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c62604.122018-09-29 at 12:20conduitGakumagawa SenriShows up in the sequel.
c34789.42018-09-14 at 18:41conduitSakurazaki Mina---
c34787.72018-09-14 at 18:40conduitKomine Chika---
v8188.122018-09-13 at 21:50conduitToppatsusei Milk Musume Chika "Mou, Papa no Sei de Ippai Dechauu!"Edited actress credit to Komatsu Lian (an alias of Gibu Yuuko)
s263.182018-09-13 at 21:47conduitGibu YuukoKomatsu Lian -- an alias she used as the voice of link from link Can confirm on Lune's page via voice samples, if you want: link