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t15139.262021-07-24Mass tagging requestHeroine with Flat Chest (Non-Loli): link Heroine with Small Breasts (Non-Loli): link
t16667.62021-07-23No longer a modThank you for everything you have done for this community.
t16619.92021-07-18Regarding i3417.2You just had to click to the "Run" button to see the results. ._. Anyway try link, you won't have to press anything to see the results.
t16627.82021-07-17Regarding g587.2Flat Chest Heroine probably should be either renamed to "Flat-chested Heroine" or "Heroine with a Flat Chest" and it should have the aliases Flat
t16627.52021-07-17Regarding g587.2I think we shouldn't have that distinction for the trait. If someone doesn't want to get lolis in their results, they can simply exclude the
t16627.32021-07-17Regarding g587.2Yes, Flat Chest has no such restriction, it can be used with lolis.
t16627.12021-07-17Regarding g587.2See t15139.13. We should probably rename Flat Chested Heroine to something like "Flat/Small Chested Heroine (Non-Loli)" and then create the tag
t16620.152021-07-17What tags do you filter out?link
t16619.62021-07-17Regarding i3417.2link
t950.9822021-07-15VNDB Suggestions!Would it be possible to order VN relation links by their release dates? Take Bishoujo Mangekyou -Wasurenagusa to Eien no Shoujo- and Bishoujo
t16533.22021-07-03Does VN industry upward or downward recent years?"without showing any statistics"link
t12800.782021-07-02Querying DatabasesJust curious, what's wrong with link (d18.9)?
t16331.82021-06-27Will a restoration patch be possible in the futureSeeing this thread, vndb's current quote is "They sure ought to release a 18+ patch for that." It's so fitting, I had to post this.
t16325.22021-06-26Looking for a VN about typing keywordsGlare?
w2271.12021-06-22Tasuketa Kemomimi Musume-tachi to Ichaicha Natsukarex Shimakuru Isekai FamiRes Hanjouki"An average western porn movie has a deeper plot, better character development and better erotic buildup than this little VN."link :(
t8242.6102021-06-21The how to edit threadlink
t13328.72021-06-21difference between agesThe last time the protagonist was in Sendai (i.e. 7 years ago), he was still a high school student (link) so at the beginning of the story he should
t16233.32021-06-16Save a default view in the 'Releases' tab"The only reason to prefer the tab now is that it has a platform filter"It also has the "notes" column, which I find very useful.
t2520.5672021-06-16Minor error/sThe new display format doesn't work properly in tag pages: link
t16054.552021-06-12Reporting MTL releaseslink
t16082.62021-05-23[Spoilers]Regarding the sexual content..."Is there any NTR in this?"No. "Are the 'tentacle rape' & 'sex with monsters' tags just due to how Saya is a monster and has tentacles?"Yes. "is
t15304.412021-05-23Tsukihime remake has a official release dateI have basically no expectations for this mutilated thing but I might still read it, because I have waited for it far too long.
t3314.25242021-05-21TraitsRape by Others and Autassassinophilist should be marked with "Indicates sexual content." School Photography Club President and Acrobatic Gymnastics
t3314.25232021-05-21TraitsWhen there's a conflict, "Subject of (Sexual)" and "Engages in (Sexual)" roots should be preferred over their non-sexual counterparts. Case-in-point:
t15139.242021-05-18Mass tagging requestYup.
t15139.222021-05-18Mass tagging request"Perhaps you understood it as "do not MIX UP the tags""Touché. I did indeed read it as mix up.
t15139.202021-05-18Mass tagging requestI guess I will answer my own question since you are so swift at dodging my point. There are 5 distinct results you will get from a title search for
t15139.182021-05-18Mass tagging requestYou are obviously shifting the goalpost but I'll bite. Show that the "general usage" excludes lolis. While you are at it, please try searching for
t15139.162021-05-18Mass tagging requestWould you mind backing up your claims instead of pressing the "I'm right because I'm right" button? You said the tag explicitly mentions that the
t15139.142021-05-18Mass tagging requestThe tag doesn't say it doesn't apply to loli heroines though. It says "This tag is separate from the loli heroine tag, please do not mix the two
t7442.7552021-05-17Game inclusion in the DBt14830.26
t16054.92021-05-15Reporting MTL releases"Where does that information come from?"I read its demo to see if it has a real Turkish translation. Spoiler alert: It doesn't, it's MTL. I could
t16054.62021-05-15Reporting MTL releasesv21720.5, v23108.6, v23786.4, v23831.3, v22079.6, v23524.5, v22797.7, v21400.9, v23061.7, v21217.7, v22162.4, v21573.3, v24289.5, v24268.3, v24009.3,
t16054.52021-05-15Reporting MTL releasesTurkish translation of Steamy Sextet is MTL.
t15635.782021-05-10Amayui castle meister Translation"Translation alters EVERYTHING on a fundamental level. The flashy translation choices the edited MTLs have draw the most attention, but if you
t15905.252021-04-25Naming characters. "Original" vs "Actual"I have a semi-related question. What should Ibrahim Dogulu's main name be? Ibrahim Dogulu is the spelling provided by the company itself (link) while
t2108.37252021-04-08Candidates for deletionYukadon seems to be an alias of Ueda Youji. link link
w1780.122021-04-08Musicus!"Flagged: this review is below the voting threshold and not visible on the VN page.":'(
t12755.1032021-04-08Linking Databases, part 2Will echo what t12755.43 asked 'cause I think it would be useful: "Can we get EGS links for staff and producers as well (and maybe characters too
t950.9132021-04-01VNDB Suggestions!d8.21 "More clever string matching for other DB entries is something I may work on in the future, but I haven't seen anyone complain about the search
t15139.92021-03-26Mass tagging requestKinetic Novel: link Protagonist with Voice Acting: link Nameable Protagonist: link
t15139.72021-03-20Mass tagging requestSex with Protagonist Only: link
t3314.23922021-01-28TraitsCan you look at t3314.2373 while you are at it? Edit: Thanks!
t8242.4282021-01-18The how to edit thread"Well, my last attempt was not met with widespread approval..."To be clear, I am not advocating flagging bad translations made by human beings, so I
t8242.4202021-01-17The how to edit threadI think the original language of the VN's script should dictate the original language of the VN (provided that the VN is released in that language
t8242.4162021-01-17The how to edit threadt2520.532: "But even with that, "original language" would indicate the language the VN has originally been written in, but there wouldn't be a
t15384.102021-01-13VNs that make you wanna live in their worldsThe worlds depicted in moeges are not necessarily kind to non-protagonists. If I'm not guaranteed to be the protagonist, then there's a non-zero
t15372.442021-01-13Advancing Search"No clue how to fix that without causing the query to time out."Wouldn't a query like link always ensure that the VA is actually linked to the VN? I
t15372.422021-01-13Advancing SearchWhy does link return non-zero results? Also can staff/developer/producer/VA names be made clickable as well?