions/fixes^It's usually called nursing handjob I think.
t2108.29322019-10-12Candidates for deletion^This thread is for deleting database entries. If you have suspicions about users or their votes post in t10302.
t12970.32019-10-04Tag Cleanup #3 - New Child TagsPregnancy Ending new description maybe; "The game features an ending in which a character is pregnant. It is not necessary for the conception or any
t12755.322019-08-27Linking Databases, part 2Stellaworth, Booth links? Though I guess at this rate it's a bit too much. Maybe if the list is getting too long it could be on a separate tab.
t3314.17752019-08-17TraitsExcept tomgirl isn't really as easily recognizable. Calling girls tomboy is something that's pretty well established, but tomgirl is a newer term
t12663.42019-07-27Youtube translationsI don't consider them valid releases either. It's just a video, it's not like playing it yourself because you can't actually make any of the choices
t12537.322019-07-02Traits: Shemale vs Futanari distinctionRemember that the 'Futa' in the word means two. aka both genitals.
t3617.17532019-06-29Tags suggestions/fixesPast Setting in a Fictional World Some bad grammar, shouldn't the description be more like, "This game is set in an imaginary world whose timeframe
t3314.17512019-06-27Traitsalias is still misspelled Bondage Weights
t3314.17482019-06-26TraitsAll the mentions of 'weigths' in Bondage Weigths are misspelled. It should be weights.
t3314.16942019-06-08TraitsRibbon Headband doesn't need that 'wear' at the end of the sentence.
t950.5482019-04-15VNDB Suggestions!You didn't use the word sort but I see now. You can't sort by status on the vn list but you can sort by priority on the wishlist. I'd like to be
t950.5462019-04-13VNDB Suggestions!You can already keep a list of vn's you own. It's the two dashes next to the specific release on the game pages.
t2108.27452019-04-05Candidates for deletionKonomi's Mother and Konomi's Grandmother no info entries
t3314.16582019-04-05TraitsThere's only 8 pages of characters tagged with Furry, it's not too many to go through manually. We could make either a separate Anthro Animal trait
t3314.16542019-04-04TraitsAtai should be a separate trait and not an alias of Atashi.
t2108.27212019-03-03Candidates for deletionHanabusa Tsukasa alias of Hanawa Eiji
t3314.16492019-02-25TraitsUnnatural Tone should change the name or have an alias of 'Unnatural Skin Tone'. And it doesn't need the two alias' it has now they really don't fit
t2108.27132019-02-22Candidates for deletionSome of those Valhalla character entries weren't dupes to the ones already here, though I don't know how relevant they were.
t11901.42019-02-22Help me find a VN, thanksAnalogue: A Hate Story ?
t3314.16472019-02-17TraitsShould there be a general 'Non-Standard Accent' trait or something like that for other Japanese dialects besides Kansai-ben? Maybe other english
t2108.27062019-02-17Candidates for deletionYamato dupe of Yamato
t3314.16462019-02-16TraitsSchool Cooking Club Member shouldn't have 'School Home Economics Club Member' as an alias. Home Economics usually involves cooking, but it also deals
t7442.5072019-01-21Game inclusion in the DBI don't think Tour Party: Sotsugyou Ryokou ni Ikou really belongs. It's mainly a board game type thing. There isn't any narration and every little vn
t3617.16152019-01-20Tags suggestions/fixesNo Saves and No Quick Save/Load should just both be under Game Saving Method with no child tagging because of the way searching works. Right now it's
t3617.16032019-01-12Tags suggestions/fixesGoblins and Orcs aren't the same species in all fantasy worlds, so they should stay separate.
t2108.26282018-12-31Candidates for deletionKalmia Scarlet - company announced that they aren't publishing the game with a different brand. link
t2108.26202018-12-22Candidates for deletionPeroperochiino alias of Hanae Natsuki link link
t3314.16352018-12-20TraitsBaker should have 'Patissier' as an alias.
t11021.52018-12-13Non-blood-related Father HeroThanks, if I find anymore I'll post again.
t2108.26062018-12-13Candidates for deletionThe Super Patriotic Dating Simulator the kickstarter failed and there's just vague we wanna still make it someday replies to comments. Does the
t3617.15692018-12-13Tags suggestions/fixesSchool Nurse Hero should be a child tag of Nurse Hero
t11021.32018-12-13Non-blood-related Father HeroYou should revoke it on Tengu no Yachimata too. It has multiple pairings, but the father and son characters don't get together. link And for Monk
t3314.15592018-12-09TraitsAbout Half Human There is Half-elf and Hanyou that refer to characters, but instead of adding other half-demon, angel, genie or whatever monster
t2108.25992018-12-07Candidates for deletionr49143 dupe of r49142 - ios and android were released same day so don't need seperate entries link
t3314.15412018-12-04TraitsAssassin should have the alias 'Hitman'. And should Cross-dressing, Cosplay, and Kigurumi really be under disguise? I think most characters who
t11590.52018-12-03Need help for putting the right traits.^In this overlapping case though I think the closer relation applies more. Especially when there is incest involved. Some people are ok with cousins