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c37789.32015-09-30 at 02:38nachtwandlerKuonSome desription
v548.252015-06-04 at 17:30nachtwandlerDies iraeAnime relation added
c24353.52015-06-04 at 00:56nachtwandlerKidou NagisaUpdated description
c24353.42015-06-04 at 00:54nachtwandlerKidou NagisaIt's more correct. Cause she dies only in Yuuki's route and it's unavoidable
c3737.62013-12-25 at 21:14nachtwandlerWakaba FaureSmall descr fix. Dunno why no one corrected it yet
v7771.122013-10-26 at 21:55nachtwandlerWhite Album 2 ~closing chapter~Only introductory chapter would be adapted in current TV-series. If more seasons would be made later we always could add relations for them but
c10552.62013-08-17 at 20:02nachtwandlerKohakurenTraits
c489.52013-08-17 at 19:57nachtwandlerWilfred DionTraits
c13067.42013-08-17 at 19:52nachtwandlerLeguna AshysMore info
c491.122013-08-17 at 19:48nachtwandlerEmelitaMore additions. Sexual list is not full cause I just don't have time now to re-check all her H-scenes.
c13067.32013-07-31 at 22:00nachtwandlerLeguna AshysFixed name. Spoilers later
c13103.32013-07-30 at 22:09nachtwandlerHannahTraits
c10552.52013-07-28 at 12:47nachtwandlerKohakurenTags
c13103.22013-07-28 at 12:46nachtwandlerHannahFixed description
c13103.12013-07-28 at 12:44nachtwandlerHannahHannah added
c7214.72013-07-08 at 06:19nachtwandlerShartyTraits
c4615.92013-07-08 at 06:17nachtwandlerAhtMissing trait
c492.102013-07-08 at 06:17nachtwandlerServalwi EndossMore traits
c10793.92013-06-21 at 15:34nachtwandlerNekata MunetsuguFixed the butched description
c10792.102013-06-21 at 15:31nachtwandlerBarouryuuSopoilers
c357.82013-06-21 at 15:29nachtwandlerKohakuJust use the spoilers!
c354.52013-06-21 at 15:27nachtwandlerNamiThe one who added last sentence but didn't put a spoiler tag on it should die a painful death >:(
c353.62013-06-21 at 15:26nachtwandlerAizawa YasumiThe one who added last sentence but didn't put a tag on it should die a painful death >:(
c1753.32013-03-15 at 18:08nachtwandlerMouri Sonkenchanged for more correct one
c620.52013-03-15 at 18:05nachtwandlerKongoumaru AyaTrait+
c11438.22013-03-08 at 19:10nachtwandlerTroytraits
c8378.62013-03-08 at 10:18nachtwandlerShizukudescr fixed
c8377.52013-03-08 at 10:15nachtwandlerMiofixed
c11422.42013-03-08 at 10:13nachtwandlerAyakafixed
c11425.22013-03-08 at 10:11nachtwandlerQueenTraits fixed
c11422.32013-03-08 at 10:11nachtwandlerAyakaTrait+
c11481.12013-03-08 at 10:10nachtwandlerLitiaLitia added. Last one for this
c11480.12013-03-08 at 09:46nachtwandlerPecorino#3
c11479.12013-03-08 at 09:45nachtwandlerUbiquitos#2
c11478.22013-03-08 at 09:43nachtwandlerMortadelafixed
c11478.12013-03-08 at 09:43nachtwandlerMortadela#1
c11477.12013-03-08 at 09:41nachtwandlerLeaderLeader added
c11475.22013-03-08 at 09:36nachtwandlerAnneSmall fixes
c11476.22013-03-08 at 09:35nachtwandlerThueForgot the pic
c11476.12013-03-08 at 09:35nachtwandlerThueThue added
c11475.12013-03-08 at 09:26nachtwandlerAnneAnne added
c449.62013-03-05 at 16:51nachtwandlerHewie ElzardFrom tag description: This character has a sexual scene of LOSING VIRGINITY This trait can be used for both MALE and female characters, but do not
c460.32013-03-05 at 16:50nachtwandlerDucis EnburionFrom tag description: This character has a sexual scene of LOSING VIRGINITY This trait can be used for both MALE and female characters, but do not
c11441.12013-03-03 at 21:57nachtwandlerMasterAnd this one. Enough for today
c11439.12013-03-03 at 20:13nachtwandlerSionSion added
c11438.12013-03-03 at 20:09nachtwandlerTroyTroy added
c11437.12013-03-03 at 20:01nachtwandlerYuukiYuuki added
c11436.32013-03-03 at 19:58nachtwandlerNeromissed traits
c11436.22013-03-03 at 19:53nachtwandlerNeroWrong picture
c11436.12013-03-03 at 19:53nachtwandlerNeroNero added