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t14870.122020-10-23Regarding c33.57"She liked Rin's kiss, begged for more"I've long since lost all my interest in the discussion but just for the records: If you look at the full
t14893.42020-10-22Is there any bad romantic VN that must be read?FWIW Princess X ~Boku no Iinazuke wa Monsterkko!?~ is the worst VN I've ever read.
t14870.52020-10-19Regarding c33.57Thank you for your reply as well. I understand where you are coming from but I also still disagree. Mainly because it sets wrong expectations. The
t14867.142020-10-18Which Graphics Do You Prefer?PS2≈DS>MG>>Original
t14870.22020-10-17Regarding c33.57Hi. She's not attracted to females romantically or sexually. She did not engage in said activity with Rin due to her own desire, the situation was
t14848.222020-10-14Why Don't More People Read Visual Novels? Analysis"Why Don't More People Read Visual Novels?"1) Most people don't even know they exist. For the majority of the cases, you have to be into anime/manga
t3314.23432020-10-08TraitsCan Engages in (Sexual) and Subject of (Sexual) be made searchable? When those traits are not searchable, finding out all characters who have at
t3617.24182020-10-08Tags suggestions/fixesBased on a Web Novel has been rejected with the following reasoning: "Manga and Light Novel have significant differences, thus it makes sense for
t14815.52020-10-03Gender spoiler question"there is no harm in keeping their real gender a spoiler"There's currently no preference that lets us know a character's real sex without seeing
t12755.862020-10-03Linking Databases, part 2Would it be possible to have "related manga" and "related novel" fields for VNs, just like the "related anime" field we have? Some useful links For
t14803.42020-09-29Regarding c65696.22You too!
t14803.22020-09-29Regarding c65696.22You are quite welcome.
w614.102020-09-29Saya no UtaA shitty review through and through. You misrepresent pretty much everything about it to have an easier time ridiculing the VN and people who like it.
w544.12020-09-27Harumade, Kururu."For my contribution to the Waifu Wars"Shizuka>=Fuyune=Mafuyu>Akio>>Harumi. Harumi is hands down the worst girl.
t3617.24132020-09-25Tags suggestions/fixes"You can't search by specific anime relations"Actually you can, but not through VNDB's current UI. link
t950.8072020-09-24VNDB Suggestions!"I wish there was a comprehensible feature log somewhere."Not exactly what you asked for but there's link
t14653.92020-09-22Name Restoration patch of this?#7 The impossibility of a lossless translation does not justify making bad localization decisions or any other arbitrary change. "Translation alters
t14745.32020-09-20Name restoration patch Errort12744.5 "The steam version is encrypted differently from the denpa one The Vol. 1 patch must be borked also for the denpa version. Will try to fix
t11772.42020-09-20h code?link, link
t14226.62020-09-17Restore tagging powersEven if we were to assume all of his votes on VNs with LGBTQ Issues are problematic, he has only 286 such votes. (link) On the other hand, he has
t2520.4852020-09-16Minor error/sSearching for "Phoenix Drive" while original language filter is set to Japanese returns no result, instead of returning Ayasato-ke no Ichizoku. (link
t14726.22020-09-14Proper use of time period tags?"since the VN isn't explicity stated the fact, but you cannot deny the fact that it is possible that is true, then either vote 1 or just leave it
t4665.212020-09-14Suggestion: My Harem list#19: All your barking aside, what's your argument exactly? You don't like people having lists for their favorite characters, so it shouldn't be a
t4665.172020-09-14Suggestion: My Harem list#16: That's a lot of hatred to direct at a useful word. And I don't believe this thread promotes pushing the word waifu -or anything else, for that
t14497.132020-09-13this came outlink
t4665.132020-09-13Suggestion: My Harem list#10: The same label system we have for our VN lists would work wonders for a potential favorite characters list, that way you could have as many
t4665.92020-09-13Suggestion: My Harem listWe still don't have a favorite characters list harem list, boo!
t950.7972020-09-12VNDB Suggestions!If vote-based length system will not be a thing, can we at least get a rule of thumb for cases where people cannot agree on the length of a game
t950.7872020-09-12VNDB Suggestions!"You must play the game in order to get at a number"This would be a plus. But if someone is so inclined to guesstimate, they could still do it. Have
t950.7832020-09-12VNDB Suggestions!"I believe the current "let's get something of a concensus on a very rough estimate" approach is still the better one"Until people can't decide whose
t950.7792020-09-11VNDB Suggestions!I think a better solution would be addressing the underlying problem instead of dodging it. t950.760
t14694.22020-09-07Japaneset740, t4359, t11863 link
t14670.192020-09-05Regarding c19139.12"I disagree with the argument of taking oppai loli as a proof that lolis have boobs of any size. Oppai loli are drawn with the awareness of drawing
t14670.132020-09-05Regarding c19139.12(I could have given a better example I guess. But point taken. I would say they are necessary evil. Because admitting that we cannot really decide
t14670.112020-09-05Regarding c19139.12"And - if "group sex" is not used anymore - why does it still exist in the DB, and can be assigned?"It's there for searching purposes. Also it cannot
t14670.72020-09-05Regarding c19139.12Kid type means "loli" for girls, and "shota" for boys. So it has everything to do with lolis. Look at its "aliases". "many people would disagree
t14670.42020-09-05Regarding c19139.12"young adult"That makes me question your understanding of the concept to be honest. You know that we do not care about their actual age nor mannerism
t12795.92020-09-05End of Maya's route@Kei-tr Thanks for the rant, added it to my blacklist.
t14670.22020-09-05Regarding c19139.12I think she looks like a loli and I am assuming you think she looks like a Teen. While I am not too opposed marking her as a Teen, I don't think
t13470.302020-09-03Some tag voting changes"when the very tag definition isn't clear to people that could happen"I think it can happen even if the tag definition is very clear. Because the
t14659.22020-09-03Regarding c29631.37Because even the developers of the said VN don't consider it a spoiler and show some of her HCGs in their website. See link link link
t13470.282020-09-02Some tag voting changes@27 If two/three people vote with +1 but only a single person disagrees then we probably shouldn't say that that tag does not apply to the game at
t14621.82020-08-29Preference for transparency/opacity?Depends on the game and what kind of textbox it has. I generally tend to keep the textbox as transparent as possible without making the text hard to
t3617.23922020-08-27Tags suggestions/fixes"It can be used in many instances where the sub tags are simply not enough."Just curious, do you have any concrete example? It seems to me its child
t3617.23882020-08-26Tags suggestions/fixesDrama should be made inapplicable, it doesn't even have a description. Also should Prostitution, Sibling Rivalry etc. be child tags of it?
t14597.42020-08-26Imouto HeroineProtagonist's Blood-related Sister as a Heroine Blood-related Brother/Sister Incest Brother/Sister Romance
t12800.732020-08-24Querying DatabasesYeah, adding an arbitrary chart and removing it afterwards fixes the issue. Thanks!
t12800.712020-08-22Querying DatabasesI can't "save" my old queries. When I try to save them I am getting an "Internal Server Error". This doesn't happen with queries I created after the
t12800.692020-08-21Querying DatabasesI am getting a "password authentication failed for user "vndb"" error instead of the DB schema. I also cannot successfully run any query, it doesn't