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t12800.292019-09-19Querying DatabasesI'd be happy to add your advanced querying tools as well, but they'll need some context and usage documentation. I think it'll work if you add a few
t12800.232019-09-19Querying DatabasesAs per d18#4: My queries related to DB maintenance: VNs and releases where を/ヲ has been romanized as "wo": link Possible misromanization of おう as
t12846.32019-09-11Discord server.
t2108.28962019-09-06Candidates for deletion@beliar: They apparently claimed that they've also translated Marionette Company (link), so should we go ahead and add a release for that as well
t2108.28932019-09-06Candidates for deletionThe information not even existing (like a patch no one has seen) is a different business.I am not really arguing otherwise but did anyone from here
t2108.28912019-09-06Candidates for deletionShow me any of those projects and they will likely be deleted. But I'm sure you won't be able to point any to me, because we don't keep vaporware on
t12800.132019-09-03Querying DatabasesCREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION get_child_traits(trait_id INTEGER) RETURNS TABLE(trait INTEGER) AS $$ WITH RECURSIVE child_traits(trait) AS ( SELECT tp
t12507.232019-09-03Tagging system improvementsCharacter filter doesn't exactly behave in a way one would expect it to. link shows Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! in the results but it shouldn't
t12817.32019-09-02Regarding age ratings and decensoringSee link
t12817.12019-09-02Regarding age ratings and decensoringIf a patch has an option to disable (r437, r341) or enable (r62346) 18+ content what should its age rating be? Similarly, if a patch has an option to
t8242.2112019-09-02The how to edit threadr342 is locked, can someone add the necessary EGS affiliation to it? (Its id is 11310)
t12800.52019-08-31Querying Databases... this seems to be pretty fastYup it is, thanks. There might be if you write one. CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION get_descendant_tags (tag_id INTEGER
t12800.32019-08-31Querying DatabasesIs it possible to save our queries privately? What is the sane way of getting VNs with a specific original language? I think the following works as
t12763.112019-08-29Wanted: Online querying/analysis toolSELECT * FROM releases WHERE id = '65763'returns nothing even though r65763 exists.
t12755.162019-08-22Linking Databases, part 2As weird as it may sound, gives a 403 forbidden error while doesn't.
t12729.152019-08-22Voice problems?This basically means "we won't even acknowledge what happened". "Protest with your wallet", was it? I shall just do that. And hopefully people who
t12729.122019-08-21Voice problems?ZeHaffenLast Thursday at 10:16 PM Gonna ping @Kazumi since I think he's the most knowledgeable on this, but I will say that I guarantee you voice
t12729.82019-08-15Voice problems?Even if it's due to some -weird or not- licensing problem, they should have been transparent about this from the get-go. We shouldn't have learnt
t12663.202019-07-27Youtube translations#19 None of those things is a requirement of being a VN. I could have made a shitty port of a given VN without those things and it would be still
t12663.172019-07-27Youtube translationsIf YouTube translation is the only translation for a given language, then the existence of it is a very valuable information for the DB. Not having
t12663.22019-07-27Youtube translationsa youtube translation will not actually allow you to play the VNI would argue otherwise. For most VNs, watching a Youtube translation would be almost
t12659.162019-07-26Regarding VNDB and Netherlands^I'm not even sure what's his "situation" is to be perfectly honest. He claims it's due to "recent legislative changes" but no one can find what are
t12659.142019-07-26Regarding VNDB and NetherlandsI mean, which hosting company. :D Well, fair enough. "WorldStream B.V.", I guess?: link Edit: Good thing I've taken a screenshot because it no
t12659.112019-07-26Regarding VNDB and NetherlandsSources on this?link is the closest thing I could find. Some says it happened because a minister issued an order about CP and ISPs (or rather, their
t12659.12019-07-26Regarding VNDB and NetherlandsSo, there's this rumor about how Sad Panda (ie. exhentai) will be shut down because of some sort of new law change in Netherlands. Is this legit
t3617.17882019-07-24Tags suggestions/fixes#1786: The point is I don't want to exclude lesbian protagonists. I just want to exclude homosexual male (damn English for not having a specific word
t3617.17852019-07-23Tags suggestions/fixes"Homosexual Male/Female Protagonist" tags have been denied with the following reasoning: A useless fork. g1470 together with g133/g134 already serves
t12641.72019-07-22Opening UpAlternatively, a script is provided to load the data into a PostgreSQL database for easy querying. See import.sql for options and usage informationI
t12613.212019-07-16Start the Engines!Release filters>Misc>Engine field doesn't make any autocompletion while typing but it probably should.
t12602.242019-07-15Which tags do you exclude by default?Thanks!
t7121.372019-07-15Feature request: Add "Engine" field to releasesI don't think any VN would be ported into RPG Maker later on. Also any game that has all of its releases in only one language and platform would not
t12599.192019-07-15Kirari is not a slutNot one trying to convince people Kirari is not a slutYeah, except, the title of this thread is literally "Kirari is not a slut". If we flip the sex
t12602.202019-07-14Which tags do you exclude by default?#18 I can't seem to exclude (or include, for that matter) more than 10 tags at a time. It says "Too many items selected". So, how did you manage to
t12604.32019-07-13Discord group invitationI did not invite you to begin with. But thanks for letting me know, I guess.
t12604.12019-07-13Discord group invitation*My_job_here_is_done.png*
t12602.122019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?@warfoki You fill in the "Tags to exclude" field with the tags that you want to be excluded automatically and press "Save as Default".
t12602.92019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?Excluding Only Bad Endings results in not being able to see VNs like Saya no Uta (which has the meager tag score of 0.5). Excluding Male on Male Sex
t12598.32019-07-13Opinions about the announcementI've found link by DuckDuckGoing the original title. By MTing the said page I've figured that it will be around 2 hours long and it will have
t12602.32019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?Thanks for the stats! May I ask how many tags are there in total that's being excluded by default by at least one person?
t12602.12019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?Everyone has their dislikes and things they don't even want to see. And thankfully, VNDB allows us to filter out things we don't want to see by
t12599.22019-07-12Kirari is not a slutTraits > Personality > Slutty This character is considered to be a slut (sexually promiscuous). Slut or slattern is a term applied to an individual
t12577.32019-07-09Tag disaprovedHeroine with Alternative Love Interest (Non-NTR) would doWould such a tag apply to Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!? Because Kazama Shouichi falls
t12559.22019-07-09Please recommend me a good VN with vampiresTsukihime
t12507.212019-07-08Tagging system improvementsYorhel banzai! Release filters now have a Producers tab.Can we get a Developer tab for VN filters? Because as is, one can't really search for fully
t11602.752019-07-08Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaKinda sidetracking here but was #72 banned for writing that? I see "#x by [deleted]" more and more these days but I am not really sure what's going
t12533.402019-07-08Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsTo be clear, I am not against any of the said tags' removal. I just wanted to say keeping the archives of deleted tags and maybe letting people
t12533.382019-07-08Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsDeleted tags are not automatically removed anymore, I have to specifically select an option for that.I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know.
t12533.362019-07-08Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsInstead of deleting a tag that's been used more than a few times, would it not be better to mark them as searchable but not taggable? Maybe those
t12543.122019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?And the notion that only virgin women are "good" is... beyond asinine. That's not up to you to decide though. People are free to like whatever they
t3617.17672019-07-02Tags suggestions/fixes#1766 What point are you exaclty making? You spewed some nonesense about "In Group vs Out Group" thingy. Even though it was not a vague issue for the