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t11998.32019-03-05H-codeHey thanks. I was searching at the H-code as well.
t11859.22019-01-28H-Code/HSN-20@3F1E8:SugarStyle.exe here you go.
t7438.102016-02-15Doesnt work with ITH?Visual Novel Reader works fine.
t6570.52015-06-04My thoughts on the game so far...I only finish the common route and this is even better than Fureraba. The comedy is awesome. I'm not usually a fan of all those charage games but
t6570.32015-06-03My thoughts on the game so far...Hum now, I really should try this game. Fureraba was indeed a good game :). I loved that game too.
t5983.52014-12-15Like...Seriously?Yeah we need to wait :'(. I'm sad too.
t5926.122014-12-11Hey, it's Looseboy (writer of G-Senjou and Sharin)It's not that at all. It's about a group of friends who take up arms to protect what they have the most precious. ストーリー 「最期の独りになるまで、この戦いは終わらない
t5972.222014-12-10opinionI prefer Misaki nah :p. Anyway everyone has his taste :O.
t5972.172014-12-02opinion@16 I don't know. I didn't read this one. I guess maybe it depend on what type of Visual novel you read usually. So i trust you about what you said.
t5972.142014-12-02opinionI voted on it. 30hours in 4 days (not 100% 1 route left) and i'm a fast reader. They are already some review japanese from readers on the net. So it
t5972.122014-12-02opinionNah, they are really short compared to the others games. You will see. I mean like 5min max. If you have read Majikoi those scenes last forever lol...
t5972.72014-12-02opinionYeah there are always some retard who do that. I'm not one of it. I finish only one route for the moment. It's low sexual content. And I'm glad it is
t5972.42014-12-01opinionYeah, if you like sports thing you should give a try. Misaki hit my strike zone btw :p.
t5586.52014-08-28AGTH Code?Yeah, this game is really good. Those endings are awesome.