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t13540.12020-02-14H-CodesFor reference -- Low Price Edition and Premium Pack version: /HS-4@2F820:FMN.EXE First Press Edition with version 1.02 update: /HS-4@24078:executive
t13287.292020-01-21So yeah, this got translated.Oh yea. It's not the worst TL by any means. That would probably go to anything done by Sakura/Lily Games. But it's still very painful to read and
t13408.22020-01-12Aisai Nikki Ending QuestionThere's about three or four endings, if I recall. They range from netorase, netorare, to happy endings. Though, if netorase is your thing to begin
t13390.12020-01-06Artist CreditFor the Chibi CGs - ねこだーそん link Unless someone else would put their work from the games on their pixiv.
t13287.242020-01-04So yeah, this got translated.I will add that MediBang! (the publisher for this game) is also listed as authors for translated works on 2d-market as well: link! Make of that what
t13295.152020-01-022/10 It's literally nothingEh. I don't mind that it has actual sex in the later half either, since it tops it off with pregnancy in the end, and impregnation, pregnancy, and
t13295.112020-01-012/10 It's literally nothingArt is subjective at the end of the day. One man's Pollock is another man's Da Vinci. That said, this game is a 3/5 or even a low balled 4/5 to me
t13287.182019-12-16So yeah, this got translated.You're not gonna get any better clarification of understanding this game's whole pregnancy shtick with this painful TL. But from what I've gleaned so
t13287.162019-12-14So yeah, this got translated.Yea. I think this is better than Lily/Sakura Games' MTL from what I've played of it.
t12724.232019-12-14Steam ReleaseMaybe Lilith wants to cut the middle man and sell their games translated on their own storefront and the demos on steam are just the prologues for
t13287.142019-12-14So yeah, this got translated.Okay, it actually gets a bit more readable after the first 50 to 100 lines. Or generally when the protagonist reaches the school in the intro segment
t13287.122019-12-14So yeah, this got translated.Seems this actually might be the same dudes that TL'd Tenkiame, huh.
t13287.102019-12-14So yeah, this got translated.Mind you, I don't actually think it's an MTL. It's just straight up poor English translation, which is kind of depressing. They got someone to TL it
t13287.82019-12-14So yeah, this got translated.It's very... shoddy. I think there's some level of effort put into it? But it still feels like this English was written by someone with English as a
t13287.62019-12-14So yeah, this got translated.I immediately regret my decision. Ah, if only Editors were a thing, though. (´・ω・`)
t13287.52019-12-14So yeah, this got translated.I'll give the game the benefit of the doubt enough for a purchase, I guess. Besides, I'd honestly like if Interheart TL'd some of their titles from
t13287.32019-12-14So yeah, this got translated.If only these TL companies had more Editors to work for them. (´・ω・`)
t13287.12019-12-14So yeah, this got translated.Was there even any marketing for this release? Also comes as strange that Harakatsu 2 was released on Steam but not TL'd while this was but I assume
t12724.162019-11-22Steam Release>NOW, it will be banned. That would be a real shame. A localization done on Lilith's own terms getting shot down would probably kill their interest
t13174.132019-11-22So, Future Eroges can be uncensoredIt would be nice, surely. But I do not have my hopes up.
t12718.62019-08-11Popularity PollMaya. Because her super suit is crazy lewd.
t12660.222019-07-27Sadpanda is leaving...(?)Panda dying really doesn't help at all, given the CG galleries were handy for seeing what a game had before you decided to invest into a title. Now
t12479.212019-07-23Thread for descriptionsI wonder if 'Liese' should be Lietsch? Unsure of the rest of her first name still. Also with the addition of the line 'More so recently, because of
t12610.12019-07-14CV creditAoi Haru: link As the one side heroine with a sprite that doesn't get a route.
t12599.152019-07-14Kirari is not a slutThe problem is with adult heroine, its quite stupid and laughable if she is a virgin being of those age (29)I mean, if she's an extremely anti-social
t12479.182019-07-13Thread for descriptionsケーニッヒ・ヴェグマン would maybe be Koenig-Wegman (this is based on ケーニッヒ that makes up Lecia's last name.) ゲパルト is maybe supposed to be a 'Gewehr, but
t12479.162019-07-12Thread for descriptionsAlso, in regards to Lecia's name, the discussion of her full name [リーゼ シャルロ - フォン - ケーニッヒ] ended up with someone saying it would probably be read as
t12479.152019-07-12Thread for descriptionsLilia's description: Initial: I Cup First year student, Extreme Rhythmic Gymnastics Club member Paikokinesis: Teleport Lv2 Side effects: Her
t12566.72019-07-11Orcsoft localization poll#4 It's not so much that I'm sure they don't want to work with Fakku, but more like Fakku themselves don't seem interested. Either they may not be
t12566.32019-07-08Orcsoft localization pollIt would seem they are not working with Fakku again after Chii-chan, but are looking for someone to help localize their titles in the future. What's
t12479.142019-07-08Thread for descriptionsI can read Japanese on a basic level. My ability to comprehend/understand more complex sentences is not particularly great by any means, that's why I
t12479.122019-07-08Thread for descriptionsYukari's description: Initial:R Cup Third year student, Extreme Beach Volleyball Member Paikokinesis: Accel Boost Lv3 Side effects: Feels sexually
t12479.112019-07-07Thread for descriptionsWell, knowing how much jokes and puns the previous game had, it could very well likely be a double entendre where the straightman translation is the
t12557.22019-07-06No males? (SPOILERS)Isn't it likely Nol wanted to use that lotion to make the protagonist have a higher libido, thus allowing him to do the do and get more elves than
t12479.92019-07-06Thread for descriptionsKaede's description: Initial: P Cup Third year student, Kunoichi, Part-time waitress Paikokinesis: Fire Starter Lv4 Side effects: Desires anal
t12543.482019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?The editor heroine can't possibly be a virgin either at 35 years old. Yea. Haha. How funny would that be to be that old with your occupation and
t12479.82019-06-30Thread for descriptionsYutani Hinata's description: Initial: M Cup First year student, Extreme Swimming Club member Paikokinesis: Liquid Control Lv3 Side effects
t12479.72019-06-28Thread for descriptionsMinase Maya's description: Initial: S Cup Second year Student, Discipline Committee Member Paikokinesis: Clairvoyant Thoughtography Lv3 Side
t12479.52019-06-22Thread for descriptionsSaionji Nanako's description: Initial: T Cup First year student, Health Committee Member Paikokinesis: Condition Sensor Side effects: Wants to be
t12479.42019-06-17Thread for descriptionsMisaki Konoka's description: Initial: P Cup Second year Student, Idol Paikokinesis: Avatar Lv3 Side effects: She cannot suppress easily her nipples
t12479.32019-06-17Thread for descriptionsKuromorihime Akira's description: Initial: Q Cup Second year student, Extreme Women's Wrestling Club member Paikokinesis: Power Accelerator Lv. 5
t12479.22019-06-17Thread for descriptionsJougasaki Rio's description: Initial: O Cup Second year student, Extreme Tennis Club member Paikokinesis: Gravity Control Lv5 Side effects: wants
t12479.12019-06-17Thread for descriptions*Sorry if this comes out odd, I'm trying the quote function out here.* Since this will generally get more attention and discussion on changes here
t12005.72019-03-05MG Survey 2019Meikoku series, Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e, and Niizuma Koyomi. But it's all probably a crapshoot anyway. Should have just mentioned Ero Mahou
t11978.32019-02-28heroine preference1 - Reina. 2 - Kirika. 3 - Rio. 4 - Maya, Eri, #jou, and Aoi. Don't particularly hate any of them.
t11794.62019-01-19Final measurementsI do not know. Only really played Ero Mahou. I can be more precise with who gets ero-magic'd with bust size increasing magic, though: Fi gets 2
t11794.42019-01-18Final measurementsSome of the girls have their bust sizes grow larger thanks to ero-magic, but once the spell is up they return to their normal sizes. I don't think
t11742.232019-01-02Women's interest in Netorare/NetoriYou guys never watched a soap opera? Those things are pretty much cheating and characters stealing other characters' SO from each other 24/7
t11735.42018-12-29anywhere to download?The internet.
t11705.22018-12-23H code?Unfortunately I don't have one to share. But I don't recall this title needing one to hook text from.