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t12602.242019-07-15Which tags do you exclude by default?Thanks!
t7121.372019-07-15Feature request: Add "Engine" field to releasesI don't think any VN would be ported into RPG Maker later on. Also any game that has all of its releases in only one language and platform would not
t12599.192019-07-15Kirari is not a slutNot one trying to convince people Kirari is not a slutYeah, except, the title of this thread is literally "Kirari is not a slut". If we flip the sex
t12602.202019-07-14Which tags do you exclude by default?#18 I can't seem to exclude (or include, for that matter) more than 10 tags at a time. It says "Too many items selected". So, how did you manage to
t12604.32019-07-13Discord group invitationI did not invite you to begin with. But thanks for letting me know, I guess.
t12604.12019-07-13Discord group invitation*My_job_here_is_done.png*
t12602.122019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?@warfoki You fill in the "Tags to exclude" field with the tags that you want to be excluded automatically and press "Save as Default".
t12602.92019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?Excluding Only Bad Endings results in not being able to see VNs like Saya no Uta (which has the meager tag score of 0.5). Excluding Male on Male Sex
t12598.32019-07-13Opinions about the announcementI've found link by DuckDuckGoing the original title. By MTing the said page I've figured that it will be around 2 hours long and it will have
t12602.32019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?Thanks for the stats! May I ask how many tags are there in total that's being excluded by default by at least one person?
t12602.12019-07-13Which tags do you exclude by default?Everyone has their dislikes and things they don't even want to see. And thankfully, VNDB allows us to filter out things we don't want to see by
t12599.22019-07-12Kirari is not a slutTraits > Personality > Slutty This character is considered to be a slut (sexually promiscuous). Slut or slattern is a term applied to an individual
t12577.32019-07-09Tag disaprovedHeroine with Alternative Love Interest (Non-NTR) would doWould such a tag apply to Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!? Because Kazama Shouichi falls
t12559.22019-07-09Please recommend me a good VN with vampiresTsukihime
t12507.212019-07-08Tagging system improvementsYorhel banzai! Release filters now have a Producers tab.Can we get a Developer tab for VN filters? Because as is, one can't really search for fully
t11602.752019-07-08Tone Work's 4th project: TsukikanaKinda sidetracking here but was #72 banned for writing that? I see "#x by [deleted]" more and more these days but I am not really sure what's going
t12533.402019-07-08Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsTo be clear, I am not against any of the said tags' removal. I just wanted to say keeping the archives of deleted tags and maybe letting people
t12533.382019-07-08Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsDeleted tags are not automatically removed anymore, I have to specifically select an option for that.I didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know.
t12533.362019-07-08Tag Cleanup #2 - Problematic TagsInstead of deleting a tag that's been used more than a few times, would it not be better to mark them as searchable but not taggable? Maybe those
t12543.122019-07-03Is this really a tone work's game?And the notion that only virgin women are "good" is... beyond asinine. That's not up to you to decide though. People are free to like whatever they
t3617.17672019-07-02Tags suggestions/fixes#1766 What point are you exaclty making? You spewed some nonesense about "In Group vs Out Group" thingy. Even though it was not a vague issue for the
t3617.17642019-07-02Tags suggestions/fixesIt won't become a bad tag just because you want to split hairs about it. This tag has been discussed and many people said they would find it very
t3617.17622019-07-02Tags suggestions/fixesI think we need some explanation on in group/out group for this tag to work.No. The tag is simple and clear enough. The type of relationship they
t12519.22019-06-27Looking for a tagSexual Slavery (Choukyou Variation)
t12504.302019-06-27Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused Tagsif the heroine, outside of a H-scene, mentions that they should do it raw next time to have a baby, she apparently now has a baby complex, despite
t12504.282019-06-27Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused Tags2. is out right away, since this is so super generic that it tells absolutely nothing of the visual novel in question.I think that is not true
t12504.262019-06-27Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused TagsI've seen potential in both, that's why they are here in the first place.I mean Infant Support Character, Clown Support Character, Ganguro Support
t12504.242019-06-26Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused TagsTest of Courage is a well known trope. I am not sure why it's not been used much but it's not like it's prone to misuse or entirely pointless. So I'd
t12507.112019-06-26Tagging system improvementsThis helps nobody except the 10 people who know how to use itI really doubt that is the case. AniDB lets people search with tag scores and my gut
t12507.82019-06-25Tagging system improvementsI'll see if I can finally get this implemented in the next few weeks.Yay! While warfoki's idea at #7 is not bad, I think it still fails to solve the
t12504.202019-06-25Tag Cleanup #1 - Unused TagsPlus to prevent further unnecessary use of Fingering, I should make it into a meta tag, except that would remove hundreds, in some cases thousands of
t12481.302019-06-23At long last#27: We can't even guarantee reality exists, right? It was presumptuous of me to talk about guarantees, please do excuse me. /s I don't know what
t12481.192019-06-23At long lastIt's not like references to X will be removed. It's just the actual X scenes. And as such I seriously disagree. This game is like most other games in
t2108.28222019-06-21Candidates for deletionlink is dupe of link
t12481.122019-06-20At long last@warfoki Patricia wants to learn about the "magic of life" (ie. sex) and thinks porn magazines are some kind of special magical books. This is one of
t950.5832019-06-19VNDB Suggestions!Why limit it to only translators, though?Because, I feel like it will be followed by a slippery slope argument about how we can't have all those
t950.5802019-06-19VNDB Suggestions!The thread made it quite obvious that people don't know how to judge translations.Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man. And as
t12465.212019-06-18Option to select title language... but some heuristics based on "does the original title contain a Japanese character" would prolly work well enough.Wouldn't developer's primary
t3617.17242019-06-15Tags suggestions/fixes@warfoki: I don't think it's inconsequential. It affects my VN reading experience more than No Auto Function or Backlog Jump ever could and those are
t3617.17102019-06-14Tags suggestions/fixes"No Keep Voice on Click Option" has been denied with the following reasoning: Denied. Really now? We are not adding every single niche option as a
t950.5602019-06-03VNDB Suggestions!Can we have a translator(s) field for VN releases? Some "translator"s love rewriting things just for the sake of it and some of us don't appreciate
t3617.17042019-06-02Tags suggestions/fixesPersonally, I am still hoping for works to be tagged with either "Keep Voice on Click" or "No Keep Voice on Click"Same here.
t12017.342019-03-10Dies Irae offends ChristianityI'm not determining what being a true Scotsman means. I know what it means. Here, fixed it for you. Anyway, all of your points are null and no one
t12017.172019-03-07Dies Irae offends Christianity... so I decided to make a thread explaining how I found it offensive how the game keeps making atheist remarks... I'm not forgetting about atheism
t11443.252019-02-23Best Girl ~ Route [Poll]Meguru is the most adorable thing I've seen in a while.
t2108.27082019-02-19Candidates for deletionThis is too minor a patch to justify a separate release. Many other VNs have font patches, but we don't list themAre there threads about those other
t11907.812019-02-16TitleThe only real reason this title (probably) will stay as is because people got used to it, as admitted by Beliar himself. Anyway. I am going to hit
t11907.792019-02-16TitleOh, that. I do indeed disagree.
t11907.772019-02-16TitleI am arguing for "Son of a Witch". What do you mean by "triple entendre"? It is a reference to "Son of a Bitch" phrase and it means "Witch's son
t11907.752019-02-16TitleLittle known fact: ウィッチ nearly sounds like ビッチ. Also here: link I am not sure why you keep mentioning さのば. You are aware that the title doesn't use