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c90993.12020-06-06 at 02:04rampaaKurea Elenoareinitial character entry I have no idea how to romanize her name. Should it be Clair, Claire, Clea, Crea or something else? link does not give the
c90992.12020-06-06 at 01:34rampaaMegami Urushuinitial character entry
c86.72020-06-03 at 23:40rampaaSeo Akiraname
v12260.382020-06-03 at 02:44rampaaChuSinGura 46+1removed redundant relations
c80174.72020-06-01 at 06:19rampaaSasaki Jun'ichiromaji
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c70698.22020-06-01 at 06:19rampaaMikagura Jun'ichiromaji
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